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Video Presentation Tips & Ideas: How to Create a Powerful Video Presentation

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Last Updated: Jul. 23, 2020

Summary: This guide aims at providing you with some tips and ideas to create a powerful video presentation. Besides that, it also shares an easy way to make your presentation video. Follow us and get more!

Presentation is a great way to convey one's message, persuade the audience to take action, or promote an idea. Nowadays, PowerPoint presentations have been the main display mode for the business and other organization; but unless add a video to PowerPoint, your presentation always stays monotonous and even plodding.

Now that video can bring your presentation alive and grab the people's attention easy, why don't you try making a video presentation.

Here in this blog, we'll share some ideas and tips for making an excellent video presentation.

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Part 1 How to Create Presentation Videos for Free with Ease

When you start to make a video presentation, you may look for a free and easy way to create a video. We highly recommend FlexClip, and it is a free and easy-to-use, powerful and flexible video maker allowing you to make professional and excellent videos with great ease. Here are the reasons why FlexClip is recommended to make a presentation video.


  • Professional Editing Tools. → It equips with a variety of editing tools to make your video perfect, like video merger, music trimmer.
  • Rich Elements. → There are various resources built in FlexClip: dynamic text animations, videos, photos, and music. You can achieve a far more attractive video with them.
  • HD Quality Videos. → Download videos in full 1080p HD without any quality loss for using anywhere.

Follow us to make a presentation video with FlexClip video maker in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 Visit FlexClip homepage with Chrome, and sign up for free. Click on Get Started-Free to create a new project.

Visit FlexClip Homepage

Image Board: Visit FlexClip Homepage

Step 2 Select a video template to get some inspirations or start from scratch.

Select a Video Template

Image Board: Select a Video Template

Step 3 Click the "+" button to add video from a local folder or FlexClip's media library.

Add Photos or Videos

Image Board: Add Photos or Videos

Step 4 Customize the video as the way you want - trim, add text, add background music to your video presentation.

Customize the Video

Image Board: Customize the Video

Step 5 Preview and save. Click on the Preview button. Download the video or continue editing.

Preview the Video

Image Board: Preview the Video

Part 2 Great Video Presentation Ideas and Tips

To help you make an excellent video presentation with great ease, we'll offer you some superb video presentation ideas and tips.

Best Video Presentation Ideas

Before you create your video presentation, you need to think about the feelings or emotions you want to evoke in your audience to determine how to design your presentation. Identifying the feelings behind your presentation will help you pick the right idea and make the best video possible.

Here are some great presentation ideas below:

# Sales video presentations

>> Every business has a primary function of making sales and increasing them. The sales video presentations can help you achieve this goal easy.

# Promotional video presentations

>> As its name suggested, the promotional video presentation is those videos which promote or depict a particular cause or thing. It aims to spread a social cause or popularize the concerned product.

# Informational video presentations

>> Informational video presentations are those who purely offer some information for the audience. The purpose of them is mainly informing you about the current events and making you alert and aware of it.

# Educational video presentations

>> Video presentations are not just restricted for business purposes but are also widely used for educational uses. You can teach or learn something easy through a video presentation.

# Entertainment video presentations

>> Entertaining video presentations solely for entertainment's sake. Entertaining video presentations can vary in scope, genre, and purpose.

More excellent video presentation ideas are waiting for you to explore.

Tips for Great Video Presentation

* Keep It Short

→ Shorter video can work better than long ones. A tedious video can hardly hold the attention of the audience. Remember to keep your video presentation short and engaging.

* Pay Attention to Audio and Light

→ Audio and light both have a significant impact on the quality of your video. You'd better get a good microphone to ensure high-quality sound. For light, Don't put any lights or windows behind you, because soft lighting coming from behind the camera can light up your beautiful face.

* Be Yourself

→ No one can deny that a funny and unique video is full of attraction. But the more important factor of a video is that you should make it natural. How to make the video natural? Be yourself! Just do what you want to do and say what you want to speak with a smile and enthusiasm to shine your personality.

* Practice, practice and practice

→ Practice makes perfect! The other half of video preparation is practice. When you record yourself, remember to practice to find the best background and angle, and to find what you need to improve, such as lighting, sound, or speaking speed.

* Use music

→ Add background music to your presentation video when you edit it. Music is a powerful tool in your presentation video to make it more atmosphere. Choose the right music to craft a more exciting and emotive video.

The Bottom Line

That's all for ideas and tips for how to make an excellent video presentation. We hope that you can get some inspirations from this blog and start your video presentation on the right foot.

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