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How to Make Your Video a Lock Screen on iPhone 8/X/XS/11

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Last Updated: Nov. 29, 2019

Summary: Sick of still wallpaper on the iPhone? Check this blog telling you how to make a video your wallpaper for lock screen and home screen on iPhone 8/X/XS/11. Follow us and make a video your iPhone lock screen.

On any iOS devices, you can easily make an Apple default dynamic wallpaper lock screen. If you are sick of the default ones, many Apps from App Store offer paid GIFs which you can set as wallpaper directly, but are there any ways to make a video your lock screen on iPhone?

It is widely known that Apple limits customization to cope with any security issues. Making a video your lock screen directly is a mission impossible. However, there are always alternative ways to help you make a dynamic lock screen wallpaper. Check the methods below.

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Alternative Ways to Make a Video Your Lock Screen on iPhone 8/X/XS/11

These methods below only work on iPhone 6s and above. If you have an older device, you might have to set a new static lock screen wallpaper.

Method 1. Make Your iPhone Lock Screen a Live Photo

Step 1 Open the camera, scroll and tap the Live button in the top. The icon will turn yellow if Live mode is activated. Take pictures as usual. Under Live mode, the camera will also capture any movement before and after the main shot.

Step 2 Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Go to the Live category. Choose the live photo you just took. Tap Set and choose Set Lock Screen. You can also choose to Set Home Screen or Set Both.

Make a Live Photo Lock Screen

Image Board: Make a Live Photo Lock Screen

Method 2. Make a Dynamic Lock Screen Wallpaper from a Video

As mentioned above, Apple users can’t make lock screen a video directly. Thanks to the development of technology, many third-party apps help convert video clips to live photos, which you can later use as a wallpaper.

Our recommendation is intoLive. It can make live photos less than 5 seconds from a video clip. Its pro version costs money, but the free version will do.

Open the app and select the video you want to convert. Use the red bars on the timeline to trim the clip. Press the Arrow in the upper right, choose No Repeat and Save Live Photos. Set it as lock screen wallpaper.

Bonus Tip: How to Make a Sweet Video from Pictures

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How to Make a Sweet Video from Pictures

Image Board: How to Make a Sweet Video from Pictures

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The Bottom Line

Above are two detailed alternative ways to make a video lock screen. What do you think of this blog? If you find this blog helpful, we’d appreciate it if you can share it with others. By the way, FlexClip is an excellent free online video editor. It can be used to make other videos, like promotional videos, Mother’s Day videos, birthday videos. Give it a try!

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