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Best Free Online Video Color Editor to Change Color of a Video

Last Updated: Jul. 20, 2021
FlexClip, a free online video color editor, makes changing video color easily and quickly. It offers easy ways to help you change color of a video for free. Check out right now.

Need a quick fix to edit the color in your video that recorded in poor light, gloomy day, wrong camera setup? Or want to get aesthetic and play with the colors, achieve a particular style in your video?

Then you just need a video color editor to change color of the video. Keep reading to find the best online video color editor to change the color of a video for free.


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Part 1 Online Video Color Editor to Change Color of a Video

FlexClip is a powerful online video editor that stands out with its excellent user-friendly design, a ton of features including having one among the best video color editors. Use FlexClip’s video color editing tool not only to change the color of a video but also to edit contrast, saturation and add more different effects. And the best thing is that FlexClip online video color editor works completely online, meaning you don't need to download and install the video color changer to your computer. It's not only faster but also more secure.

Also, FlexClip comes with stunning video templates that enable you with endless inspiration to customize your video with great ease.

Fashion Intro Youtube
Fashion Intro Youtube
Use This Template
Preschool Promo
Preschool Promo
Use This Template

Key Features

  • Excellent online color editing tool
    Easy and free to use
    Export without watermark
    No downloads required
    Amazing free video templates
    Cool special effects
    Advanced editing features
    Millions of royalty-free media resources
  • Part 2 How to Change Video Colors Online for Free

    As a powerful online video editor, FlexClip provides you with two easy ways to change your video color for free:

    2.1 How to Change Video Colors in One Click

    Let's start with the easiest way - change your video color in one click using the preset filters. Using filters to change the video color is your best choice when having no particular color-related issues in the video and just want to get arty and play with the colors to make the video pop with a beautiful color combination.

    Let's follow the simple steps below to change the video color with FlexClip using its free online video filter editor.

    Step 1
    Go to the Media > Local Media to upload your video clips or images that you want to add change its color. You can also get some beautiful clips and photos from FlexClip's extensive media library with the Stock Media option.
    Upload Your Video

    Image Board: Upload Your Video

    Step 2
    Once your footage is uploaded, just add them to the storyboard, and click the "Filter" button on the top of screen to select the visual effect you want to change the video color to.
    Change Video Color with Filter

    Image Board: Change Video Color with Filter

    2.2 How to Change Video Colors by Color Grading

    Besides applying filer to change the color in a video, FlexClip also allows you to edit video color by color grading. You can use FlexClip's online free color grading tool to adjust the brightness, saturation, temperature, or contrast of a video or image to change its color.

    If you're working with different clips to achieve a complete video, then you'll need to make all the video clips better match each other. In this case, color grading can be useful to maintain a consistent appearance.

    Besides that, if you're not satisfied with the footage recorded in poor light, gloomy day, wrong camera setup, you can try color grading to improve its appearance.

    Check out the simple steps below to edit the color in your video by color grading:

    Step 1
    Upload your footage to the FlexClip Online Color Grading Tool first.
    Step 2
    Turn to the Adjust button to make color adjustments on the video or image.
    Edit Video Color by Color Grading

    Image Board: Edit Video Color by Color Grading

    While you're in the editor, you can make more edits to your video:

    Make more Edits

    Image Board: Make more Edits

    Final Words

    That's all for how to edit & change color in a video using FlexClip's free online video color editor. Besides providing online video color editing tools to help you easily and quickly edit video colors, FlexClip also serves you with more powerful tools to touch up your video. Try it free now.

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