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5 Best MP3 To YouTube Converters Online

Last Updated: Sep. 06, 2021

Briefs: Want to convert an MP3 audio file to a YouTube video? Here's our curated list of 5 best MP3 to YouTube generators online. Feel free to check and try!

YouTube is a paradise for billions of creators and visual content consumers. Whether you record a voiceover for a short film or a music single in MP3 format, you can share it directly to a broader range of audiences by converting your MP3 audio to YouTube.

No.1.FlexClip - MP3 to Video/SlideShow

FlexClip not only converts MP3 to YouTube video/slideshow, but also creates a YouTube video from both lossy and lossless audio formats in AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG and WAV. Whether you want to make a music video or slideshow, FlexClip helps you combine MP3 audio with images or videos freely in minutes.

Use FlexClip to convert MP3 audio to YouTube online.

Image: Use FlexClip to convert MP3 audio to YouTube online.

Its features have many bells and whistles for YouTube video creation. You can:

  • Upload audio file in MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG and WAV.
  • Upload your own images & videos as YouTube video background. Or, you can search for professional visuals from its stock.
  • Add cool texts to video, such as, DIY lyric music videos or add dialogues/scripts to a video.
  • Control footage speed, add a filter, etc.

Useful FlexClip Toolbox:

No.2.AudioShip - Upload MP3 to Image Video

If you are looking for an easy, direct way to upload audio to YouTube, AudioShip is a simple tool right for you. To use it, you need to log in AudioShip with your YouTube account. It'll ask you to upload MP3 & pictures, then write video title, tags(keywords), description, and choose privacy status & category for publishing on YouTube. AudioShip is the most convenient YouTube video maker online that combines an MP3 file with an image.

Video: How to turn MP3 to a slideshow video with an image.

No.3.TunesTuTube - Convert MP3 to Image Video

TunesTuTube is another online MP3 to YouTube slideshow maker. It works almost the same as AudioShip: Log in with your Google account, upload MP3 files & images to generate a slideshow video and upload it to your YouTube account. Its interface appears a bit out of date.

Use TunesTuTube to convert MP3 audio to image video online.

Image: Use TunesTuTube to convert MP3 audio to image video online.

No.4.TOVID.IO - Turn MP3 to Picture Video

If you want to make an album-cover music video, TOVID.IO is a choice for you to join an MP3 and a picture(JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) as a video. It asks you to select an image, upload an MP3, then you can download the picture video or upload it to your YouTube account.

Use TOVID to convert MP3 audio to image video online.

Image: Use TOVID to convert MP3 audio to image video online.

No.5.CLIDEO - YouTube Slideshow Maker

CLIDEO supports making a slideshow with MP3 and images. It uses a timeline to arrange images and MP3 audio file. It's intuitive to make a YouTube slideshow with MP3 online. Though �LIDEO is easy, it has many restrictions for free users. When you choose a free download, you'll see a watermark on your slideshow video.

Use CLIDEO to convert MP3 audio to a video online.

Image: Use CLIDEO to convert MP3 audio to a video online.

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