Last Updated: June 15, 2023

This policy is applicable to all users of FlexClip's AI-powered tools and supplements FlexClip's primary Terms of Use and Acceptable Use Policy.

Usage Ethics and Responsibility

We expect all users to maintain the highest ethical standards while using FlexClip's AI tools. Non-compliance with these guidelines or any actions against our Acceptable Use Policy may lead to account suspension or termination. Please refrain from the following while using our AI tools:

Legal and Rights Violations: Don't use our tools in a manner that infringes any applicable laws, regulations, intellectual property rights, or privacy rights.

Exploitation of Minors: Our tools should never be used to exploit, harm, or sexualize minors in any way.

Spreading Misinformation: Do not generate or disseminate false or misleading information, including creating misleading images of public figures.

Personal Information: Avoid generating or disseminating personally identifiable information without appropriate permissions.

Harassment or Defamation: Our tools should not be used to defame, disparage, or harass others.

Automated Decision Making: Avoid using our tools for fully automated decision making that adversely impacts individual's legal rights or creates or modifies binding, enforceable obligations.

Discrimination or Harm: Do not use our tools in a way intended to discriminate against or harm any individuals or groups.

Medical Advice or Interpretation: Our tools are not designed to provide medical advice or interpret medical results.

Creation of Risk: Avoid using our tools to create a risk of harm to people or property.

Explicit Content: Do not generate sexually explicit or pornographic material using our tools.

Legal Processes: Our tools should not be used to generate or disseminate information to be used for the administration of justice, law enforcement, immigration or asylum processes.

Legal Notice

You hold responsibility for any content you feed into the AI Tools ("Input") as well as the resulting product ("Output"). Before sharing or using the Input or Output, ensure it aligns with these guidelines and FlexClip's Acceptable Use Policy. Importantly, refrain from incorporating any sensitive personal data into any Input for the AI Tools.

When using the link extraction feature, you confirm you have the necessary rights for the linked content. Ensure its use is lawful and respects all copyrights and privacy rights. Any legal disputes arising from extracted content are your sole responsibility.

As per applicable law, you own your Input and Output, granting FlexClip the right to host your Input and Output on our platform for the purpose of marketing and improvement of our services. FlexClip does not claim copyright ownership over your Input or Output.

Feel free to utilize your Output for any legal purpose, as long as you comply with these terms and understand that any use is at your own risk.

When using Output in your FlexClip designs, we request that you clearly communicate that the content was AI-generated.

In case any of your Input or Output is suspected to be illegal or in breach of these terms, acknowledge that FlexClip might disclose such content to law enforcement or other governmental authorities.


The Output of our AI tools is generated via artificial intelligence. As such, FlexClip has not verified the accuracy of the Output and it does not represent FlexClip’s views. There is no warranty or guarantee from FlexClip regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the Output.