Large Collection of Vlog Ideas That Offers You Endless Inspirations

Last Updated: 2021. 05. 12

Summary: Running out of ideas for your vlogging channel? Here in this blog, we've assembled this definitive list of genius vlog ideas for you! Check it out!

Have you ever been so burnt out when vlogging that you just can't seem to come up with any new video ideas?

There is no doubt that the answer is YES!

As a vlogger, whether a vlog beginner or veteran, you are bound to encounter a lack of vlog ideas. You may always ask yourself: Are there any great ideas for your first vlog? What should you vlog for your next vlog?

In this article, you'll find some great vlog ideas for beginners and more creative vlog topics that offer you endless inspirations to make your next vlog.


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Part 1 Best Vlogging Ideas for Beginners

When you start making your first vlog, you may get stuck in coming up with a vlog topic, here we gather some of the best vlogging ideas to help you out.

1.First Vlog Ideas for Beginners

Depict video: First Vlog Ideas

If you're a vlogging beginner, just struggle to find some great ideas for making your first vlog, here are some great first vlog ideas for you:

1 - Introduce

Start your first vlog with an introduction video! Creating a vlog to tell your (potential) audiences something about yourself. Like who you are, what you do, and what you hope to achieve with your vlogging channel.

2 - Why Are You Vlogging?

Maybe you hope to become a famous vlogger on YouTube or just want to capture and share memories of your life. Explain your decision behind starting vlogging in your first vlog

3 - Future Vlogging Plans

Tell your viewers about where they can see your vlog in the future. What type of vlogs will you upload? How often do you expect to post your vlog?

Part 2 More Vlog Ideas for Your Inspiration

2. Funny Vlog Ideas

Depict video: Funny Vlog Ideas

1 - Pranks

Play several pranks and see genuine emotions of people that get into unusual situations. Pranks always do very well and tend to go viral, which could get you a lot of views and subscribers.

2 - Challenges

This is another excellent idea for your vlog. This kind of vlog is fast and easy to record and can be very fun to watch for your audiences.

3 - Reacting To

A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to “something” that you see or hear for the first time. It is always well received on YouTube and can be hilarious to watch. The secret of making excellent reaction video is that don’t hold back your emotions and say everything you think, but never offend people.

3. Beauty Vlog Ideas

Depict video: Beauty Vlog Ideas

1 - Makeup Videos

Do you like applying and putting on makeup? Just share your passion in a makeup video, and it must be a great vlog idea! Most girls do makeups every day. And they do love to learn more makeup tips and tricks.

2 - Thematic Makeup

Thematic makeup is much different from the casual one - it is more artistic, dramatic, and attention-getting. For example, you can show how to do fantasy or cosplay makeup or make a unique makeup that fits the festival atmosphere, like Halloween, Christmas.

3 - Hair-Styling Tips

Share your ideas on hair styling in your vlog. Do not forget that it’s advisable for you to share lots of hairdos for different hair lengths in your vlog.

4. Travel Vlog Ideas

1 - What's in My Bag?

Make a video about what you are bringing in your bag for a journey! Tell your viewers what you are bringing and why and more information about your trip: where you are going, how long you are staying.

2 - Traveling Tips (or Do's and Don'ts)

If you're a travel enthusiast and have traveled a lot, you may know a thing or two about what you should and shouldn't do for a great trip.

3 - Travel Stories

Everyone enjoys a good travel story, and you must have some good travel stories of your own from your previous trips. Make a video to talk about something funny, exciting, or scary that happened on your trips.

Depict video: Travel Vlog Ideas

5. Fitness Vlog Ideas

1 - How To Do Something

If you're a fitness enthusiast and master some technique of doing something, you can make a video to share them with those people who are only just getting into a sport.

2 - Show a Workout

Make a vlog to record your daily workout. Show your viewers your fitness or yoga routine so they can follow along with you.

3 - What I Eat in a Day

Diet must be an essential part of keeping fit. Share with your viewers what you eat on a regular day, so you stay healthy.

Depict video: Fitness Vlog Ideas

6. Food Vlog Ideas

Struggling for new ideas for your food vlog channel? Here are some great food vlog ideas that you can use for your next vlog! Consider them as starting points, and think about your own angle to each vlog topic.

1 - Share your creative process. How do you create your recipes? What is your testing procedure?

2 - Explore outdoor cooking – how to cook on a campfire, or just on a barbecue.

3 - Spotlight an ingredient. How do you clean it, store it, prepare it, season it?

4 - Give some best budget-friendly tips for eating out.

5 - Suggest food and drink pairings – if you have a pasta recipe, suggest a wine, or if you have a biscuit recipe, suggest a tea blend.

Depict video: Food Vlog Ideas

7. Other Creative Vlog Ideas

Here are some more creative vlog ideas that don't fit well into any of the categories above but are still great for your next vlog.

1 - Pet Vlogs

If you own a pet, a dog, a cat, or others, just make a series of videos about it. There are lots of vlog topics for you to create videos with your pet: pet care, pet tease, pet daily,and more.

Depict video: “Pet Vlog Ideas

2 - Reviews

Product reviews, food reviews, movie reviews, etc. Share your experience with something with your reviewers. Tell your audience everything you can see and think about it. Taking a product review as an example, you should tell your viewers what the product is, what it looks and feels like, and more.

3 - Gaming Vlogs

A gaming vlog targets a particular audience, gamers. You can make a vlog about giving tips on video games, or share your experience in playing a game.

4 - Q&A Vlog

Your audience must have asked you some questions in the comments or on Social Media before, so making a video to answer the questions of your viewers is also an excellent vlogging idea. Taking a Q&A video for your vlog can make your viewers get to know you better.

5 - Compilation

Have been recording for a longe time? You must have lots of video footage laying around. You can use that footage to create a compilation video.

6 - Taking Vlogging Ideas from Viral News

Creating vlogs about viral news is already widespread. This kind of vlog can be easier to attract people's attention.

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