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Most Warm-Hearting Anniversary Gift Idea – Anniversary Video

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Last Updated: Dec. 10, 2020

Summary: Still wonder what to get for the anniversary? An anniversary video can be the best gift idea for anniversary, no matter for the wedding, or dating. Follow us to create a video with an easy-to-use and efficient anniversary video maker- FlexClip in a few steps. No download, no experience is required.

No matter you are celebrating the paper marriage, the gold marriage, or even just the anniversary for dating, creating and sending an anniversary video can never be out of date. It gives you the opportunity to show how much you care about your partner and express things that can’t be said in words.

Thanks to the development of technology, it is not hard to create an anniversary video. There are many free anniversary video makers online that make anniversary video creating easy and fast.

FlexClip has our recommendation. As for people who are totally green to video editing, FlexClip helps to create an anniversary video with music in a few steps without any confusion. If you are quite experienced in anniversary video editing, FlexClip allows you to touch up your video with rich elements and professional editors freely. Take a look at this blog and follow us to make your anniversary gift ideas true.

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How to Make an Anniversary Video with Ease

FlexClip is a free online anniversary video maker. To use it, go to the main page of FlexClip and then sign in for free.

Step 1 Click on the Create a Video button to create a new project.

Step 2 Add all video clips and photos to the Media section and apply to the storyboard.

How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 2

Image Board: How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 2

Step 3 Go to the sidebar, add text and icon to your video by clicking on Text.

How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 3

Image board: How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 3

Step 4 Click on Music to upload music from the computer and then trim it. After that, you can set it as background music. You can also press the Record button to record your voice then set the recorded MP3 audio file as background music.

How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 4

Image board: How to Make an Anniversary Video as a Gift - Step 4

Step 5 Preview and save. Click the Preview button on the upper right corner then preview the video you edited. Continue editing or save the video then share it with your beloved ones.


  • 1. Before getting started, please get all materials, like photos, video clips and background music organized. This would save you lots of time.
  • 2. We are working hard to update FlexClip. In the near future, FlexClip will be equipped with a media library containing music, photos, video clips so that you can touch up your videos with more materials more freely.
  • 3. You can choose to export your video as 480p, 720p, 1080p HD. These three options meet all your needs.

The Bottom Line

These are detailed steps on making anniversary videos. As you can see, making an anniversary video with music is not hard at all. Actually, FlexClip can help you more. It can also be used to make baby videos, travel videos. Go to FlexClip main page and explore more.

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