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How to Make A Tasty Video? - Engaging Food Video Tips (Shouldn't Miss)

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Forewords: How to make a tasty food video? What's the best application for making a yummy video? Well, several tips for shooting a cooking video are essential. Keep in mind of them and make your best yummy video. PS: can be a very tool app for your food video production. (Easy & Free! What else can you expect?)

3 types of food videos always rank top - losing weight diets, new dishes, and cooking recipes. If you usually hang around in YouTube, then quite a few YouTube channels sharing such tasty videos must have caught your eyes, by getting unbelievably mountains of subscribers.

People love yummy foods, which makes them being crazy about tasty food videos. Sharing happy food video is, without doubt, awesome experience!

No matter what you are planning for, or whoever you are (i.e., a chef, a cook, or a food lover), this article will give you easy shortcuts on how to make an outstanding food video that's good for video marketing or at least, user-friendly.

For starter, it's critical to find a proper application to help "glue" tasty video clips together for your food video. Given that many readers use computers not so often, some popular video editors may not appear to be a good choice for friendly use. (Their basic navigations are not easy for many of us.)

Any better recommendation? Hmm…

Ah ha! We've gotten – the few free video maker online with super easy interface!

FlexClip helps you make tasty food video online.

Image board: FlexClip helps you make tasty food video online.

It only takes clicks away to make a tasty food video. And, even better, no other skills are required!

Let's check it out:

How to Merge Cooking Videos Into An Awesome Food Video?

Step One, Open and register a free account. For users don't use Chrome browser, you have FlexClip for Windows as alternative solution.

Step Two, Create a cooking video project. Find the [+Create New] option and give it a press.

Step Three, Upload pictures, video clips and music, and then, make customization until you are satisfied.

In editing interface, [+ Storyboard] feature will add tasty food video clips for you and trim them for use. Likewise, FlexClip doesn't limit you to upload food pictures, collages as storyboards, and you get the chance to set their time lapse – defining how long one picture will get displayed.

Let's say, you are a new YouTuber, then you may want to let your channel logo floating on your cooking videos:

Move to the top left of the interface, you'll have easy accesses to paste texts, attach logos, or upload background music.

Step Four, Preview and export your cooking video.

[PREVIEW] gives you a practical view of knowing how your food video plays before you really download it to an MP4 file.

If you are not satisfied with your food video, that's fine! The [Continue Editing] option will take you back to the interface for food video editing. You are free to change the storyboard orders, add texts when necessary, or other modifications.

When finished, a press of [EXPORT VIDEO] will present you 3 video quality as output options for your tasty food video – 480P, 720P and 1080P.

Secret "Recipes"(Tips) to Make An Engaging Food Video

Just like yummy foods have secret recipes, creating an engaging food video is no exception. In this part, we aim at those essential tips to work out a great food video.

1. Where to Shoot?

For cooking videos, dim videography always ruins the graphics quality. When we shoot videos indoor, lights become the issue.

Our advice for this case is to choose a video spot near a window with abundant natural light. Or, if you insist, you can also set up lights indoor.

2. Shoot Vertically, from High Top to The Board, Bowl or Pan.

Learn Tasty video tricks, shoot from top to bottom.

Image board: Learn Tasty video tricks, shoot from top to bottom.

Abandon the standard way to record a cooking video. Instead, fix your camera or smartphone on the top where you cook, and video recording what's going on in the bottom.

This way, audiences see all the details in a flat view. It feels more like animated graphics.

3. Keep Your Camera Closer.

Want to show how tasty your food is? Try moving the device closer, or replacing with a longer focal length, then details are revealed.

4. How to Choose Plates?

There is a wisdom in choosing your plates for tasty videography or food photography. You may like to know that plates in white or black always perform better than others in rendering graphics and are ideal items.

Another thing, the simpler the plate is, the better experience viewers have. You'd better not use plates that have prints, since potentially those prints will get audiences attention away from your cooking.

5. Tricks of Table and Table Cloth.

Choose a good table. For example, a texture table will reflect how yummy foods are, or how fresh your food materials are. Besides, its wooden color will "rhyme" with food colors.

If you think your table isn't good enough for cooking videography, there is no need to buy a new one and replace the old. A table cloth will help you out.

6. Keep Your Frame Simple

Don't make your table look complicated or stuff with foods. It will ruin the beautify of food cooking and make your picture intricate.

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