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FlexClip's travel video maker is your best choice to create a video for its vast media library and ease of use. Whether you want to make a video to tell your travel story, share some tips or promote your travel business, you can get some inspiration here and finish a fantastic project in minutes.

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A Selection of Travel Video Templates

Travel Note

Combine your photos and clips into a video to share your travel story.

Spa Hotel Introduction

An introduction video can be a powerful marketing tool for your spa hotel.

Amazing Beaches

List the most amazing beaches in the world to encourages audiences to start a beach trip.

Travel Agency Introduction

Travel agency knows that creating a video is a great way to market their business.

Summer Travel

Tell your summer travel story with a video by customizing this template with your photos and clips.

Trip Planning

Plan a trip and make it a video to show it to those who are ready to have a trip.

Luxury Hotel Introduction

This is a video template that introduces the luxury hotel that you may desire.

Majestic Mountains

Use a video to display the most beautiful mountain scenes in the world and attracts audiences to have a trip.

Valentine Travel

It's a good idea to create a video about the happy time of your valentine's day.

Why Travel

Introduce the benefits of travel and attract more clients to your travel agency.

Outdoor Adventure

Make a video and share the tips of outdoor adventure.

Hotel Ad

Promote your hotel using an attractive video and attract more customers!

Family Beach Trip

This video will give you some inspiration to preserve great memories of your family vacation.

Cycling Tour

This video template gets your needs covered if you want to plan a cycling tour.

Summer Moments

Record your beautiful summer vacation with a custom video.

Summer Story

Make a video to record the happy moments of your summer vacation party.

Travel Agency Promo

Make a promo video to display the beautiful scenery and attract more tourists for your travel agency.

Travel Guide Service

Create a video to introduce your guide service business.

Travel Tips

List the tips that a tourist needs to know when she or he arrives at a new place using a simple video.

Unforgetable Holiday

Record your amazing travel moment with a brilliant video.

Valentine Travel

It's a good idea to create a video about the happy time of your valentine's day.

Vacation Slideshow

Create a video to record your happy vacation time!

Resort Promo

Introduce your resort and attract more people using a unique video!

Hotel Review

This is a hotel review video that can help your viewers make a smart choice.

Hotel Ad

Promote your hotel using an attractive video and attract more customers!

Travel Agency

Make a video about travel and show the features of your travel agency!

Travel Agency Ad

A template can help you make a stunning video effortlessly!

Why You Need to Make a Travel Video

Share Moments

Making a video story is a great way to share your important moments with family and friends.

Evoke Emotion

A video can convey strong emotion and resonate well with audiences.

Improve Engagement

People are more likely to engage, share, and comment on video content.

How to Make a Travel Video in 3 Steps

1. Add Media

Add videos or photos from computer or stock libraries to the storyboard.

2. Customize

Add text, music, and voiceover to customize your travel video.

3. Export

Download your travel video in various ratios and definitions or share it online with the world.

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