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How To Free Make A Cool Music Video? –Easy Ways And Ideas!

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Forewords: How to make a cool music video to make your music single stand out? Those easy free ways and ideas are introduced for you!

An excellent music video (with or without lyrics) can make a standard song gorgeous. While in the old days, making such a music video cost a fortune! - It required professional shooting & post-production skills. Musicians and post-production teams could spend weeks and months in composing a piece of cool music video.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a professor now! There are efficient ways and ideas to make it easier. Follow the steps below and finish your music video in minutes. It's fun and fantastic to make a cool music video for YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing platforms, even if you are a PC beginner.

In the following parts, we will use 2 free apps online to spice up your music video production:

Before moving anywhere else, we suggest you registering free accounts of the two tools.

Part 1: Make a Music Video with Footage, Music and Lyrics in The Simplest Way

Open in Chrome. After the simple free registration, you are capable of creating a free music video easily.

Prepare your music, lyrics and some footage, then fire it up:

How to make a cool music video easily for free with FlexClip?

Image board: How to make a cool music video easily for free with FlexClip?

Step A. Create a video project.

Step B. Upload music.

Hit the music icon on the top left. Next, press [+ Add Music] and [Browse My Files]. Then, locate your music file.

Tip If your music is recorded live, it may contain noises. Make sure you've checked the top 3 tools for removing noises, and have the music noises removed.

Step C. Add footage or pictures to your music video.

If you've shot some video footage in advance, you can import them directly. Take advantage of FlexClip video library (free and professional), when you don't have any footage, or can't find previous footage. FlexClip video library enables you to search related footage or images.

Tip Your music pictures can have a different background, and their color schemes vary. Therefore, to make a nice-looking lyric music video, you need to know to find the right color for music lyric texts. We prepare the article of "How to Find out Your Best Complement Colors to Use?" for reference. Also, a color picker will help you to take color values from your present music background graphics. To name a few, they are PhotoShop eyedropper( PhotoShop 7-Day Free Trial), Pinetools Free Color Picker Online, and others.

Step D. Split length video, and add lyrics to each storyboard.

You can split any video that's longer than 3 seconds, which makes it possible to make a cool music video with lyric. Its [Text] allows you to add texts and lines to one storyboard. Fine tune all storyboards, until music, lyrics and footage are all synchronized.

Step E. Find and add a cover to your music video.

You can either upload your own cover, or search "cover" in either its video library or image library.

In part 1, we've explained how to make a standard music video with lyrics easily in FlexClip. In the next part, we will share you a gimmick trick to make a better lyric music video.

Part 2: How to Make an Awesome Lyric Music Video?

Recently, lyric music videos are viral. For instance, Talyor Swift releases a lyric music video of her title "You Need to Calm Down" on YouTube, which is awesome!

What if I tell you we've found another easy free way that you can make use of making a similar lyric music video?

FotoJet and FlexClip make a good combo! With them, you can also do the magic of creating an awesome lyric music video. Here is how:

step a. Register a FotoJet account for free, and launch

step b. Make a dozen of awesome lyric pictures.

One Way: You can upload your own picture. And, go [Edit a Photo], choose it as the background for lyric picture. Then, use FotoJet text feature to add cool lyrics to it.

Free edit your music video photo in FotoJet.

Image board: Free edit your music video photo in FotoJet.

Another Way: You choose a stunning ready-made background from FotoJet templates. Click [Create a Design], then select a category from "YouTube Channel Art", "YouTube Thumbnail", "Facebook Post", "Facebook Ad", and "Tumblr Banner".

After finalizing your background picture, you can do the music lyric work:

Design your lyric pictures for free in FotoJet.

Image board: Design your lyric pictures for free in FotoJet.

Hit [T Text] and select a sample text. Double click your text to type / paste a line of music lyrics. FotoJet also enables you to change its font, size, color, and effect. It's of great ease!

step c. Make a cool music video by uploading your music and awesome lyric pictures.

Switch back to, go [+Storyboard] > [Add Photo] > [Browse My Files], and select lyric pictures as video storyboards.

Adjust how long each lyric picture shows, and make sure that they synchronize with your music.

step d. Preview and download your lyric music video as an MP4 video.

Part 3: Tricks & Ideas to Make a Romantic Music Video

Making a beautiful romantic music video requires you to master some basic tricks in both shooting and creating the music video.

Trick 1 - A romantic and twisted story is key to a touching romantic music video.

After studying those compelling and moving romantic stories for music videos, we've found that a romantic music video usually deploys two types of storytelling:

    Storytelling Types

  • Type One: Two people are in deep love, but they face tough/heartbreaking difficulties. (Such as, the boyfriend joins the army, or one mother doesn't like the other half.) Eventually, they overcome the challenges and live happily together.
  • Type Two: In the story, there are 3 persons in a love relationship. One is a jackass with two relations, which makes the love story torturing and heartbreaking. The story ends vary - a breakup, forgiveness, or hatred.

Trick 2 - Shooting tricks.

For beginners, you may refer to "Beginner Tutorial: How to Shoot A Cool Video Easily?"

Trick 3 - Editing skills.

To tell a love story, you can use the tricks of black & white to deal with that never-get-back moment photography.

Also, high-skilled videographers use a lot of white-balance editing skill, to deal with romantic video & photo and make them look more natural.

Part 4: The End

We've compiled those easiest approaches for the creation of cool music video. The two free tools that we used above - FlexClip and FotoJet will give you more flexibility to create a better quality video for music.

We haven't instanced all possible ways to create a stunning music video, but you may find some out wisely if you try.

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