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Generate subtitles or captions for your video automatically.

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AI Auto Subtitle Generator

Why Choose FlexClip to Generate Subtitles

AI Subtitle Tool

AI-powered subtitle tool helps you create subtitles with a few clicks and enables audiences to overcome language barriers.

100% Online

This subtitle generator is browser-based, which means you can access it without installing any software.

Fast Subtitling

Quickly generate subtitles or captions for your video in minutes and make it more accessible for viewers.

140+ Languages Supported

Our subtitle generator supports up to 140 languages. You can transcribe English, German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and so on as you need.

140+ Languages Supported

Generate Subtitles Accurately

Our auto subtitle generator uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately recognize audio in your creation and place subtitles separately at the right moments of the video.

Generate Subtitles Accurately

Flexible Subtitle Editing

FlexClip gives you full control over the generated subtitles. You can split or merge subtitles, change font, alignment, styles, and make personal adjustments at will.

Flexible Subtitle Editing

How to Generate Subtitle Automatically?

  1. 1

    Add Media

    Add your video and audio files to the editor.

  2. 2

    Auto Generate Subtitles

    Choose language and subtitle styles and then start generating subtitles.

  3. 3

    Export and Share

    Download your subtitle video and share it online with audiences.

How to Generate Subtitle Automatically?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add subtitles to videos?

Subtitles will help you get your message across to audiences easily. Though many video hosting platforms have automatic captioning functions, the quality of captions may vary. So it is a must to create custom subtitles with a more professional tool.

How to add subtitles to YouTube videos?

Upload your YouTube videos to our editor. Head to our subtitle feature, choose “auto subtitle”to create subtitles for your YouTube videos in minutes.

How to convert speech to text online?

Add your voiceover to the editor, and use "auto subtitle" function to generate subtitles online.

How to make a lyric video?

Our AI can recognize many types of audio files, including speech, songs, and so on. If you want to make a lyric video in minutes. Upload the songs to our editor and automatically generate the subtitle.