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How To Sync Audio And Video For Free With Free Audio Sync Software? - For Creating Videos And Fixing Audio Delays

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Last Updated: Jun. 30, 2020

Opening Words: Fix the issue of audio delay today! Let's find how to sync audio and video in 3 ways freely, with renowned free audio sync software - FlexClip, Blender, or FLV player respectively. Whether you have audio delay issue or need to synchronize audio with video to produce a video, we've presented you audio synchronization solutions today.

When you edit a video or watch a video, noticeable audio delay (or audio offsetting) is No.1 troublesome and uncomfortable experience. Let's deep into the issues of audio delay and find the solutions together.

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Part 1. Two Main Reasons for Audio Delay

  1. Video is originally created with an unsynced soundtrack (video source is delayed): Either audio is slower, or video images are delaying to play.
  2. When streaming videos get delayed, reason is more complicated: It can be source delay (a reason). Also, unsynced transmission of sounds and video images will lead to unsynchronized streaming video, which includes not-synchronized cache, slow network, or display device (like TV or PC) failing to render video and audio signals simultaneously.

Part 2. How to Sync Audio and Video with Free Audio Sync Software to Produce an Awesome Video? [3 Solutions Included]

Most good-quality videos are produced with separate noise-free audio that's recorded by a high-end sound recorder.

Another key factor for good-quality video is video length - Dozens of authoritative researches have said that a user-comfortable video length is less than 10 mins, since people have limited attention span and usually pay attention to one thing for no longer than 10 mins.

If you decide to control video quality and be successful with your videos, then you'll want to abide by the 2 rules above.

2.1.FlexClip Sync Audio Solution:

If you have recorded a separate audio and want to make a short intriguing video, then FlexClip online video editor can be your perfect video helper to sync audio and video, without any design experience.

How to Synchronize Audio and Video with FlexClip?

  1. Jump to Register a free account, then it will jump you to where you'll find 2 buttons [Create By Templates] and [Start From Scratch].
  2. Press [+ Start From Scratch], select '16:9' or other options, and it'll create you a blank video project to sync audio with video.
  3. Find the icon of [Add Local Media], or hover to [+Storyboard] > [Add Local Media].
  4. Add/upload Video to FlexClip for audio synchronization.

    Image: Add/upload Video to FlexClip and mute storyboard for audio synchronization.

  5. Upload/add your audio file: Find [Music] icon, and hit [+ Add Music] > [Browse My Files].
  6. Sync video and audio: Adjust audio starting point, and drag audio track to let audio synchronize with video images.
  7. Note: "scissor" icon will trim soundtrack, "double arrow" will change audio beginning point, and "hand" icon mouse will move the soundtrack.

    How to sync audio and video with FlexClip?

    Image: How to sync audio and video with FlexClip?

  8. Preview and output your synchronized video.

Note: The click of [Trim Music] will not really trim your original (selected/uploaded/downloaded) audio file, but only copy out a part of audio content for your video production.

If you have a delayed video, then you may question how you can fix audio delay. The sync-audio-and-video solution above works for you as well, but you just need an additional step to download audio from video and upload it as a separate audio file.

Here is an online video to MP3 converter that you can use for free(OFFICIAL):

How to convert unsynced video to MP3 file?

  1. Hit [Choose Files] in "Drop File Here" and select your video file.
  2. Press [Start conversion] and download your soundtrack in MP3 format.

2.2.Blender Sync Audio Solution:

If the length of your problematic video is long, you'll need some more complex audio sync software to adjust audio efficiently. Blender is effective to sync audio and video for free:

Free desktop 3D & video editing software (OFFICIAL):

How to Sync Delayed Audio in Blender Studio?

How to sync delayed video and output it to MP4

Image: How to sync delayed video and output it to MP4?

  1. Open Blender, Switch to "Video editing" interface.
  2. Drag and drop your delayed video into the video sequence editor.
  3. Right-click the dark green track, keystroke "G", then you can move & correct the audio track. "Alt" + "A" to preview the fix of audio delay.
  4. Switch to "Properties" interface, and output synced video to MP4.
  5. Output synchronized video in Blender.

How to output videos using Blender? [Full Steps]

  • ->Switch "Display" pull-down list from "Image Editor" to "Keep UI".
  • ->Find "Frame Rate", click "Custom (29.87fps)" in black and choose "24fps".
  • ->Find "Output", change the default path from "/tmp\" to "/tmp\syncedvideo.mp4".
  • ->Find "PNG" pull-down list, change it to "FFmpeg video".
  • ->Keystroke "Ctrl + F12" to render (download) the MP4 synced video file.

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2.3.FLV Audio Sync Solution (Only Fix Video Playing Delay):

If you only want to watch a delayed video but play it in sync (regardless of the video length), then there is no need to edit and sync the source. For this case, FLV happens to one of the best solutions.

Free FLV video player (OFFICIAL):

How to Make Use of free FLV media player to Sync Audio and Video for Free?

  1. Open FLV video player.
  2. Drag and drop audio delaying video into the interface.
  3. Hit [Tools] > [Track Synchronization].
  4. Track Synchronization in FLV player.

    Image: Track Synchronization in FLV player.

  5. Input a number in the blanket of Audio track synchronization. It will either hasten the audio or delay the audio.
  6. Set audio delay time in FLV player.

    Image: Set audio delay time in FLV player.

Note: Once more, VLC player will only sync video play in VLC player, but it cannot sync the video content for saving. Nor can it output a synced video file.

Part 3. Wrapping Up

Among the 3 free audio offset solutions, online FlexClip audio sync approach is the simplest to resolve audio delays and produce a synced MP4 in video length. FLV video player is the most straightforward way to play a delayed video nicely. At last, Blender is the most complex method to line up your audio and video tracks to solve all video delay problems once and for all.

Find the article helpful? Kindly share it to help more people. And if you lack design experiences or ideas but want to create a stunning video fast, is the easy video editor online for you along with millions of professional videos, pictures, and music.

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