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How to Convert MP3 to MP4 Online for Free [Quick & Easy]

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: This article makes a simple comparison between mp3 and mp4 to show the main difference between them. Besides, it also shares an easy way to convert mp3 to mp4 with images online for free, with the best mp3 to mp4 converter - FlexClip. Follow us and get more!

Have you ever try to share your favorite mp3 file with others on Youtube or Facebook? But suddenly found that those social media sites do not support the uploading of MP3 files. How disappointed it is!

How to solve this problem? Just convert your mp3 file to mp4 format, besides, you can also add some pictures, video clips, and subtitles to go with your music to make your finally mp4 file next level.

Here in this blog, we're going to share an online free mp3 to mp4 converter for you to convert your MP3 file to mp4 with images. Besides, we'll also drive into the difference between mp3 and mp4 to help you know exactly which file type is right for your needs. Let's get started!

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Part 1 How to Convert MP3 to MP4 Online for Free

Want to convert mp3 to mp4? You may want to do this with some other elements added in your file to flare your project. It's a great idea to add some pictures or video clips to go with the sound; it can help you to catch your listeners', attention. Then you will need an mp3 to mp4 converter to help you handle it easily. We strongly recommend an excellent mp3 to mp4 convert - FlexClip.

Highly Recommended MP3 to MP4 Converter - FlexClip

FlexClip is known as a powerful video maker. Besides that, it is an excellent mp3 to mp4 converter. Any files uploaded to FlexClip will be converted to mp4 automatically. Here are the reasons why we recommend FlexClip to help you convert mp3 to mp4 with the image.


  • Handy Video Editing. The easy-to-operate editing interface of FlexClip allows everyone to convert mp3 to mp4 with great ease, no edit experience is required!
  • Rich Elements. There are various resources built-in FlexClip: dynamic text animations, video clips, images, and transition effects. You can use all of them to achieve a far more attractive mp4 file.
  • Professional Editing Tools. FlexClip is equipped with many editing tools allowing you to make your video perfect, like add text, add transitions, etc.
  • Real-Time Preview. Preview your mp4 file while editing in real time. What you see is what you get!

Convert MP3 to Mp4 with FlexClip Quickly and Easily

Here are the detailed steps to convert your mp3 file to mp4 with FlexClip. Follow us and convert MP3 to MP4 in a few minutes.

Step 1 Launch FlexClip and Get Started

Visit FlexClip Homepage with Chrome get started for free.

Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Start from Scratch

Image Board: Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Start from Scratch

Step 2 Upload Your MP3 File

Upload your mp3 file with the music icon on the top left: [ + Add Music] > [ Browse My Files]

Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Upload Your MP3 File

Image Board: Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Upload Your MP3 File

Step 3 Customize - Add Images or Video Clips, and Subtitles

Add pictures or video clips with the "+" button on the storyboard; add text or logo subtitles via the "T" icon on the top left.

Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Customize

Image Board: Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Customize

NoteRemember to make sure the whole video time is the same as the music file. If the total time of your video is longer than that of the mp3, you can split any video clip that's longer than 3 seconds and trim it as you wish.

Step 4 Preview and Save

Click on the Preview button to preview your final video. If you're satisfied, just export it now; if not, you can continue editing.

Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Preview and Export

Image Board: Convert MP3 to MP4 with FlexClip: Preview and Export

Part 2 The Difference Between MP3 and MP4

MP3 and MP4 sound familiar, and some people may naturally think that mp4 files are just a newer and better version of mp3 files. However, that's not so, and they are quite different.

Before we dive into the differences between mp3 and mp4, it's essential to do a quick recap on what an mp3/mp4 file is and how it is used.

MP3 is short for MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) Layer 3, and it is an audio coding format that adopts lossy data compression. MP3 is widely used for audio storage.

MP4, the acronym for MPEG-4 Part 14, is a digital multimedia container format that is widely used for both audio and video storage. Besides that, it handles other data such as text (subtitles) and images as well.

In short, the most significant difference between mp3 and mp4 is that mp3 can only store audio, whereas mp4 can save audio, video, and other data such as text and images. 

MP3 vs. MP4 - Audio-Only vs. Digital Multimedia

MP3 vs.MP4

Image Board: MP3 vs.MP4

Let's talk about the difference between them more specifically:

In technical terms, mp3 is an "audio coding" format, while mp4 is a "digital multimedia container" format.

The King of Audio: MP3

MP3 files are good at storing audio, so they have become a widespread audio format. Whatever operating system or device you use (music software, digital audio player, and even music streaming sites), mp3s can work right out of the box without a hitch.

How mp3s work is the main reason why they're so popular in audio storing. MP3 files use lossy compression, and it can vastly reduce the size of the audio file while barely affecting its quality. How does it work? Just stripping out all the data that's beyond the hearing range of the average person, and then compressing the rest as efficiently as possible.

More Uses, More Flexibility: MP4

 Instead of storing the code for the file, mp4s store the data. Therefore, they can not handle the coding of the file natively. They rely on specific codecs to determine how the coding and compression will be handled.

And these codecs give MP4s a lot more flexibility than MP3. Besides audio, mp4 can also contain video, images, and text. For example, M4A files (which are MP4 files that only contain audio) can handle both Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and Apple Lossless Audio Coding (ALAC).

The Bottom Line

That's all for converting mp3 to mp4 and the difference between them. Hopefully, this blog can be helpful for you to find the exactly file type that is right for your needs. You must have noticed that how quick and easy it is to convert mp3 to mp4 with FlexClip. Besides converting, FlexClip features many other powerful editing functions: trim video, rotate video, crop video, add watermark to video, adjust audio volume. Give it a try and explore more!

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