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Best Online Animated Text Generator to Make the Text Animations for Free

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Now, we live in the era of video, where people watch videos and share videos nearby everywhere. YouTube revealed that its users upload more than 500 hours of fresh video per minute. Then how can you make your video stand out among the crowd?

There are several methods of making your video more eye-catching and engaging. One of the great ways is adding text animations. Many animated text generators are available to add the text animations to your video, but most of them probably take hours and have a steep learning curve to make the text animation, and may even cost a fortune.

Then you may look for an easy-to-use yet powerful animated text generator to add the animated text to your video online for free. So here comes FlexClip Video Animated Text Generator.

Animated Text Generator - FlexClip

Image Board: Animated Text Generator - FlexClip


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Part 1 Best Online Animated Text Generator

FlexClip, known as a powerful online video maker, can work as an online animated text generator to help you customize your own animated text in minutes for free with its handpicked collection of text animations.

Free Animated Text Generator - FlexClip

Here are some highlights of FlexClip helping you to know more about this powerful video editor:

  • Free & easy to easy: no video making/editing experience required! You can make the animated text for your video in a few clicks for free.
  • No download, no installation: the web-based program allows you to add the animated text to your video online.
  • Dozens of Animated Text & Font: stunning text animations are available to enhance your video for free. Plus, there are various fonts you can pick one for your animated text.
  • Powerful features: besides making and adding animated text to video, you can rely on its powerful features to make more edits for your video, including set BGM, add speech bubbles, record voice-over, apply transition effects, add filters, and more.
  • Ready-made video templates: you can view the rich video templates, all of them comes with stunning dynamic text animation, artistic fonts, and cool special effects, etc.

Baby Birthday Invitation

Children Ice Cream

Such a powerful online animated text generator comes with rich editing tools, options and stunning animated text video templates! Just click one of the buttons below to start making the animated text to your video for free right now!

Part 2 Free Animated Text for Your Video

FlexClip provides you with a handpicked collection of free text animations, and you can achieve a far more appealing video with them. Here we pick some of my favorites to share with your guys, let's check them out one by one.

The "Bounding Rectangle" Animated Text Effects

"Bounding Rectangle" - framing text with a rectangular-shaped decoration. This free text animation works best with small pieces of text, and it is great for drawing attention to the essential parts of a text, such as titles, calls to action, and contact details, etc.


Image Board: The "Bounding Rectangle" Animated Text Effects

The "Surround" Animated Text Effects

"Surround" - going with simple decorations at the four corners. Those simple little decorations will surround the text you entered, and they look great with both big and small text messages.


Image Board: The "Surround" Animated Text Effects

The "Roll Up" Animated Text Effects

"Roll Up" - quite prominent and distinct, this free animated text makes it a good fit for titles and other short text messages.


Image Board: The "Roll Up" Animated Text Effects

The "Wipe Out" Animated Text Effects

"Wipe Out" - the basic ones and look great in all kinds of videos. If you’re not into experimenting with various text animations but still want to make your text messages look good, it is always a safe choice.


Image Board: The "Wipe Out" Animated Text Effects

The "Quick Slide" Animated Text Effects

"Quick Slide" - very dynamic and eye-catching, you can use them on small pieces of text to draw special attention to your messages.


Image Board: The "Quick Slide" Animated Text Effects

Part 2 How to Add Free Animated Text in Your Video

Here, we'll show you how to add text animations to your videos for free with the online animated text generator - FlexClip

There are only four simple steps to add animated text effects to a video with FlexClip:

Step 1 Launch FlexClip and Get Started

Go to FlexClip Homepage and begin with a template or start form scratch. Or you can turn to the editing/template page directly via the button below.

Step 2 Two Options to Start

Then you'll come to the video templates page, simply click the Start From Scratch button to upload your videos here. You can also choose a video template to customize it.

Video Templates Page

Image Board: Video Templates Page

Step 3 Add Animated Text Effects to Your Video

Once you've uploaded your videos, go to the toolbar, and focus on the dynamic text option. Click the All icon to see all the stunning animated text effects, pick the desired one for your video. Then enter your text and adjust the font, color, and position, etc.

Add Animated Text Effects to Your Video

Image Board: Add Animated Text Effects to Your Video

While you're in the FlexClip's online video editor, you can use its rich features to make more edits to your video:

Step 4 Preview and Save

Once you're happy with the text animation for your video, you can preview the animated text effects in your video, if you're satisfied, just save it with the Export Video button; if not, you can also continue editing.

Final Words

That's all for the best online animated text generator with stunning text animations and how to animate the text in your video for free. Have you got your favorite animated text effects? Go to FlexClip to find more and apply your ideal animated text effect to your video now.

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