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How To Upload Music To YouTube Channel?

Last Updated: Jul. 29, 2021

Briefs: How to upload music to YouTube? Here's an easy way: Convert your music audio to a music video/slideshow and upload it to YouTube. Grab our YouTube music video maker to make an awesome YouTube music video/slideshow for free online!

YouTube is a great marketplace to share music to a much wider range of audiences. Justin Bieber became famous and had a life change, thanks to uploading his music video to YouTube.

Although YouTube has a unique music platform called "YouTube Music", its influence cannot compare with YouTube video platform. If you (an average Joe) want to share your music and make it popular, consider YouTube's main video platform.

Whether you create a beautiful single or a company brief, you can always convert it to a gripping music visual story and share it on YouTube. It will help gain popularity.

Part 1 - How to Convert Music to YouTube Video?

Need to convert music to a YouTube video? You only need a simple program to convert music audio to a video. FlexClip video editor is the tool you'll like. It offers a large number of professional, cool footage and images; you can browse them through and use any in your own storyboard. FlexClip is intuitive and streamlined to convert music to video:

  • Storyboards will help you arrange different visuals & stories;
  • Speed controller will help you adjust a storyboard video in pace with music beats;
  • Volume up/down or mute a storyboard;
  • Many bells and whistles enable you to personalize a music video creatively, i.e., adding video filters, logo, stylish text, rotating footage, zooming in/out a video, etc.

How To Convert Music to a Music Video for YouTube Online?

Step 1 Open a new video project: Land FlexClip homepage and go [Start from Scratch].

Step 2 Add videos and images for music video: On the new video editing interface, hover over [+] on the bottom, then choose between [Add Local Media] and [Add Stock Media].

Add videos & images to make your YouTube music video.

Image: Add videos & images to make your YouTube music video.

FlexClip's stock media offers millions of media visuals, and you can always find right visuals for your music. If you are making a company music video, you'll use [Add Local Media] more to upload your own photos/videos. Discover the top 8 sites with royalty-free music.

Step 3 Upload music: Switch to "Music" tab on the left, click "Browse Your Music" in hyperlink; or go [Add Stock Music] > [Browse My Files] on the top right.

Upload your music.

Image: Upload your music.

Step 4 Adjust music: You can change its volume and loop music. If you want to edit your music, go "Trim", and you can re-set music's beginning point or make other audio changes.

Edit your music.

Image: Edit your music.

Step 5 Preview and download your music video/slideshow: Click [Preview] and [Export->].

Part 2 - How to Upload Music Video to YouTube Channel?

Step 1 Ensure you are a registered user of YouTube. If not, register yourself with a free account on YouTube or Google. Enjoy expert tips to get more views and followers on YouTube.

Step 2 Upload your music video file. Land YouTube homepage, find "Create" button and give it a click. Then, go the option of "Upload video", and select your making music video file.

Step 3 Add metadata information.

Step 4 Open & share your video on your YouTube channel.

Part 3 - YouTube Music Video Ideas & Templates [Extended Contents]

3 Ideas to Make a Professional YouTube Music Video

  • You can compose a visual story and make an MV for your music.
  • You can go the typical, simple way: Use only one picture - an album cover or paint, throughout your music video play, just like many piano music videos do.
  • Lyric music is a new trend these years. You can use bubble texts or other stylish texts to create a cool lyric video.

YouTube Music Video Templates

Don't have visual ideas to make a YouTube music video? Or, just want to review some music video ideas? We've collected some music video templates free for you:

Convert Beautiful Music to MV

Make MV Video with Your Single

Feel free to click in any music video template above, upload your music to customize and make your own YouTube music video. Check how to make an outro for YouTube in detail.

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