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Remove/Reduce Background Noise with 3 Best Free Audio Optimizers

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Last Updated: Jun. 30, 2020

Forewords: Want to remove background noise from videos or audios? How to remove background noise easily? - We've shared you with an easy approach online, along with 3 selected audio noise removers that are best for audio noise reduction.

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Vloggers & videographers share unparalleled videos that audiences enjoy. But, how can they produce such excellent noise-free videos?!

When we make a video by ourselves, noises always exist in recording soundtrack - "room tones", "ventilation noises", "air-condition noises", "fan noises", "raining sounds", "outdoor noises", "car noises", "cat meows", or "dog barks"...Such noises & hiss sounds ruin video quality significantly.

Even if you have the best acoustic environment with a high-end recorder, and set recorder and everything properly, your video would still catch some background noises without question. Therefore, noise reduction is a must-have process to render a high-qualtiy video.

After all, a crystal background soundtrack is critical to your video quality!

Part 1 - How to Make a Background Noise-free Video for Free Online?

Look for ways to remove background noises from videos?

Why not mute noise footage, and correct it by replacing soundtrack with noise-free music? It's the easiest method to "purify" your noise video to produce an excellent video. Grab FlexClip free online video maker(with extensive free music)! And, muting and correcting video sound is only clicks away:

Tip: Shoot videos with a camera or a smartphone? Check "How to Make An Excellent Video? - Videography for Beginners" for essential shooting tricks and shoot better videos.

With video clips and noise-free audio files prepared, go to and register a free account:

  • STEPS:
  • a.After free registration of FlexClip, you'll be at the page of Find [Start From Scratch] and click it. Select '16:9' or another ratio to go ahead.
  • b.Use noise-free audio: Find music icon > [+ Add Music] > [Browse My Files] to choose your noise-free background audio. Or, search for a noise-free background music in FlexClip music library.
  • Search for noise-free background music or upload your noise-free audio.

    Image: Search for noise-free background music or upload your noise-free audio.

  • c.Add noise video: Choose [+ Storyboard] > [Add Local Media] to add your videos here.
  • Upload noise video.

    Image: Upload noise video.

  • d.Mute original video audio.
  • e.Edit all the video elements by clicks. If need a logo, go [T] label > [Logo/Intro/Outro].
  • f.[Preview] and [Export Video].

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But, how to remove background noises directly from your recording video? Or at least, reduce them?

Below, we've selected out 3 well-reviewed background noise removers that are much helpful:

Part 2 - 3 Trusted Video Background Noise Removers

Whether you are looking for free solution to remove noise from video online or simply remove background noise from audio recording, the 3 noise background removers won't fail you.

No.1.Audacity Noise Reduction Software for Free

How to remove background noise in Audacity?

Image: How to remove background noise in Audacity?

  • Tags: 100%-Free video noise reduction software, Open source.
  • Remove Noise For: Podcasting, Recording music, Video postproduction, Spoken voice, etc.
  • OS: Window, Mac & Linux.
  • Noise Reduction Quality: High, Rating 4+/5.
  • Easiness: 4.5/5.
  • URL:

→Review for Audacity Free Video Noise Remover:

The audio editor has a big reputation for removing audio background noise. It's the top choice for many professional videographers. If you define/select a pure noise sound, Audacity can easily detect noise footprints in mixed/original sound, and subtract it accordingly.

→How to Remove Background Noise in Audacity?(3 Steps)

  • a.Import music.
  • b.Select a part of voice that only contains noises > [Effect] > [Noise Reduction…] > [Get Noise Profile].
  • c.Select all span of voice, then go [Effect] > [Noise Reduction…] > [OK].

Notes: For the first time downloading noise-free voice, you need to install & select the file of lame_enc.dll.

No.2. Audition CC – Adobe Video Sound Noise Removal Software

Adobe Audition CC noise remover.

Image: Adobe Audition CC noise remover.

  • Tags: Free trial background noise reducer, Payment is $251.88/year.
  • Remove Noise For: Filming, Composing music, Video postproduction, Voiceover, etc.
  • OS: Window & Mac.
  • Noise Reduction Quality: High, Rating 4.3+/5 (Based on your navigation techniques).
  • Easiness: 3/5.
  • URL:

→Review for Audition CC Background Remover:

Adobe Audition CC is a more professional background noise remover. In it, you can do much more editing based on the degree of noise reduction. You can define how much noise to be reduced.

Besides offering removal options, Adobe Audition CC has spectral views and waveform views. Before generating/downloading the audio, you can check and play the audio. The same as other noise removers, Audition CC needs you to point out pure noise manually.

→How to Remove Background Noise in Adobe Audition CC? (4 Steps)

  • STEPS:a.Open File.
  • b.Select a part of pure noises using the selection tool(T) > [Effects] > [Noise Reduction/Restoration] > [Capture Noise Print].
  • c.[Effects] > [Noise Reduction/Restoration] > [Noise Reduction (process)…].

No.3. Soundsoup 5 Noise Reduction Software

How to remove video noise with Soundsoup 5?

Image: How to remove video noise with Soundsoup 5?

  • Tags: Paid background noise reducer, started at $149. Its Free trial SSS version allows no downloading.
  • Remove Noise For: Video postproduction, Spoken voice, Voiceover, etc.
  • OS: Window & Mac.
  • Noise Reduction Quality: High, Rating 4+/5.
  • Easiness: 5/5.
  • URL:

→Review for Soundsoup 5 Noise Remover:

Soundsoup 5 may be the easiest noise reducer in the list. Launch it, you will have two interfaces – One is for the player and the other is for the audio editor. Options on the audio editor are all free for tries:

Turn on [NOISE REDUCTION], you can hear the noise-removed audio. Turn it off, it will play the original audio. Press [LEARN] where the playback has only noises, Soundsoup 5 will learn noises and subtract them from all the audio. [NOISE ONLY] will just play the noises for you.

→How to Remove Background Noise in Soundsoup 5? (2 Steps)

  • Stepsa.Open File/Drop audio onto the player.
  • b.Play the audio and hold [Learn] button to learn noise-only audio.

Last Words

Do you find your favorite audio noise remover from the list, and remove the noise from your audio/video? How do you like the easy method to use FlexClip video editor to replace background noise with music?

For your information, is also an online video editor that has over 1,000,000 awesome videos and pictures, which is super easy to create any video you like (even without any design experience)!

FlexClip easy online video editor

Image: FlexClip easy online video editor.

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