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How to Do Transitions Online - Transition Video Maker Online

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: In this post, you'll learn how to add transitions to a video online in the easiest way, with the easy-to-use yet powerful video transition editor, FlexClip. Follow us and get more.

There can be many more ways to edit a video than just straight cuts, like adding transitions to the video. A transition is a specialized animated effect used in a video to ease or emphasize the passage from one clip or scene to the next.Make transitions in the video is a simple way to let your video flow better.

FlexClip, the pretty easy-to-use and free online transitions video editor, comes with stunning transition effects is ready to help.

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Part 1: Recommended Online Video Editor with Transitions

Frankly speaking, many online video editors coming with transition effects can work as a video transition editor to help you add transitions to a video. Among all video transitions editors, FlexClip has our recommendation.

Online Video Transition Editor - FlexClip

Easy-to-use yet powerful: user-friendly editing interface for beginners, powerful features for experts - it can meet all your needs.

Free to use: completely free to add transition effects to your video in a few clicks.

No download, no installation: the web-based program allows you to make transition videos online directly.

Popular video transition effects: various video transitions, like wipes, cross dissolves, linear blur, and more.

Powerful features: besides adding transition effects to your video, you can make more edits to enhance the video, like add text, set BGM, do the voice-over, apply the filter, etc.

Professional Video Templates: you can aldo make a stunning video with FlexClip's pre-made video templates:

Happy Friday
Happy Friday
Use This Template
Summer New Collection
Summer New Collection
Use This Template

Part 2: How to Make Cool Video Transitions with FlexClip

FlexClip can help you make a transition video, and get the stunning transition effects for your video for free in a few clicks. Check out the simple two steps below:

Step 1Get Started

Visit FlexClip Video Transition Editor to upload your video clips. Or you can click the Get Started button blow to upload your video to the editor directly.

Add Transition to Video: Step 1

Image Board: Add Transition to Video: Step 1

Step 2 Add Transitions to Your Video

Once you've uploaded your video, go to the storyboard, move your mouse to the clip you want to add a transition effect, click on the transition icon to pick one transition effects you like, and then apply it to your video.

Add Transition to Video: Step 2

Image Board: Add Transition to Video: Step 2

Note: In FlexClip video editor, you cannot apply transition effects to the video clip shorter than 2 seconds.

Part 3: Tips on Using Video Transition Effects

Tip 1: Use Transitions for Passing of Time or Change of Direction/Mood - It's the best situation that uses transition effects to show the passing of time, change of mood, change of subject, or change of direction. Avoid overusing the transitions.

Tip 2: Keep Them Simple - Remember that your video's content is the most important thing, not to show your editing skill. Keeping them simple is the best approach with transitions.

Tip 3: Keep Them Smooth - If you apply the transition effect in the wrong place, they will seem awkward. It's better to make everything seem smooth and natural, not forced.

Tip 4: Keep Them Consistent - If you use a different transition in each scene, it may not make your video stand out but spoil it.

Final Words

That's all for the super easy-to-use online video transition editor! Hopefully, with this online tool and the simple tutorial on how to add transitions to a video above, everyone can make a great transition video online for free with great ease. Just try FlexClip and take your videos to the next level right now.

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