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Last Updated: 2022. 02. 21
Want to create a video from beautiful pictures with music? You'll find easy ways to make slideshow video with music in minutes. Check them out and get started.

Slideshow videos with music are new trends. You must have some precious photos in your prime time as well as several favorite songs. Why not create your special photo video to keep these beautiful memories together?

If you are worried about having no design skills to craft a slideshow video, don't be! With the methods below, you'll feel trouble-free to make a video from your favorite photos and music whether you want a slideshow video for personal purposes or for business. Pick the easiest one to get started!

Honeymoon Slideshow
Honeymoon Slideshow
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Part 1. How to Make A Video with Photos and Music Online Freely

1. Preparations to Make Your Slideshow Video

Step 1
Find a theme for your video slideshow: Think it though what you want to express most in your slideshow. Find & copy all related pictures and your background music to a new folder.
Step 2
Grab a slideshow generator: Using a free slideshow maker online can make editing process smooth and easy. FlexClip wins our recommendation due to the following reasons.

Easiness - FlexClip has a simple, intuitive interface with familiar icons and buttons. Even PC newbies can effortlessly use all features and create a video from pictures and music.

Effectiveness - The zoom features, text features, and the extensive "picture + music" library are available at your fingertips, which makes FlexClip an effective tool to finish any slideshow video.

Efficiency - It's streamlined processing: Upload pictures (and music), edit, preview and download your slideshow video. It offers buttons for next moves in obvious positions. Quality output for broader use: It defaults MP4 watermark-free download with available options of 1080P(Ultra-HD), 720P(HD) and 480P(SD).

Rich Resources - A media library with millions of royalty-free photos, videos, music is available for all FlexClip users. Use them to level up your work.

Step 3
Prepare slideshow texts: If you need to add narrations/captions/scripts/video texts in your slideshow video, write down them in advance.

After finishing preparations, we'll walk into the phases of creating a video with our favorite music and pictures. Click the Create a Video button below to get started!

Create a Video View Templates

2. Design Slideshow Video: Make A Video with Photos and Music Online

Step 1
Upload your pictures: Open FlexClip slideshow maker - Select all pictures in your folder and upload. (Before doing anything, you can sign up a free FlexClip account with an email, in case you accidently close browser and lose everything you are editing now.)

Browse & upload pictures to make slideshow video.

Step 2
Adjust the order of your pictures: Just click any photo uploaded and move it to where you want to place it.
Step 3
Edit your slideshow video: You can customize your picture video by adding a filter or choosing an effect. Also, you can search more related pictures from its stock media and use them in your slideshow.

If you want, you may record a voiceover for a picture storyboard to explain something and get your point across. You can also upload your favorite music as the background audio track. Just go [MUSIC] icon to upload your music or search music from FlexClip extensive music stock.

Image: Edit your slideshow video.

Step 4
Preview and download your slideshow video.(0-1 min)

Part 2. How to Make A Video with Photos and Music Freely on Desktop

As for making a slideshow with music on desktop, iMovie is the best tool to go. It is equipped with powerful video editing tools and excellent effects like transitions, text fonts. Follow the steps to have a try!

Step 1
Open iMovie, click on the Projects > Create New. This will allow you to create an empty project. Click the "+" sign, choose movie.
Step 2
Import all your contents from any folder on your computer. Drag and drop them to the Project pane.
Step 3
Arrange your photos so that they are in the right order. Add transitions, text to level up your work.
Step 4
Import the music and preview.

How to Make a Video with Photos and Music with iMovie

Part 3. How to Make A Video with Photos and Music Freely on Mobile Phone

You may have used TikTok to watch interesting videos, but you may haven't tried using TikTok to create a slideshow. As a matter of fact, it is a great app to create short slideshows. By uploading, you can easily create a slideshow you have browsed. It also provides rich effects like transitions, slow-mo, fast-mo, widgets, stickers and royalty-free music resources. Now, follow the steps below to make a slideshow with music.

Step 1
Launch TikTok, tap the plus button to create a new TikTok video.
Step 2
Tap upload button, select as many photos as possible to upload all your photos.
Step 3
Add music, text, filters and transitions.
Step 4
Upload to TikTok.

How to Make a Video with Photos and Music on Phone

The Bottom Line

Making a video with pictures and music can be quite easy and delightful when you do find the right tool. FlexClip, the online slideshow maker, can help you make a video with pictures and music in minutes. By the way, FlexClip can also help you create sports videos, holiday videos and more. Give it a try!

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