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2020 Top 7 Free Online Slideshow Makers with Music & Effects

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  • 2020 Top 7 Free Online Slideshow Makers with Music & Effects
Last Updated: Jun. 24, 2020

Summary: This review blog will introduce you top 7 free online slideshow makers with music and effects. Read it through and find the best slideshow maker to help you out.

All people will love to see excellent captures in a photo slideshow better than in a boring album because a photo slideshow is dynamic, easy to pull people’s heartstring. How to create a stunning photo slideshow?

In order to create a slideshow, you don’t really need any special editing skills. Many professional slideshow software allows you to make photo slideshows in a few steps. Here in this blog, we will introduce you top 10 best free slideshow maker online. Select the best one to help you make a photo slideshow.

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Best Recommendation: FlexClip

FlexClip is a free online slideshow maker with music and effects. For people who are totally new in photo slideshow making, FlexClip is the easiest to get started. For people who are expert in editing, FlexClip helps make your photo slideshows more professional. Reasons for recommendation are as follows:

FlexClip is everything you need to make video edits. With its powerful functions, FlexClip can help you personalize videos with vibrant background, logos, music, text. Regardless of your editing skills, the result will always be good.

√ It is equipped with all professional and practical editing tools you need to make photo slideshows, like music cutter, text editor, live preview window.

√ It has a simple interface. Making a photo slideshow with FlexClip involves no confusion. All edits can be done in a few clicks.

√ It is rich in elements. FlexClip has 20+ dynamic text animations and music. You can apply them to the photo slideshow as you wish.

√ It exports high-quality photo slideshows. You can choose to export your work in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD.

√ It is a free online slideshow maker. No download is required.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - FlexClip

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - FlexClip

Top 2. Pholody

Under the slogan “Simple make the Best”, Pholody emphasizes on slideshow making. Upload music and photos, then it automatically makes a photo slideshow that flows with music rhythm.


1. It visualizes melody by automatically aligning transitions with beats of background music.

2. You can apply pictures and music online with their URL.

3. You can choose to export photo slideshows in a ratio of 3:2, 4:3, 16:9.


1. It is not totally for free. You have to pay to remove watermarks on your photo slideshow.

2. Only a few templates are available. Besides, you can’t even view the templates.

3. If you use background music, slideshow length is always equal to music length. You have to use other tools to trim the music before getting started.

4. You will get the message of “your browser does not support canvas” if you are using IE 8 or older version.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Pholody

Image board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Pholody

Top 3. Spark Adobe

Spark Adobe is a web and mobile device based free photo slideshow maker. With it, you can transform your ideas into stunning visual stories anywhere, any time you want. Powerful media library containing free music and photos helps touch up your video.


1. Adobe Spark is easy to get started for beginners.

2. You can use free music and photos from the media library to touch up with your photo slideshows.


1. Once you have chosen a template, Adobe Spark will automatically put all photos together. That’s to say, you can’t choose any transitions you want.

2. The output video is not watermark and outro-free.

3. Adobe Spark has only 4 layouts. This can be too few for those who need to express ideas.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Adobe Spark

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Adobe Spark

Top 4. Renderforest

Renderforest, a professional slideshow software, also emphasizes on simplicity. Choose one beautiful template, add photos and music, you are done with making a photo slideshow.


1. Renderforest has beautiful templates that you can use to make slideshow maker.

2. It is extremely easy to make a photo slideshow.


1. It is free to download a low-quality video. You need to pay to download the high-quality video or remove the watermark.

2. You can’t really add many thoughts to the output video, for example, you can’t choose the transitions you like, you can’t add texts as you wish.

3. You have to upload photos of your own. No photos or video clips are available on the media library.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Renderforest

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Renderforest

Top 5. Smilebox

Smilebox slideshow maker comes complete with template design for every occasion, like family gatherings, holidays, or just for fun. For idealists, you might need to go for the premium version of this slideshow.


1. The intuitive interface is easy to use.

2. Wide range of templates are available.

3. All templates are classified so that you can easily pick the templates you need.


1. You might need to go premium plans for advanced features and excellent templates.

2. It can be a little slow to load the templates.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

Top 6. Motionden

Motionden has many beautiful templates and a powerful picture media library. It is also a three-step slideshow maker that you can apply to make a slideshow with great ease.


1. All templates are beautiful, and your outcome video will also look professional.

2. All templates have intros so that you can know where to apply them.


1. It is extremely slow to load photos and videos from the media library.

2. Photos from the library can be too small or too big for the slideshow. You have to crop them.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Motionden

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Motionden

Top 7. Slideful is an online photo slideshow making service. It is totally free. All it contains is image editors, round corners. You can make customizations on the photo slideshow.


1. It is pretty easy to get started.


1. Only less than 100 images can be uploaded. If the server is busy, this becomes 30. Non-members can only have 20 images uploads for per slide.

2. Slideful doesn’t really offer you much room for editing.

Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Slideful

Image Board: Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Slideful

The Bottom Line

That’s all for the 2020 top 7 free online slideshow makers with music & effects. What do you think of the list? If you think this list is helpful, do share it with others.

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