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Corporate Video Guide in 2020: Ideas, How-to & Tips

Last Updated: Jul. 03, 2020

Summary: This guide shows you everything you need to know about making a great corporate video. It provides some corporate video ideas, detailed steps to create corporate videos, and some tips for you to make them better.

When it comes to corporate videos, what is the impression in your mind? - A video about the CEO being an interview? A long shoot for the office? Or a scene of an employee shaking hands with the client? …

How featureless and boring it is! You need to find more creative corporate video ideas to make your video unique and stand out from others.

Here in this blog, you can get some brilliant corporate video ideas. Besides that, we also show you the detailed steps to create great corporate videos and some practical tips for you to make them better.

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How to Make Corporate Videos - Brilliant Corporate Video Ideas

# Corporate Culture Videos

The Company Story - It can help the company to build employee morale, enhance public relations. You can ask some employees to tell the company story in their own words.

History Video -To show how your company came about and developed along the way. Also, try to talk about what philosophy is and what makes your company special.

# Instructional Videos

How-to Video about the Job - It mainly about the processes that need to be taught to employees, also can be called training videos.

How-to Video about the Product - Usually it is a video user guide for your product. From the step-by-step guide video of your product, customers can have a clear sense of how to use an item correctly.

# Customer Relations Videos

Employee Stories - Get some inspirations from those employees who have a connection with your customers, directly or indirectly. Maybe a customer had an unusual problem to solve, and the employee helped them work out.

Testimonials - Focus on some customers who have something good to say about your product, service, or culture. Testimonials play a crucial part in building trust for your brand or organization.

# Recruitment Videos

Different ways are available for you to make your recruiting videos:

Interview an Employee - You can hand-pick some employees to interview on camera, describing all the details of their job, talking about how do they think about the job… Then make individual short videos to post online about those employees.

Record the One Day Life of an Employee - Pick someone ( the persons who are interesting and camera-friendly are the best choices) to record a day in the life of their job. Pay more attention to that they're working on and the challenges they're trying to complete.

Show the Fun Activities in the Office - …

How to Make a Corporate Video - Detailed Steps & Practical Tips

Pre-production of Your Corporate Video: Planning is Key!

Step 1Prepare for Your Corporate Video

Make Corporate Videos: Preparing

Image Board: Make Corporate Videos: Preparing

> Define and know your audience

> Set your goal

> Come up with an idea

> Write the script

Pre-production always involves some major decisions about your corporate videos. It's good to plan as much as possible before you start making your corporate video. The more work you put into pre-production, the easier the rest of production will be.

While-production of Your Corporate Video: Practice Makes Perfect!

Step 2 Shoot Your Corporate Video

Make Corporate Videos: Filming

Image Board: Make Corporate Videos: Filming

> Lighting - Lighting is an important part of corporate video. Apply the lighting wisely, the appearance of the subject will be flattered, and they'll look their best. It's advised for you to use the lighting kits so that you can film in high-quality lighting conditions.

> Audio - If you're shooting a video, pay attention to the audio. Remember to check the acoustics of the location where you're shooting. Is there an echo? If so, try and find somewhere else to shoot. Besides that, try to record the audio with a microphone to ensure high-quality sound.

> Composition - Whether you're shooting some video clips or taking photographs, remember that composition is crucial to get a perfect work. Try to use the Rule of Thirds which can help you to frame your shot.

Skill comes from practices! When you're filming your corporate video, do practice to get the best lighting, audio, and composition; do not afraid to shoot multiple takes.

Step 3 Edit Your Corporate Video

Make Corporate Videos: Editing

Image Board: Make Corporate Videos: Editing

> Choose the Right Software to Edit Your Corporate Video

I strongly recommend using FlexClip, and it is an easiest-to-understand and versatile video editor that allows you to make your project a masterpiece. No Download! No Design Experience Required!

Make Corporate Videos: FlexClip Overview

Image Board: Make Corporate Videos: FlexClip Overview


  • Powerful Editing Tools. FlexClip features many powerful editing functions, like merge video, cut video, add music, add text, record voiceover, and more.
  • Extensive Media Library. There are millions of image, video footage, and music in FlexClip, allowing you to craft your video.
  • Uploading Multiple File Formats. FlexClip supports several file types and formats to be uploaded. Videos in MP4, M4V and many other formats; images formats like JPG, BMP, PNG, and more; audio in MP3, M4A, AAC, etc.

> Tidy Up Your Clips Before You Start to Edit Your Corporate Video

Clean up your footage before you import them into the editing program. Doing in this way will significantly improve your video editing efficiency.

> Make Your Corporate Video at the Right Length

In general, shorter is better for a corporate video. The longer your video is, the more chance of turning your audience off. So try to make your corporate video in 3 minutes or less.

> Pick Music for Your Corporate Video Wisely

Background music is not an indispensable element for every video. But there is no denying that music is a powerful tool in a video to create an atmosphere and make it more attractive. So be careful about your choices when picking the background music that is suitable for your corporate video.

Besides that, pay close attention to the licensing requirements of the music. If you take it lightly, you will run the risk of legal problem.


  • How to get the royalty-free music:
  • Pick one from FlexClip's Media Library where provides you with lots of free music.
  • Choose your background music in some sites that offer royalty-free music. Here we share an article with you about 8 Best Sites to Get Royalty Free Music for Videos.

Post-production of Your Corporate Video: Being Noticed!

Step 4 Share and Promote Your Corporate Video

Once you have your video finished, just share your corporate videos on some social media channel, like YouTube, Facebook. Remember to share your videos on different platforms, don't limit yourself to one platform.

What's more, using some SEO strategies to promote your video is essential for you to ensure more people to watch your video.

Get Inspired? It's Your Turn to Make Your Masterpiece Right Now!

That's all for making a powerful corporate video. With these ideas and tips in mind, you can surely create your corporate videos successfully with ease.

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