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Best Free Slideshow Makers with Music & Effects Online/Offline

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
This review blog will introduce you the best free slideshow makers with music and effects, including online slideshow makers and slideshow maker software. Read it through and choose the best slideshow maker to help you out.

All people will love to see excellent captures in a photo slideshow better than in a boring album because a photo slideshow is dynamic, easy to pull people’s heartstring. How to create a stunning photo slideshow?

Instead of the detailed steps, we'd rather talk about the best slideshow makers. Because many professional slideshow makers on the market can help you make photo slideshows in a few steps. Even laymen can easily catch up with them. So in this blog, we will introduce you the best free slideshow makers online and offline. They all provide beautiful music and effects to level up your slideshow. Check this list out and decide which one is the best!

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Family Reunion Slideshow
Family Reunion Slideshow
Use This Template
Vacation Slideshow
Vacation Slideshow
Use This Template
Best Free Desktop-Based Slideshow Software
Best Slideshow Maker for Android/iPhone

Part 1. Best Free Online Slideshow Maker

Best Recommendation: FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online slideshow maker with music and effects. For people who are totally new in photo slideshow making, FlexClip is the easiest to get started. For people who are expert in editing, FlexClip helps make your photo slideshows more professional. You can start from any pre-made slideshow video templates or start from scratch. In either way, the slideshow you created will get lots of likes and comments on social media.

Reasons for Recommendation

  • 1. Easy and Free to Use
    2. Watermark Free
    3. Powerful Editing Features
    4. Pre-made Templates
    5. Royalty-free Media Resources
    6. HD Resolution Supported
    7. Video Transitions/Effects
    8. Supports HD Resolution
    9. No Quality Loss
    10. Fast Export
  • Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - FlexClip

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - FlexClip

    Top 2. Renderforest

    Renderforest, a professional slideshow software, also emphasizes on simplicity. Choose one beautiful template, add photos and music, you are done with making a photo slideshow.


  • Renderforest has beautiful templates that you can use to make slideshow maker.
  • It is extremely easy to make a photo slideshow.
  • Cons:

  • It is free to download a low-quality video. You need to pay to download the high-quality video or remove the watermark.
  • You can’t really add many thoughts to the output video, for example, you can’t choose the transitions you like, you can’t add texts as you wish.
  • You have to upload photos of your own. No photos or video clips are available on the media library.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Renderforest

    Top 3. Smilebox

    Smilebox slideshow maker comes complete with template design for every occasion, like family gatherings, holidays, or just for fun. To access music library, you might need to go for the premium version of this slideshow.


  • The intuitive interface is easy to use.
  • Wide range of templates are available.
  • All templates are classified so that you can easily pick the templates you need.
  • Cons:

  • You might need to go premium plans for advanced features and excellent templates.
  • It can be a little slow to load the templates.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

    Top 4. Motionden

    Motionden has many beautiful templates and a powerful picture media library. It is also a three-step slideshow maker that you can apply to make a slideshow with great ease.


  • All templates are beautiful, and your outcome video will also look professional.
  • All templates have intros so that you can know where to apply them.
  • Cons:

  • It is extremely slow to load photos and videos from the media library.
  • Photos from the library can be too small or too big for the slideshow. You have to crop them.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Motionden

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Motionden

    Top 5. Kizoa

    Kizoa allows you to create slidshows with photos, videos and music and then share by email, blogs, Facebook, YouTube or even burn into DVD. Its main features include adding text, adding music, adding transitions and effects. To access music library, you need to upgrade.


  • It is intuitive. A novice won’t be confused.
  • Kizoa’s slideshow templates are quite good.
  • Cons:

  • The free version of Kizoa comes with only 1 GB storage space. To access more storage space, you need to pay.
  • The music resource is quite limited.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Kizoa

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Kizoa

    Top 6. PhotoShow

    It is easy to create an engaging slideshow with PhotoShow. Upload your photo, PhotoShow will automatically generate a slideshow. You will then be able to polish it and share.


  • It generates slideshow for you. Easy and simple.
  • It allows you to personalize the video.
  • Cons:

  • The free version has limitations on the slideshow numbers.
  • You can’t upload your own music and use it until you upgrade.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - PhotoShow

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - PhotoShow

    Part 2. Best Free Desktop-Based Slideshow Software

    Top 1. Wondershare Filmora

    Wondershare Filmora is a versatile video editor, so you can also use it to create a slideshow. It provides over 300+ effects and 20+ copyright music that can take your slideshow to the next level. What's better, the exported video can be shared directly to YouTube, Vimeo and more.


  • Loads of features can help you make good edits.
  • Rich media resources that can be used and applied.
  • Easy social uploading.
  • Cons

  • Timeline based editor may not be friendly for new users.
  • No slideshow video templates.
  • Few music resources.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Wondershare Filmora

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Wondershare Filmora

    Top 2. Movavi Slideshow Maker

    Movavi is an easy-to-use slideshow software which allows you to create amazing slideshows with the help of seamless transitions, animated texts, effects and pre-made slideshow video templates. Apart from this, you also have access to a library of free music, filters. Be free to use them!


  • Beautiful templates.
  • Rich features.
  • Cons:

  • Only works on Windows.
  • It's not totally for free.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Movavi

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Movavi

    Top 3. Focusky

    Focusky is a professional tool for creating business slideshow presentations. Built-in wordart, amazing transitions, dynamic characters, and music resources make your video grasp audiences attention.


  • Rich animation resources.
  • Graphics and charts are also available.
  • Cons

  • It's better to use it to make business themed slideshow videos.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Focusky

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Focusky

    Part 3. Best Free Slideshow Maker for Mobile Phones

    Top 1. PicPlayPost Slideshow

    PicPlayPost Slideshow, an application compatible with iOS and Android, has tones of features to help you create excellent slideshows. You can overlay artistic layouts on the photo, create a collage or do voice-over. You can also use this app's free music and interesting GIFs to level up your slideshow. It's not totally for free, but it does provide 14-day free trail.


  • You can make edits on the photos or make collage with this app.
  • Rich elements.
  • Allows you to use any video from your library or music downloader.
  • Cons:

  • It crushes sometimes.
  • The video you uploaded should be 8 seconds maximum.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - PicPlayPost

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - PicPlayPost

    Top 2. SlideLab

    SlideLab is an iOS application made for dealing with square images, which makes it a great choice to create slideshows for Instagram. It has lots of advantages. There are lots of filters, transitions, preset music and more you can use. All of them are great, but majority of music, effects are on the paid version.


  • Fast response.
  • Elegant style of slideshow templates.
  • Cons:

  • Only available on iOS.
  • Saving videos from this App might take lots of space.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - SlideLab

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - SlideLab

    Top 3. Scoompa Video

    Scoompa video makes it easy for you to use any photos to create slideshows. You can add photos, videos from your gallery, camera or from the web and then edit them with stickers, animated frames. There are default sound tracks you can use. It's free, but contains ads.


  • Real-time preview.
  • Beautiful stickers.
  • Cons:

  • It can be hard to operate.
  • It cuts off your picture and you can't set up the time for each slide.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - Scoompa

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker App - Scoompa

    The Bottom Line

    That’s all for the top free online/offline slideshow makers with music & effects. What do you think of the list? If you think this list is helpful, do share it with others.

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