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Best Video Quality Enhancer: Improve Your Video Quality Easily

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Last Updated: Aug. 06, 2020

Summary: Video quality is too low? This blog helps you improve video quality by resolution enhancing, color grading adjustment, filter-adding and noise reduction.

Part 1: Video Quality Enhancer - Color Grading

Color grading your video can improve your video image. A right color grading definitely is a good way to improve your video quality for search optimization.


Image board: Color grading vs no color grading

Step 1: Upload video clips to FlexClip: Add your local video clips to the free online color grading softwarefree online color grading software first.


Image board: Upload local video

Step 2: Make color adjustments to improve video image.


Image board: Make color adjustments

Turning on/off the top right ‘blue button’ also enables you to contrast the original color and the corrected color, in this way, you can check it out whether color grading enhances your video quality.

Part 2: Video Quality Enhancer - Adding Filters

Adding a filter makes color in videos more vibrant and lively, this is also one of important ways to enhance video quality.

Many online video enhancers offer a feature to add some visual effects. FlexClip, online slideshow maker and video editor offers you dozens of filters for different visual effects.

With 3 steps, you can easily improve the color:

1.Add local video.

2.Click ‘filter’ to select which visual effect you want. Also, turning on/off the top right ‘blue button’ enables you to contrast the original image and the image after adding filters.

3.Export the video.


Image board: Add a filter to improve video quality

Part 3: Video Quality Enhancer - Removing Background Noise

Annoying noise in the video background definitely lower video quality and viewing experience.

How to Remove Background Noise by FlexClip Video Enhancer

To get high video quality, FlexClip online video editor helps you get noise-free video with 5 easy steps:

1.Upload your video (clips)

2.Mute your background noisy sound first. If you wanna remove sound of all video clips, then you can click the button of ‘Apply All Storyboard’.


Image board: Mute the background noise

3.Find music or sound effects you want in FlexClip media library, and add it into the video clip.


Image board: Find and add music/sound effects

Part 4: Video Quality Enhancer - Video Resolution

Video quality can be improved by enhancing video resolution and quality. But which resolution I should choose? What dose 1080p, 720p, 480p or 4K actually mean? Here, we’ll help you understand different video resolutions. Then, the part shows you how to enhance video quality online with only 3 steps by FlexClip video converter.


Image board: 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K

1.1 Understand Video Resolution: Select the Most Proper One

Depends on your different demands and video size you want, you can select a really appropriate resolution and quality for your videos.

480p stands for 640 px × 480 px with an aspect ration of 4:3. Generally specking, it’s also known as DVD-quality, giving your DVD the highest quality. 480p videos is better to play on most laptops, desktop monitors, and mobile phones.

720p is commonly seen as “HD”, the most common resolution in the internet. All TVs are able to support 720p resolution and show more details compared with lower video resolution.

1080p is usually known as ‘Full HD ’ resolution. It’s recommended for you, if you want to show your video on large screens or TV. What’s more, it’s widely used on YouTube and other social media.

4K ((3840 × 2160) has approximately 4000 pixel referring to a horizontal display resolution. But it only has the best performance on 4K devices. On other devices, 4K resolution can’t has a good performance. So we usually recommended 1080p as your exported video resolution.

2.2 How to Improve Your Video Resolution and Video Quality by FlexClip Video Enhancer

Step 1: Upload your local video to FlexClip and browse your video files or drop the video directly to FlexClip video converter.


Image board: Upload your local video to FlexClip video enhancer

Step 2: Select the highest and the most commonly used 1080p resolution and the high quality.


Image board: Select 1080p resolution and high video quality to enhance your video

Step 3: Last step is to export the high quality video with 1080p resolution.


Image board: Export the high quality video with 1080p

This is how to use FlexClip video enhancer to improve video resolution and video quality. Hope it can help you to perfect your video.

Bottom Line

To solve the problem of low video quality, FlexClip free online video converter offers you(even beginner) 4 main features to help you to enhance video quality: improving video resolution and quality; color grading; adding filters; removing background music.

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