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What is your purpose with FlexClip?

How to Find Music and Songs in YouTube Video

Summary: You’re really into the music while watching a video, what’s the incredible song? This blog helps you to identify the music and songs you heard into YouTube video, and, then if necessary, how to add this music to your own video as a background music.

Part 1 How to Identify Music and Songs in YouTube Video

It’s quite common that you are caught by the song playing in the background while you’re watching a video in YouTube. You want to know what the music’ s name is and how can you find it?

How to Identify Music and Songs in YouTube Video

1. AHA music: software for Chrome users

If your browser is Chrome, the easiest way to identify music in YouTube video is AHA Music. It’s Chrome extension, once you tab the extension’s icon , it’ll identify the song playing in the video automatically.

What’s more, it has the feature of history recording all identified songs, so you can look them up again. And it’s totally free.


Image board: Music identification software: AHA Music.

2. Shazam app for both Android & IOS

Shazam is a very popular apps used by 100 million people each month to identify music. Tab and hold the floating Shazam icon, it’ll start to identify the song.


Image board: Smartphone music identification app: shazam

3. Check the description of the video

This is also the easiest way to find the background music but most of you guys would overlook. Many YouTubers actually write down the song’s name and original writer in the video’s description.

video description

Image board: Check the song's name in video description

4. Find music by lyrics

If you can understand or there are lyrics in the background track, then listen carefully and search for a line or repeated ones on Google or other browsers.

You can also try the same search on Find Music By Lyrics which may give a better results for the music.


Image board: Find music by lyrics

5. Ask: comment & forum

You may check the comments first, other users may have asked what the background music is too. This is also one of the best ways to identify the music.


Image board: Find the song name in comments

However, if there’s nothing in comments, you can go to a forum, ask someone else. There are many communities and forums like Reddit web.

Part 2 How to Add This Music to Your Own Video

After identify the music and songs in YouTube video, if you wanna apply this song into your own music, please check the copy-write first, and then you can use FlexClip video maker to add the music to own video.


Image board: Add music to video by FlexClip

Media Library of FlexClip not only allows you to update your own music file, but also offers a large number of musics and sound effects helping you add song to video.


Image board: Add songs to video by FlexClip

Furthermore, you can also trim your song with FlexClip: Trim it into the part you want to add.


Image board: Trim music by FlexClip

Bottom Line

Come to find the easiest way for you to identify music or songs in YouTube video, and join FlexClip video maker to edit the music and add it to your own video.

If you have more video editing problems, you can look through our FlexClip blog, there are many inspirations and tutorials that may help you.

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