What's New in FlexClip

August 2023

New Features

  • Curve Speed

    The new curve speed function has been added, providing 6 preset curves. You can adjust the presets or customize new video speed curves.

    Curve Speed
  • Export Frame

    Right-click on the timeline to export the current frame as a JPG image. The image will include all the elements at the current time point.

    Export Frame
  • Color Picker

    The new color picker function allows users to choose a color from the design, current webpage or desktop. This feature is only available on Google Chrome browser.

  • Add Media from Cloud Storage

    You can access cloud storage under Media panel, making it possible to use cloud resources for different video projects.

    Add Media from Cloud
  • Trash for Cloud Storage Media

    You can move cloud storage media to Trash. The files in the Trash will be saved for 30 days.

  • One-Click Alignment for Multiple Elements

    After selecting multiple elements, you can evenly space them vertically/horizontally, or automatically tidy them up.


  • Video Export Optimization

    Refactor the rendering process for the video project with many elements, improving video output efficiency obviously.

  • Change Scene Duration Limit

    The minimum scene duration limit has been adjusted from 1s to 0.1s.

  • Adjust Text-to-Speech Request Limit

    The character limit for the text-to-speech request has changed. The limit for Chinese Simplified/Traditional is 1000 characters. For Japanese and Korean, you can input up to 2000 characters to generate narration. For other languages, the limit is 4000 characters.

July 2023

New Features

  • Article to Video

    The text-to-video feature now supports automatically converting article to video from URL.

    Article to Video

    The text-to-video feature supports two generation modes: AI Creation Mode and AI Excerpt Mode. In AI Creation Mode, the AI will understand the text prompt and generate a video. In AI Excerpt Mode, the AI will extract some sentences from the provided text that can express the main content and create a video.

    Generation Mode
  • Upload and Download Subtitle Files

    You can upload subtitle files in SRT, VTT, LRC, SSA, ASS, SUB, and SBV formats and download subtitle files as SRT, VTT, SSA, ASS, SUB, and SBV formats. Besides, now you can convert subtitles to speech with one-click.

    Upload and Download Subtitle Files


  • Text to Speech Optimization

    Text in the canvas can be selected and converted to speech directly.

  • Screen Recorder Enhancement

    The time limit for screen recording has been increased from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

June 2023

New Features

  • AI Text to Video

    AI text to video feature is a cutting-edge technology that allows users to convert written text into video content automatically. This feature uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the text and match corresponding visuals, animations, and audio to create a compelling video.

    AI text to video
  • AI Script Generator

    The new AI Script tool can analyze prompts and generate high-quality scripts that are tailored to your needs. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or business owner, the AI Script Generator can help you streamline your script writing process and achieve your goals more efficiently.

    AI Script Generator
  • AI Image Generator

    With this new feature, users can easily generate high-quality images in various styles without the need for any design skills or software. This feature is perfect for content creators who want to enhance their blog posts, social media posts, and other marketing materials with eye-catching visuals. It saves time and effort, allowing users to focus on creating great content instead of spending hours designing images.

    AI Image Generator

March 2023

New Features

  • Team Collaboration

    Team Collaboration is available now, which enables users to create a team and edit videos collaboratively with branding templates and fonts.

    Head to the homepage, click "Create Team" in the lower left corner, enter the team name to create your team.

    Then click "Invite Members" button to Invite collaborators to your workspace by sending a link or email.

    It is also available to set permission levels for each member, ensuring that your workspace stays separate and secure.

    set permissions

    When video projects and templates are saved to the team workplace, members can view them and make some edits.

February 2023

New Features

  • Text to Speech

    Catch up on the new feature - text to speech to level up your video creation. Users can convert text to realistic voiceovers quickly, which includes 400+ neural network voices in 140 languages and dialects.

    To access this feature, head to Media option in the left toolbar and click on the Text to Speech button at the top.

    open text to speech

    Here you can select the language, voice, and emotional style such as angry, cheerful, gentle, and sad. Type and paste your text to convert and then preview. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can adjust the speaking speed and pitch or choose other characters. The converted audio will be saved to Media, which can be added to your video creation. Meanwhile, an MP3 audio file will be downloaded for later use.

    use text to speech

December 2022

New Features

  • Auto Subtitle

    Say hola to the new feature - auto subtitle. We take advantage of AI technology that can recognize 140+ languages and help you quickly generate subtitles for your videos.

    All you need to do is add the media files with audio to the timeline, head to the left toolbar and click the subtitle tab, then select the subtitle style and language to automatically generate subtitles. A subtitle list will be created after transcription, where you can merge subtitles, use Enter key to split subtitles, and adjust the duration.

    Also, you can create subtitles manually. Add subtitle lines, then switch to the style panel to customize the subtitle or choose from preset styles. If you want to change the position of subtitles, select them in the canvas and move to anywhere you prefer. These adjustments will apply to all subtitles.

November 2022

New Features

  • Import Files from Third-Party Platforms

    Directly import files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and more platforms to FlexClip.

  • Share Videos to More Platforms

    Share the exported video to TikTok, YouTube and other popular social platforms.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    We made up a complete list of shortcuts available on FlexClip, which can improve the editing accessibility and save your time.

October 2022

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Fill a Shape with an Image or Video

    If you want to crop videos or images into shapes, add a shape or frame, drag the image or video over the shape. It will occupy the shape automatically.

  • Multiple-selection Edits in the Timeline

    Select multiple items on the timeline via Shift or Ctrl key and move or trim them at once.

September 2022

New Features

  • Change Text Opacity

    Drag the slider to adjust the text opacity.

  • Multiple-selection Alignment

    Select multiple objects on canvas, choose an alignment style and apply it.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Performance Optimization

    Optimize the accessibility to the editor, and improve smoothness and stability when editing.

  • Resource Loading Optimization

    Improve stability when loading media resources.

August 2022

New Features

  • Save Videos as Custom Templates

    Create and save your videos as templates that can be reused in other projects. You can also share templates with collaborators via a link to simplify the editing process and improve the consistency of the video content.

  • GIPHY Sticker

    We integrate with GIPHY stickers to help users create videos with more dynamic elements, adding a little more brilliance to the video content.

  • Effect Overlays

    We offer a new collection of effect overlays, such as bokeh, snow and glitch, making your video more attractive.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Auto Transcoding

    When you upload a video other than MP4, MOV, or WEBM files, we will automatically transcode it to MP4 format for editing, which means that we have supported almost all video formats.

  • Multiple-selection Options on Media

    Select multiple files in the media library via Shift or Ctrl key and add them to the timeline or delete them at once.

  • Preview Media Files in the Canvas

    When you click the photo or video in the media library, you can preview it in the canvas area.

June 2022

New Features

  • Screen & Webcam Recorder

    Simultaneously record your screen and camera to produce content. Our free screen recorder allows you to capture up to 30 minutes at a time. If you need to record longer, you can take captures for multiple times. Besides, you can choose to make a screen capture of the whole screen, application windows, or browser tab.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Arabic and Thai Language Fixes

    Fix Arabic and Thai language not displaying correctly in some cases.

  • Batch Upload Limit

    Upload a batch of 50 files maximum at a single time, compared to 20 files before.

  • Upload Files Larger than 1G

    The maximum file upload size is changed from 1GB to 3GB.

May 2022

New Features

  • Image Background Remover

    Remove the background from images online with the AI cutout tool. You can download your image with a transparent background or continue to change the background.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Media Files Classification

    Get your media files organized with different categories! Easily find videos, photos and audio files you uploaded in the media library and use them in your video project.

  • More Animation Effects

    We offer more motion effects to animate text and elements such as typewriter and bounce, helping you create a video with more dynamic effects.

April 2022

New Features

  • Brand New Timeline Mode

    We explore a new editing mode - Timeline Mode, giving you full control over multiple music tracks and videos to maximize the editing capabilities.

    Timeline Mode