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Make a Cute Funny Baby Video in a Few Steps

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2020

Summary: Here comes the easiest way to make a cute and funny baby video. Visit FlexClip main page and follow the steps below to get started.

Your babies can never be this cute and young again! This is what parents usually say to each other. Indeed, loving moments of children are precious and can never come back. Only with baby videos can those happy hours linger long on memory.

FlexClip is made to help you create baby videos. Even though baby video clips are the hardest video projects to undertake, you can use it to create cute and funny baby videos. Follow the steps below and give it a try.

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How to Create a Cute Funny Baby Video

Before getting started, please get all materials organized, like video clips, photos, background music, and visit FlexClip main page with Chrome.

Step 1. Click the Create a Video to create a new project or click View Templates to view templates.

Step 2. Add photos or video clips to the storyboard by clicking the “+” tab. You can also click on the photo and camera-shaped icon to add materials to the storyboard.

How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 2

Image Board: How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 2

Step 3. On the sidebar, click on the text to add text and logo to your video.

How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 3

Image Board: How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 3

Step 4. Click on Music to upload music from the computer and then set it as background music. You can also tap on the Record button to record an MP3 audio file and then set it as background music.

How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 3

Image Board: How to Make a Cute and Funny Baby Video - Step 3

Step 5. Preview and save. Click on the Preview button. Download the video or continue editing.

FlexClip – The Easiest-to-Use Baby Video Maker

Frankly, many baby video editors online can be applied to help you make a baby video maker. Why FlexClip wins the recommendation of thousands of users?

  • 20+ Types of Dynamic Text Animation. They help you make more interesting videos.
  • High Dimention. You can choose to save the video in 480p, 720P, 1080p HD.
  • Real-time Preview. With real-time preview feature, you can find any defaults on your video and make edits on time.
  • Efficiency. FlexClip helps you export videos at a fast speed, saving you precious time.
  • Media Library. We are working to update FlexClip. In the future, there will be a media library with rich music, photos, video clips that you can use directly.

Tips on Making Baby Videos

Get down to their level and film the world they see. The world adults see is different than the world the kids see. Get down to a kid’s level (about six to eighteen inches above the ground level) so that you can capture children’s faces and their world straight on.

Get more people involved. I am talking about not only kids but also adults. Twenty years from now, your video will have new audiences and they would be curious about your life now.

Pay attention to the time. If you are planning filming, remember to adjust the shooting time to the child and to the babies in particular. How disappointed you would be if the kid is sleeping when it is shooting time.

Tell a story. Generally speaking, videos with plots are more attractive to audiences, so is the baby video. Pick a theme, like shopping, going to the zoo. After that, you can make an interview, asking the kids “how is the shopping going?” or “how do you like the dolphin?” Don’t overdo the narration, it would be hard to edit the narration.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the detailed steps and tips to make a cute and funny baby video. As you can see, it is easy and efficient to make a baby video with FlexClip. By the way, you can also use FlexClip to make other videos, like anniversary video, trip video. Visit FlexClip main page and get more.

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