Last Updated: June 12, 2023

This Privacy Policy will govern all privacy issues that may possibly arise in relation to your access to or use of its mobile application (FlexClip, the App), resources, social media, or related services to create videos and other designs like a professional (the Services). Please review this Privacy Policy before accessing or using any feature or service being offered or made available on this website (Site and Services). If you do not want to consent or have any reservations, you must not use FlexClip or access our Site and Services.

This Privacy Policy shall be deemed as part of your entire agreement with PearlMountain Limited. When you download/install FlexClip, create an account on the App/website, or otherwise use our Site and Services, PearlMountain Limited shall be entitled to collect, process, retain, use, share, or disclose your personal information as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

However, this Privacy Policy will not apply to third-party websites and services that are not being owned or controlled by PearlMountain Limited. This Privacy Policy will also not apply to anything that you share on social media or public forums and platforms being made available as part of our Site and Services. PearlMountain Limited reserves a right to use your shared pictures, profile, or content for its business promotion.

What We May Collect

  • Registration Information: the users may be required to register and create an account for using the App/website on our Site and Services. When you submit your personal information to create an account or otherwise enter into any contractual arrangement in relation to the Services being offered on/through FlexClip, PearlMountain Limited may collect and retain your name, contact number, email address, profile pictures, and other details of your personal, professional, or demographic profile. Your contact information may be used to communicate with you and we may also maintain the records of such communication.
  • Payment Information: when you subscribe to our paid services or otherwise make any transaction on/through FlexClip, PearlMountain Limited may collect your credit card number, active PayPal account, or the details of your other payment instruments that is required in relation to such transactions or your use of the Services. Please acknowledge that we do not retain your credit card number and other sensitive details of your payment instrument. Instead, your credit card details are directly passed to our payment processor. The services of third party payment processor are subject to their own privacy policy, but any payment information that we may receive from our payment processor will be handled according to this Privacy Policy.
  • Usage Information: when you use our Site and Services, PearlMountain Limited may collect your device information, browsing behavior, preferences, requirements, most liked/used video editing tools or services, defaults, disputes, violations, arbitrations, and other details or metadata related to your use of FlexClip. We may also collect your personal information or response in relation to any promotional offer or events being organized on FlexClip.
  • User Content Information: You can use the FlexClip platform to create videos in accordance with our Terms of Use. All content that you create within FlexClip including all the assets (images, clips, music) that you upload remain private to your account unless you choose to share it publicly or to specific team members. We access your content only when you give us explicit permission in order to resolve any issues you have within the application. Ultimately, you alone get to choose who will see your videos and uploaded content. If your content is made public, anyone (including us) may view its contents and potentially make other uses of it. If you have included private or sensitive information in your public videos, such as email addresses, that information may be indexed by search engines or used by third parties. If your user content is shared privately, those you have shared it with may use it in a manner inconsistent with our Terms of Use, and/or inconsistent with your wishes, including disclosing it publicly.

Sharing of Public Content

Within our Services you can create content, which may contain account and contact information, and grant permission to others to see, share, edit, copy and download that content based on settings you or your administrator (if applicable) select. Some of the collaboration features of the Services display some or all of your profile information to other Service users when you share or interact with specific content. You can confirm whether certain Service properties are publicly visible from within the Services or by contacting the relevant administrator.

We enable the sharing of user content on our Services. If your content is public-facing, third parties may access and use it. We do not sell that content; it is yours. However, we do allow third parties, such as search engines (e.g., Google), archives, and other members of the public to access and compile public-facing information.

Below is the information that is shared about your uploaded & created content:

  • The videos that you create are by default private and accessible only by you. However, when you share your videos in password protected or public mode, they will be accessible by others. A video that is shared in public mode will be searchable and indexable by search engines as well.
  • The files (images, clips, music) that you upload into FlexClip are private and are accessible only from within the videos in which they are used provided the video itself has been shared by you.
  • FlexClip has a public showcase where we display some of our users’ created videos as an inspiration for others. Only publicly shared videos that meet our standards are showcased. We display your publicly shared videos only with your consent in our showcase section and can also remove any of the videos from our showcase without notifying you. If you make your showcased videos private, password protected or delete it, it will be also be removed from our showcase.
  • If you belong to a team account, then your videos may be accessible by others in your team based on their roles and the permissions set for the videos.

You can access, edit, change sharing options, and delete your videos from the dashboard in FlexClip.

Use of Cookies

PearlMountain Limited will never use any kinds of cookies or automated technologies to collect your personally identifiable information on the Site and Services. Any information that can be used or combined with other data to uniquely identify or contact you will be collected only when you voluntarily submit or share that information to create an account, subscribe to newsletters or other services, respond to any promotional offer, submit your feedback, or otherwise use the Site and Services.

However, we may use cookies, identifiers, and other automated tools and techniques to collect certain statistical information on the Site and Services. Cookies are small text files that store information related to your device and usage of the Services. Cookies enable certain functionalities, monitor and analyze the performance, and provide a very instrumental role in improving the effectiveness of our Site and Services. PearlMountain Limited may use cookies to:

  • Collect certain non-identifiable statistical information such as your device type, App version, operating system, browser type, settings and configurations, preferences, and browsing behavior like IP address, ISP, entry and exit pages, timestamps, clicked ads and links, search history, and other details or metadata related to your use of the Site and Services (collectively the User data).
  • Facilitate third-party service providers, marketing platforms, and other business entities in their targeted ads serving or offering services on the basis of your search history, preferences, and use of the Services.
  • Research, compile, and consolidate the database to evaluate the effectiveness of certain features or services being offered or made available on our Site and Services.
  • Access your personal, professional, or demographic profile or data so that you do not have to repeatedly provide the same information for using any service on the websites of our collaborating partners.
  • Improve your overall experience on FlexClip. Cookies on our Site and Services can play a very crucial role in resolving technical problems, offering customized services, and completely changing the way you handle your images and videos.

Third Party Cookies

PearlMountain Limited may use the services of Google Analytics, AdSense, AdMob, Facebook, and/or other third party marketing platforms/services to analyze traffic, understanding the demographic profile of the users, target advertisements, and monitor or improve certain features on our Site and Services. These third parties may be using their own cookies and identifiers to collect your personal information in relation to their services or ad serving on this website. For example, Google uses DoubleClick DART cookies to serve ads on the basis of your interests. These DART cookies reside on your device even when your FlexClip session has ended and are successfully logged out.

What If Not Comfortable with the Use of Cookies

If you are not comfortable with the use of cookies and automated tools, you can reject our or third party cookies by changing the configuration preferences of your device, browser, and the App. You may also use any third party software that block cookies and tracking tools. For disabling DoubleClick DART cookies, please visit the respective opt-out pages of Google Analytics and AdSense. However, you should acknowledge that certain functionality or performance cookies may be necessary or required for the proper functioning of our Site and Services, and if you disable such cookies may prevent you from using FlexClip or negatively affect your experience on the Services.

For more details, please read our Cookie Policy.

How We Use Your Information

PearlMountain Limited may use your personal information to:

  • Uniquely identify you on the Site and Services
  • Help you create an account, and use FlexClip/Services in a hassle-free manner.
  • Pursue/follow up your requests to ensure that our service providers take your requests seriously.
  • Facilitate third parties to offer relevant ads and deals on products and services in case you consent to receive such offers.
  • Send newsletters and information about new features, services, and technologies to inform how they are different or more advanced than what you have already used or familiar with.
  • Send notifications regarding your account status, use of the Services or the changes in our terms and conditions, including this Privacy Policy.
  • Collaborate with third party service providers to smoothly run our Site and Services, present the content in a more effective manner and improve your overall experience on FlexClip.
  • Research, analyze, evaluate, diagnose, troubleshoot data analysis, and consolidation of user data for keeping the Site and Services secure or performing other internal purposes.
  • Obtaining your consent for any other purpose not listed in this Privacy Policy.

Your Rights Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

There are international standards relating to personal data processing and use, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to which FlexClip adheres. The GDPR governs how FlexClip may process your information, and the rights that EEA users have in relation to it.

If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), you have certain data protection rights.

  • Right to receive a copy of the personal information we hold and certain other information about you;
  • Right to request for correction of your personal information that we hold.
  • Right to ask us to delete or remove your personal information in certain circumstances.
  • Right to restrict/ suspend processing of your personal information under certain circumstances.
  • Right to request the transfer of certain personal information to self or any third party.
  • Right to withdraw your consent at any time where FlexClip relied on your consent to process your personal information.
  • Right to lodge a complain with the appropriate authority in case of violation of the applicable laws.

For support on anything related to GDPR, or to exercise any of the mentioned rights, please contact us at (replace # with @).

Sharing and Disclosure

PearlMountain Limited will never sell, rent, lease, share, or disclose your personal information to third parties for direct marketing purposes unless you have given your explicit consent to receive promotional offers and exclusive deals from third party marketing companies, service providers or other business entities. You can revoke your consent at any time as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

However, we reserve a right to share your personal information with our trusted partners, service providers, and other third parties who perform your requests on our behalf and make it possible to run our Site and Services. For example, we may share your credit card details with our payment processor so that you can purchase/renew your subscription or make a transaction on/through FlexClip a hassle-free manner. Similarly, we may share your personal information with our service providers for account authentication, database management, service delivery, business promotion, or any other aspect of the Services being offered on the App/website.

When sharing your personal information with our service providers or other third parties, no additional information will be shared except what may be necessary or required by them to perform or deliver your requested services. All such third parties who may have access to or with whom we have shared your personal information will be obligated to maintain the security and confidentiality of your personal information. However, PearlMountain Limited will not be liable for any subsequent violation of your privacy rights by such third parties.

PearlMountain Limited may share the user data with the third party advertisers and advertising networks on the Site and Services for facilitating such third parties in their targeted ad serving. The user data pertains to non-identifiable statistical information and we will share only aggregated user data to keep it anonymous. However, we may use your identifiable information in combination with Analytics information to improve our Site and Services.

PearlMountain Limited reserves a right to disclose any record, communication, or personal information to the relevant authorities or other third parties when it believes that such disclosure is necessary to:

  • Comply with the applicable laws, subpoenas, judicial proceedings, or court orders.
  • Co-operate with the investigating or law enforcement agencies and help them in preventing or investigating any fraud or cyber crime.
  • Enforce its Terms and Conditions or your other agreements with PearlMountain Limited.
  • Protect its business/legal rights, or the rights and well-being of other users and the general public.
  • Transfer of its assets as part of a sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or liquidation of this business. If any such change the business ownership occurs, we will inform you and explain the applicable options to protect your privacy on the Site and Services.

Privacy Options

You can use the following options to manage your privacy on our Site and Services:

  • You may access your personal information that we hold on FlexClip/website and modify or update when required. If you are unable to access or modify your personal information from within your account on FlexClip, you may send your request at (replace # with @) for such access and correction. However, access and update of your personal information shall be subject to applicable privacy and data protection laws in your jurisdiction. We may refuse any request which is irrelevant, repetitive, systematic, or inconsistent with our business/legal obligations, or commercially unreasonable due to disproportionate technical efforts or expenses. PearlMountain Limited reserves a right to charge a reasonable fee for providing such data access and correction facilities through its privacy officer.
  • You can unsubscribe from our newsletters and opt-out of receiving any promotional offers and deals from third party business entities. You can opt-in or opt-out from our newsletters and promotional communications at any time by clicking/following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such commercial emails. However, opting-out from our newsletters and promotional communications will not prevent us from sending notices and declarations related to your account status on FlexClip, use of the Site and Services, or any changes in our terms and conditions, including the changes in this Privacy Policy.
  • You may configure your device, operating system, and browser to reject third-party cookies and/or deny access permissions to certain hardware components, device identifiers, or location services on your device. Depending on your device type, certain features may not be available on your device and once consented to location access; you may not be able to disable it.
  • You may configure and define your privacy preferences on FlexClip or the relevant section of our Site and Services. For example, you may control how your uploaded/processed images/videos are treated on the Site and Services. When you make your images/videos private, any user on FlexClip will have access to your images/videos only when you grant exclusive permission to that user. On the other hand, if you make your images/videos public, all users on FlexClip will have access to your images/videos and PearlMountain Limited will be entitled to use such images/videos in any media or manner for promoting its business. You will also have a right to block any specific use of your personal information as provisioned on the Site and Services. You can simply define your privacy preferences or contact us at (replace # with @).
  • If you are not satisfied with your privacy practices on the Site and Services, you may simply remove the App and discontinue the Services.


Your privacy on our Site and Services is very important to us. We have implemented internationally accepted standards and safeguards, including the physical, electronic and procedural security measures to ensure that your personal information on FlexClip or this website is never compromised, misused, altered, deleted, or lost. However, despite the measure outlined above, remember that no method of information transmission or information storage is 100% secure or error-free.

We will never store your payment information on our servers. Your payment details will be encrypted and directly passed to the third party payment processor. Please acknowledge that your use of third party services is subject to your consent to the terms and privacy policies of the respective service providers. However, we may receive some of your payment details from our payment processor. Any information that we may receive from such third parties will be handled according to this Privacy Policy.

It shall be your responsibility to ensure that your device and login passwords remain confidential and you are not accessing our Site and Services from any device with compromised or vulnerable run-time environment. You should also ensure that your device does not have any non-enterprise application with permissions to access the data on your device.

Please acknowledge that the Services involve the international transmission of data. Your profile information may be transmitted and stored on servers located in different regions of the world. Your personal information may also be shared with our affiliates, service providers, and other third parties who may be operating outside and subject to less stringent laws than your home country. Such practices make us disaster ready and allow more effective/efficient processing of transactions and provisioning of your requested services and support, but also create certain security risks that are inherent to data transmissions over mobile networks and the Internet. Using FlexClip or any feature or service being offered on this website shall be deemed as your consent to the International transmission and processing of your personal information.

We will take every commercially reasonable security measures to handle your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy, but we cannot guarantee its absolute security. If you have any questions about security on FlexClip, you can contact us at (replace # with @)

PearlMountain Limited shall not be liable for any breach of data transmissions or encryption algorithms, security vulnerabilities or hacking of FlexClip, unauthorized access, alteration, deletion, loss, or misuse of your personal information and/or videos on our Site and Services. You shall use the App/Services at your own risks and discretion.

Links to Third Party Websites

This App/website may contain links or ads to third party websites, services, or content. Such links may be included to provide useful information related to video editing and graphic design so that you can handle your projects like a true professional. However, third-party websites are subject to the terms and policies of the respective providers and we do not control any product, service, or content, including the views, reviews, testimonials, information, advice, suggestions, or recommendations being featured or made available on the third party websites.

PearlMountain Limited does not approve, endorse, recommend, or renounce any product, service, or content being featured or made available by the linked websites, and shall not be liable for any claims, liabilities, damages, costs, consequences that may result from your access to third party websites or reliance on any product, service, information, or content featured on such websites.

YouTube API Service Compliance

FlexClip has obtained an API key from YouTube Application Program Interface Services to access your YouTube account information. We keep this key confidential. Only the video that you have selected to upload to YouTube will be shared to YouTube. We do not collect, store or otherwise use your YouTube account information. Your YouTube account information will not be transferred to others except when required to by law. By using FlexClip, you also agree to the Google Privacy Policy. You can manage or revoke our access to your data via the Google security settings page at any time.

Meta Platform Data Prohibition Compliance

FlexClip respects and strictly adheres to the stringent data storage standards stipulated by our third-party service provider, Meta. As a testament to our commitment to these standards, we detail below the specific measures we have taken to prohibit the storage of Meta's platform data on any organizational or personal devices:

I. Prohibition of Storage on Organizational or Personal Devices

At FlexClip, we abide by a stringent policy that expressly forbids the storage of Meta platform data on organizational or personal devices. We ensure that our operational conduct is in complete compliance with this policy.

II. Regular Audits and Compliance Checks

FlexClip carries out regular audits and compliance checks to affirm compliance with this policy. These checks are designed to confirm that Meta platform data is neither stored on any organizational nor personal devices, and that all employees adhere strictly to this policy.

III. Employee Training and Penalties for Non-compliance

To further ensure adherence, FlexClip mandates that all employees undergo thorough training focused on this policy. This training emphasizes the prohibition of storing Meta platform data on any personal or organizational devices. FlexClip has a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance, with significant disciplinary action taken against any breach, up to and including termination of employment.

This policy is legally binding for FlexClip and all its employees. Any breach or non-compliance with any of the provisions outlined above will result in appropriate disciplinary actions, as well as potential legal repercussions.


The Services on this App/website are not intended for minors and PearlMountain Limited does not collect any personal information from children who are less than 13 years of age or communicate with them. If you are less than the age of legal maturity in your jurisdiction, it shall be deemed that you are accessing FlexClip or using the Services under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardian who shall consent to this Privacy Policy and ensure that such minors understand their privacy rights and options on this website.

We never knowingly target or solicit any personal information from children. Please acknowledge that PearlMountain Limited reserves a right to remove any and all personal information of minors who are less than 13 years of age.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

PearlMountain Limited reserves a right to edit, modify, or replace this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion. If this Privacy Policy is substantially modified to reflect any changing business or legal requirements, we will publish an update notification or the last modification date on this Page. Please regularly visit this Page to remain aware of any changes in our collection, use, or disclose of your personal information on this website.

Unless an urgent modification to this Privacy Policy is required due to any business or legal obligations, we will provide a reasonable notification period before the modified policies become effective. Once the notification period is over, if any, the modified Privacy Policy will replace and supersede all previous versions of this Privacy Policy. Continued access or use of any feature, application, or service being made available on this website shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the most current version of this Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or privacy issues on this website, please contact us at (replace # with @).