Best Free Slideshow Makers with Music & Effects Online/Offline

Last Updated: 2023. 10. 17
Here is a list of the best free slideshow makers with music and effects, including online slideshow makers, slideshow maker software and slideshow applications. Check this list out and choose the best slideshow maker to help you out.

The benefits of creating a slideshow are obvious. To name a few, getting more likes and followers for social media platforms, impressing beloved ones on special days, getting your ideas across. Now, you must need a slideshow maker!

Slideshow makers are not hard to come by, but finding a great slideshow maker that perfectly meets your needs is an arduous task. To save you from endless searchings and comparison, we will show you how to choose a great slideshow maker and introduce you the best free slideshow makers in the market. They all provide beautiful music and effects to level up your slideshows. Let's dive in!

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Brush Polaroid Love Family Memory Photo Slideshow
Brush Polaroid Love Family Memory Photo Slideshow
Use This Template
Funeral Slideshow
Funeral Slideshow
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How to Choose a Good Slideshow Maker

Great slideshow makers are alike, but there is no such a slideshow maker that fits all. Here are several things you must take into consideration while choosing a good slideshow maker.


Most slideshow makers are easy to operate. Yet, some of them equipped with lots of special effects might confuse newbies. We will score each slideshow maker's difficulty. The higher score a slideshow maker gets, the easier it is to operate.

Supported OS

Most people will turn to slideshow makers for PC or Mac. Yet, we highly recommend people create slideshows for TikTok, Instagram use slideshow makers for Android or iOS. Though it is possible to upload slideshows to TikTok, Instagram videos from computer now, there are loads of restrictions and sometimes inevitable errors might occur.

Music & Effects

Music and effects will light up your slideshow. However, some slideshow makers might have more music and effects for business, while other slideshow makers have more music and effects for personal use. The worst of all, some slideshow makers ask you to pay before you can access to royalty-free music. A slideshow maker that provides royalty-free media resources is the best.


Free of charge doesn't mean free from any restrictions like watermark, resolutions. It is necessary to know all the restrictions before trying any slideshow makers.

Part 1. Best Free Online Slideshow Maker

1. FlexClip - Slideshow Maker for Both Personal & Business Use

Whether you are creating a slideshow for a birthday party, or an important conference, FlexClip has all media resources you need to make a great slideshow. Currently, FlexClip integrated with Storyblocks, Splash, etc. You can apply all those resources to the slideshow for free, without worrying about copyright issues. In case you are out of inspirations, FlexClip's designers created 5000+ video templates you can browse and edit directly. You will always be stunned by their genius design concepts and ideas.

Use This Template
Use This Template
Use This Template

Media resources alone is not enough to make FlexClip top on this list. Lots of slideshow editing tools help realize all your ideas. Explore endless possibilities within a few clicks right now!

Key Features of FlexClip

  • Trim & Split
    Color Correction
    Video Transitions/Effects
    Picture In Picture
    Change Video Speed
    Remove Photo Background
    Photo Animation
    Generate Short Links
    One-Click Share
  • Running out of time? Let's turn to AI for help! FlexClip's AI text-to-video tool helps you generate slideshows in just several seconds. The AI text-to-speech tool allows you to do natural voiceover. Those are just two examples. More AI tools are always waitting to fasten your slideshow creation process.

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - FlexClip

    Create a Video View Templates

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.9/5

    Best For: Business & Personal Use

    Restrictions: Free for watermarked slideshows. Subscription starts from $9.99 per month.

    2. Renderforest - Slideshow Maker with 3D Slideshow

    Renderforest is not too generous when it comes to offer free video templates and media resources. Indeed, it provides excellent slideshow video templates. You can even find some realistic 3D slideshow video templates. Yet, you can't edit most of them because they are premium-only. The searching results for media resources are also quite limited.

    Using Renderforest means you are giving up any chances of customization. Renderforest only allows you to customize the texts and music within the template. You can't even start with an empty canvas.

    Not a fan of templates? Try Renderforest's auto generation tool. Pick a slideshow style you love, upload photos and videos, you can soon have a slideshow at hand without making any edits.

    What We Like About Renderforest:

  • Renderforest has beautiful templates, including 3D slideshow templates, business presentation slideshows.
  • Search for any media resources you like and use them on your slideshow.
  • Auto generating slideshows from the styles and photos you upload.
  • Shortcomings:

  • No customization options. You can't add any thoughts to the slideshows.
  • There are only 150 slideshow templates. You might not be able to find the slideshow template you want.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Renderforest

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Renderforest

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.8/5

    Best For: Video editing beginners

    Restrictions: Free to download watermarked 780P slideshow. The subscription plan starts from $9.99 per month. To fully access slideshow templates and download 1080P video, the price is $19.99 per month.

    3. Smilebox - Slideshow Maker with Great Templates and Editing Tools

    Smilebox slideshow maker has template designs for all personal occasions, like family gatherings, holidays, wedding, birthday. Over 100 slideshow templates are there for you to choose. There are no photo/video library and effects for you to use.

    You might also notice that there are no advanced features in Smilebox. The edits you can make are changing text font and color, changing music, color scheme, and using filters. However, that's a great improvement for template-based slideshow maker.

    What We Like About Smilebox:

  • The intuitive interface is easy to use.
  • All templates are classified so that you can easily pick the templates you need.
  • Shortcomings:

  • You might need to go premium plans for advanced templates and features like adding your own music.
  • It can be a little slow to load the templates.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Smilebox

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.7/5

    Best For: Creating Slideshows for Personal Use

    Restrictions: Subscription plan starts from $4.99. To get rid of watermark and outro, you have to upgrade to premium costing $11.67/month.

    4. Clideo - Combine Music and Photos in Seconds

    Instead of calling Clideo a slideshow maker, we'd rather name it an online video maker. It doesn't provide you with any slideshow templates or music resources that you can use to create a slideshow. However, it can be used to put photos and music together. A slideshow can be done in a few clicks.

    Clideo's slideshow maker allows you to make very simple slideshow edits, for example, changing the video duration, cropping video, adding music, animations to photos.

    What We Like About Clideo:

  • Clideo has a clear interface. You will not be confused about where all features are.
  • It is extremely fast to upload photos, videos and music to Clideo.
  • Shortcomings:

  • No templates to get started.
  • No advanced editing features like filters, great dynamic texts.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Clideo

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Clideo

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.5/5

    Best For: People who want to create simple slideshows.

    Restrictions: Free for 480P watermarked videos. Subscription starts from $6 per month.

    5. Kizoa - Easy Slideshow Maker with Music & Effects

    Kizoa was once bought by InVideo, however, it is now back by popular demand with a little bit improvement. Once you launch this program, you will be greeted by 1M videos and 3M photos. Use any resources as you like. When it comes to effects, Kizoa provides Bokeh, Glitter, and 3 other effects for you to change the overall look of the photos and videos.

    All editing tools are listed above the preview window. You can't make some advanced video edits. All edits you can make only include adding transitions, adjusting photo duration.

    What We Like About Kozia:

  • It is intuitive. A novice won’t be confused.
  • Kizoa's slideshow template, stock resources are exceptional.
  • Shortcomings:

  • The free version of Kizoa comes with only 1 GB of storage space. To access more storage space, you need to pay.
  • No music resources, and while using photo/video resources, you are likely to encounter some errors.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Kizoa

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Kizoa

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.8/5

    Best For: Personal Use

    Restrictions: 1 minute free watermarked video. Lifetime license starts from $29.9

    6. Canva - Graphic Designer & Slideshow Maker

    Canva is a renowned graphic design tool. Since 2021, it has evolved into an easy-to-use video editor. Enter its slideshow creation page, you have access to professionally designed widgets, slideshow templates. You also have access to thousands of videos, millions of photos and music.

    Canva can't be called an easy-to-use slideshow maker. It is packed with lots of powerful video editing tools like adding audio effects, drawing. The interface is quite simple too. However, some basic features, like adding music, is quite hidden.

    What We Like About Canva:

  • It has substantial photos, videos, widgets to enrich your slideshow.
  • Lots of powerful video editing tools enabling you to create anything you like.
  • Shortcomings:

  • The features are quite hidden.
  • Slow response while applying videos.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Canva

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker - Canva

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.5/5

    Best For: Personal & Business Use

    Restrictions: Limited features, watermarked resources for free users. Subscription price starts from $119.99 per year.

    Part 2. Best Free Desktop-Based Slideshow Software

    1. Wondershare Filmora - Slideshow Maker for Professionals

    We don't recommend using slideshow software because even the most professional ones don't have enough photo/video resources. That's the case for Wondershare Filmora. Currently, Wondershare Filmora only provides 300+ effects and 20+ copyrighted music.

    Wondershare Filmora is a video editor with lots of professional tools, to name a few, keyframing, curve speed, green screen. You might not need it to create slideshows, but they do confuse you sometimes. If you are new to video editing, Filmora might be a little to advanced for you. The good thing is, the exported video can be shared directly to YouTube, Vimeo and more.

    What We Like About Wondershare Filmora:

  • Professional video editing tools help you make good edits.
  • Easy social uploading.
  • Shortcomings:

  • Too many advanced editing tools may not be friendly for new users.
  • No slideshow video templates.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Wondershare Filmora

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Wondershare Filmora

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.1/5

    Best For: Advanced Users

    Restrictions: Free to create watermarked videos. Activate starts from $49.99 per year.

    2. Movavi Slideshow Maker - Great Combination of Slideshow Templates & Customization

    Movavi slideshow maker can mix pictures, videos, music in a few steps and help create awesome slideshows. There are over 150 filters and effects you can use. However, it doesn't provide music, photo resources to use.

    You can maually start creating a slideshow from scratch with exceptional masks, blurring effects, PIP, transitions, chroma key. You can also pick one template you like and then generate a new slideshow from your photos and videos.

    What We Like About Movavi:

  • Beautiful templates and design styles to choose from.
  • Automatically generate slideshows with the photos and videos you upload.
  • Shortcomings:

  • Premium features are behind the pay wall.
  • It is a large software that takes up lots of storage room and CPU.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Movavi

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - Movavi

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.6/5

    Best For: People looking for ways to improve slideshow creation skills.

    Restrictions: 7-day free trial only allow you to create watermarked video. The subscription plan starts at $39.9 per year.

    3. CapCut - Best for Creating Slideshows for TikTok

    CapCut is designed by ByteDance to encourage users to create more videos for TikTok. It is firstly available on mobile phones, but now people can use its desktop version, which is quite powerful.

    Let's begin with its music and effects. In CapCut, you can use all popular songs and effects on TikTok for your slideshow. If you ever find a slideshow on TikTok great, most of the time, you can use it as a template.

    CapCut is almost a professional video editor. The main features you might need is removing photo background, chroma key, transitions, filters. It might take sometime to figure out all features, but it is ralatively easier to use compared with software like PR, Filmore.

    What We Like About CapCut

  • Rich music, template resources popular on TikTok.
  • Most editing tools and resources are free.
  • Shortcomings:

  • Short of business-related resources.
    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - CapCut

    Best Free Online Slideshow Maker Software - CapCut

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.6/5

    Best For: Creating Slideshows for Social Media Platforms.

    Restrictions: Limited features and resources for free users. Subscription plan starts from $9.99 per month.

    Part 3. Best Free Slideshow Maker for Mobile Phones

    1. PicPlayPost - Slideshow Maker With Beautiful Collages

    PicPlayPost is a professional video editor with tons of AI effects to apply to your video. All PicPlayPost effects look natural and amazing on your photos. You can also make all your photos a collage. Yet, PicPlayPost doesn't have photo or music library. You have to only use your own resources.

    The main features of PicPlayPost are merging, trimming, adjusting video speed, adding voice-over, audio ducking. Those features are enough to make great slideshows. In case you find making edits troublesome, PicPlayPost offers AI creation tool. Select the content, a slideshow is done in seconds.

    What We Like About PicPlayPost:

  • Nice AI Effects, great collage templates.
  • AI generating a slideshow with photos and videos you uploaded.
  • Cons:

  • It crushes sometimes.
  • You can't adjust the order of photos after AI generating.
    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - PicPlayPost

    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - PicPlayPost

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.8/5

    Best For: Creating Slideshows with Collage Designs.

    Operating System: Android & iOS

    2. SlideLab - Basic Slideshow Maker for iOS Devices

    SlideLab is a basic slideshow maker without excessive video editing features. It is great for those who are seeking for ways to manually create each slides of a slideshow. It is also equipped with a background music library with a large collection of tracks you can use for free.

    SlideLab doesn't come with AI, however, it goes straight to the point and lets you do what you want with your video. To name its features, combine and reorder the photos and videos, edit each clip to the slideshow, add filters, transitions, animations. All those tools together will create something miracle.

    What We Like About SlideLab:

  • Fast response.
  • Easy & simple tools
  • Shortcomings:

  • No AI tools and effects
  • Saving videos from this App might take up lots of space.
    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - SlideLab

    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - SlideLab

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.5/5

    Best For: Creating Slideshows for Business.

    Operation System: iOS

    3. Scoompa Video - Slideshow Maker with Lots of Stickers

    Scoompa Video indeed has effects, filters, music you can use to level up your slideshow, however, it is famous for the stickers. Over 100+ stickers are with Scoompa, waiting to be used to enrich your slideshow. At Scoompa, you can even search for more stickers on the Internet and use them.

    Scoompa doesn't have much editing features. You can only animate video frames, upload music, add texts, filters.

    What We Like About Scoompa Video:

  • Rich music, frames, stickers you can use on your slideshow video.
  • Simple interface that everyone can catch up with it easily.
  • Shortcomings:

  • Short of advanced features.
  • It cuts off your picture and you can't set up the time for each slide.
    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - Scoompa

    Best Free Slideshow Maker App - Scoompa

    Beginner-Friendly: 4.8/5

    Best For: People Creating a Slideshow with Stickers

    The Bottom Line

    That’s all for the top free online/offline slideshow makers with music & effects. What do you think of the slideshow makers mentioned above? Any recommendations? Contact us via Facebook. If you think this list is helpful, do share it with others.

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