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The Best Birthday Video Maker for You to Create Birthday Videos Online for Free

Summary: What’s the best birthday video maker? How to create birthday videos online for free? This post has everything you want to know about making birthday wishes videos.

There is no better gift than a birthday video if you need to attend a birthday party. A birthday video that conveys your sincere wishes or fun and touching moments with the birthday person can best portray the feelings you hold and deliver it to other participants. The problem is how to make a birthday video.

Many of you might have flinched even at the first thought of making a video, not to mention making one. Frankly, it is not hard to make a happy birthday video. Now, follow us and soon you can say Happy Birthday with videos.

Tools We Need to Make Happy Birthday Videos

> A Few Video Clips or Images

> Background Music or Voice Record

> A Birthday Video Maker Application - FlexClip

Flexclip, a renowned online video editor, is capable of helping you make a birthday wishes video. It is first, powerful. It is equipped with practical and powerful editing tools, like Music Trimmer, Video Trimmer, Text Editor. Moreover, it is easy to operate. Within a few clicks, you can make professional edits with those tools. Last but not least, it is a web-based free tool. It saves you money and from the trouble of downloading the application to the computer.

How to Make Happy Birthday Videos

Step 1. Get all materials like video clips, pictures, music ready on your computer. Go to and get started.

Step 2. Click the “+” button on your left side, add videos or photos to the storyboard. They will be placed orderly.

Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 2

Image board: Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 2

Step 3. Go to the side panel. Tap on Text, you can add text or logo to your video.

Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 3

Image board: Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 3

Step 4. Tap on Music, upload the background music you like and then trim it. Or you can click on the Record button to record voice for the birthday wishes video.

Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 4

Image board: Make Birthday Wishes Videos - Step 4

Step 5. Tap on the Preview button to preview your work. You can continue editing or save the video to your computer.

Tips on Making a Birthday Wishes Video

1. If you are uploading pictures of the individual from past till now, it is better to put them in chronological order.

2. The birthday person can have a very special interest, like literature, painting. A birthday wishes video relating to their interest can be a much more emotional gift.

3. If there are too many photos, remember to create a slideshow video. People would enjoy a slideshow video with different frames or photo collage better than photos displayed one by one.

4. Don’t forget to take videos for this birthday party. They can be very good materials for your next birthday wishes video.


Above are introductions on an excellent birthday video maker application and detailed steps of how to make a birthday wishes video. Hopefully, you can now make a good happy birthday video. By the way, FlexClip can also help you make other types of videos, like wedding videos, YouTube videos. Give it a try and explore more.