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4K Convert to 1080p Free: Top 4 Online 4k Video Converters

Last Updated: Jun. 03, 2021

Nowadays, 4k technology allows people to enjoy a very detailed screen of videos, and the 4K videos get more and more popular. While if you get the 4K videos, you may come across 4K video incompatibility issues, or you may simply not have enough space to store the 4k videos, as these files are way too large.

The best solution to this problem would be to convert the 4K video to a smaller resolution like 1080p, and even 720p with a 4K converter, like FlexClip.

You can find lots of solutions to convert 4K video by googling. But it always takes you much time to get a proper way. So here, we'll share with you the best three 4k video converter to help you convert 4k video to 1080p and more quickly and easily.

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4 Best Online 4k Video Converters

Here is our list of the top 4 online 4k video converters to help you convert the 4k videos to 1080p and more. Check out one by one:

Online 4K Video Converter: FlexClip's Online Video Converter

Fist on our top list of 4k video converters is FlexClip free video converter. It is a powerful online 4k video converter that can help you compress your 4k videos to various resolution options from 360p to 1080p for free without any software download and installation. Besides, it is free without any ads and watermarks, and you can convert the 4k video to 1080p and more in simple steps.

Reasons for Recommendation:
  • Free and easy to use
    No ads & watermark
    No registration
    No download or installation
    Additional settings included
    Many formats supported
    Video editing supported
  • Step 1
    Go to FlexClip Video Converter and drop your 4k video directly or click the Browse Video button to upload your 4k video here.
    Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 1

    Image Board: Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 1

    Step 2
    Set your desired video resolution (from 360p to 1080p), format, and quality level. Then tab the Start button to convert the 4k video.
    Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 2

    Image Board: Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 2

    Step 3
    After clicking the button of "start", only a few minutes, the system will download the converted video to your computer automatically. Here you can also Make More Edits to your video make it far more appealing.
    Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 3

    Image Board: Convert 4k Video with FlexClip: Step 3

    While you're in the editor, you can use FlexClip's tools to make any other edits you'd like to your video:

    Also, FlexClip comes with stunning video templates that enable you with endless inspiration to customize your video.

    Birthday Wishes For Sister
    Birthday Wishes For Sister
    Use This Template
    Fashion Intro Youtube
    Fashion Intro Youtube
    Use This Template

    Online 4K Video Converter: FreeConvert

    Free Convert is also a super-easy online 4k video converter worth trying. This online video converter allows you to reduce your 4k video's resolution, and choose video codec and aspect ratio, and even cut your footage. It also offers a batch conversion option so that you can apply settings to multiple files simultaneously.

    How to Convert the 4K Video:

    Convert 4k Video with FreeConvert

    Image Board: Convert 4k Video with FreeConvert

    Step 1
    Click the "Choose Files" button to upload your 4k video.
    Step 2
    Select a target video format and then the desired resolution from the advanced settings.
    Step 3
    Click on the blue "Convert" button to start the conversion.

    Online 4K Video Converter: Convertio

    Convertio, a simple free video converter with an intuitive interface, can be your perfect conversion friend to convert your 4k video to 1080p and more. It lets you customize your video: you can easily change video resolution, quality, and aspect ratio, choose codecs, flip and rotate the footage, and more with Convertio.

    4k Video Converter: Convertio

    Image Board: 4k Video Converter: Convertio

    How to Convert the 4K Video:

    Step 1
    Upload the 4k videos to be converted to the tool.
    Step 2
    Choose an output format first, and then set the desired resolution and other specs for your video with the Settings icon.
    4k Video Converter: Convertio Settings

    Image Board: 4k Video Converter: Convertio Settings

    Step 3
    Click the "Convert" button and wait for a little for the process to complete.

    Online 4K Video Converter: Files-conversion

    Files-conversion provides you a free service to convert those 4K videos to other video formats with a smaller resolution. The resolution conversion is quick and easy with this online 4k video converter. No registration is required. Simply upload a file from your computer, choose a quality level and resolution you need, and start your conversion.

    How to Convert the 4K Video:

    Convert 4K Video with File-conversion

    Image Board: Convert 4K Video with File-conversion

    Step 1
    Upload your 4k video to the converter from your computer.
    Step 2
    Select the desired solution with the Size option, here you can also change the format and set the quality for the output video.
    Step 3
    Click Convert, wait for the conversion process and download the result.

    Final Words

    Above are the top four online 4k video converters we'd like to share with you. Have you found the one you like? Just try it right now.

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