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Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids for Free

Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2020

Summary: This blog aims at showing you how to make funny animal videos for kids step by step. Follow us and start to create excellent animal videos free of charge.

One thing can easily steal our hearts away – the cuteness of animals, be it a chubby panda, silly dog or aloof cat. Conventionally, we can only watch animal videos on some TV channel, like Discover. Thanks to the development of technology, we can watch and share animal videos easier than ever. They can be found on almost every social media platform.

Animal videos are not only stress-removing for adults, but also instructive for kids. Want to make a fun animal video but don’t know how to get started? This blog shows you everything about making funny animal videos.

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Tools We Will Need to Make Fun Animal Videos

> Camera/Phone

> Computer

> Animal Video Maker – FlexClip

FlexClip is an excellent video maker and it is capable of helping you make good animal videos. It excels over other video makers because:

  • > No Download Required. FlexClip is a website-based software. You don’t have to download anything to your computer before starting.
  • > No Experience Required. FlexClip is so easy to use and even laymen can make a good animal video in a few minutes.
  • > Professional. FlexClip is equipped with many professional tools, like music trimmer, voice recorder, text editor. Moreover, you can even export your work as 1080p HD.
  • > Real-Time Preview. FlexClip allows users to preview videos while editing in real time so that small defaults can be found on time.

Now, why not click on the Create a Video button and then follow the steps below to begin making an animal video?

How to Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids

Step 1. Go to the down-left corner, click the "+" button, choose Add Photo or Add Video to add materials to the storyboard. All materials will be played in order.

Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 1

Image board: Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 1

Step 2. Go to the sidebar, click on Text, pick one dynamic text animation you like. You have now added text to the video.

Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 2

Image board: Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 2

Step 3. Click on Music on the sidebar, upload MP3 audio files then trim it, you will then be able to set it as background music. You can also press the Record button to record voice as background music.

Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 3

Image Board: Make Funny Animal Videos for Kids - Step 3

Step 4. Preview. Click on Preview button on the upper-right corner. Preview the work. Save it or continue editing.


  • 1. Before getting started, please get everything organized on your computer. This would save you much time organizing materials.
  • 2. We are working hard to update FlexClip. In the future, there will be a media library with music, photos, video clips. Please look forward.
  • 3. Video saved to the server can be edited again directly.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to create an animal video for kids. With above detailed methods, you can surely make a nice one. By the way, FlexClip can also help you make other videos, like wedding videos, birthday video. Give it a free trial!

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