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How to Make A Video with Photos and Music for Free Online?

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Foreword: Slideshow with music is the new streaming trend. With the help of Flexclip, making a video with your favorite photos and music is only minutes work. Best of the best, it's free and it's online!

Back to your life, you keep photos in your prime time, and you get some favorite songs. So why not "cook" your special video "dishes" with all these elements?

In the digital world, video magic also exists - Video productions are more touching and persuasive than pictures! Even better, there are "secret weapons" out there that help "cook" video out of music and pictures with ease!

Whether it's for personal purposes, such as, pleasing your love, appreciating your family, celebrating anniversary, or sending birthday wishes…Or it's for work goals, for instance, making a presentation, assisting school project…We will feed you with a free, fast & satisfactory solution to make a slideshow with music & photos.

Part 1: How to Make A Video with Photos and Music for Free, within Minutes?

To create a video from photos and music blazing fast, you need to do some preparation works:

1)Find a theme for your video slideshow, copy all related pictures and the background music into a new folder. (Then, you won't have to switch windows to find elements for your video.)

2)You'll need a free video editor online to integrate pictures & background music, edit the video, and download your work.

3)If you need to add narration to your slideshow video, write down the words in advance.

After finishing preparations, let's ride the rollercoaster of creating a video with our favorite music and pictures!

Step One(30 seconds), open FlexClip and hit [Get Started - Free]. After sign up with an email and your password, FlexClip will allocate a free account for you.

Register a free account of FlexClip

Image board: Register a free account of FlexClip.

Step Two(5 seconds), in project page, hit [ + Create New] and start making a video.

Step Three(0.5-1 min), upload all your photos as storyboards and set their show time separately. Just go [ + Storyboard ] > [Add Photo]. In media adding interface, press [Browse My File] and select one picture to upload. Repeat the process until all images are loaded in storyboards.

upload pictures to make a video

Image board: Upload pictures to make a video.

Step Four(0-3 mins), edit and customize picture storyboards.

It allows you to change the order of picture storyboards by drag and drop.

Or, you can add a bunch of lines in the front of current picture: Go [TEXT] > pick a text template > double click to enter words (Keystroke [Enter] to input on the next line).

add lines to pictures when making slideshow video

Image board: Add lines to pictures when making slideshow video.

If it's necessary, you may record a voiceover for a storyboard, explaining the picture and getting your point across.

Step Five(5-15 seconds), upload your favorite music as the background track. Go [MUSIC] > [Add Music]. In music media interface, there are 2 options - free music from library, and upload local mus.

Considering that you've prepared your favorite music, just follow [Browse My File] and hit your mp3 file.

upload or find music for your picture-telling video

Image board: Upload/Find music for your picture-telling video.

However, there are times when your favorite music doesn't work with the video production, and it gets strange in preview. When it is your case, remove the uploaded mus under [MUSIC]. Then, go [Add Music] and search a proper one - you can listen to them before making a choice.

Step Six(10 seconds), preview and download your video production. Hit [PREVIEW] > select an output file among 1080p, 720p and 480p > [Export Video].

preview and export slideshow video to mp4

Image board: Preview and export your slideshow video to MP4.

With FlexClip, it's simple to make a video with photos and music. For your first 10 video productions, FlexClip will save them for free, which allows you to re-edit your video projects. A push of [Download] will trigger the save function automatically.

Part 2: How to Choose Your Video Creator? - The Tool

In the first part, we use FlexClip as the method to combine all pictures and music. What we consider most are the easiness, effectiveness, efficiency and time. After dozens of tests and trials, we believe FlexClip is the most competitive to make a picture-music video.

Easiness - FlexClip has a simple interface with familiar icons and descriptive words. Even PC newbies can effortlessly get access to all its features and finish the whole process to make a video with pictures and music.

Effectiveness - The zoom features, text features, and the extensive "picture + music" library at your fingertips make FlexClip an effective tool to finish any slideshow video.

Efficiency - It's streamlined processing: Upload pictures + music, preview, and download, it offers buttons for next moves in obvious positions. Quality output for broader use: It defaults MP4 watermark-free download with available options of 1080P(Ultra-HD), 720P(HD) and 480P(SD).

Time - To finish a length video with pictures and music, it takes around 6-9 minutes. It outperforms Windows movie maker and groups of mainstream tools.

For sure, it's not a must to use FlexClip to make your video from pictures and music. FlexClip happens to have a better performance in our tests. If you want to find a tool on your own, the 4 points above may be good criteria.


Making a video with pictures and music can be quite easy and delightful when you do find the right tool. Free photo video maker - can be a good choice and get it done a lot faster.

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