1 Minute Guide on Creating Bounce Text with After Effects

Last Updated: 2022. 05. 23

Just like the name stipulates, bouncing texts are those texts that usually bounce when they appear. A typical example of this text is the Nickelodeon intro videos: the way the texts just pop up, attaining some structural movements before assuming a specific position. Bounce text after effects is just too pleasant to ignore; they naturally benefit from any event. And when they are added to videos, it gives it a special kind of sleekness.

The outcome of your bouncing text depends solely on the tool you use. This is so because most of these tools lack better motion selections; the style of movement is limited. It is true that there are much good bouncing text animations out there, but we will be recommending Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is one of the few good digital video effects out there. It is a perfect way to give your motion graphics a lift.

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There are some stunning video templates:

Fitness Video for YouTube
Fitness Video for YouTube
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Wedding Videos
Wedding Videos
Use This Template

Method 1. How to Create a Bounce Text with After Effects via Animator

Please follow the steps below to create a bounce text with After Effects through the animator.

Step 1
First, format your text. Then click on the toggle located on the left hand of your text. Then click the animate button.
Step 2
A menu is expected to pop up. From that menu, select your position option. From the other option, choose other types of animations e.g., skew, rotation, etc.
Step 3
When you are done selecting your layer, click ctrl+D on your keyboard to duplicate animator 1 and create animator 2. N.B: Animator 2 will take care of the second position of your text.
Step 4
Choose animator 1 once more. In the position tab, there are many coordinates for your text. Input the right coordinates according to the movement you want your text to attain e.g., up or down.
Step 5
Go to animator 2, located in the position tab. Add the negative value of your former coordinates. Note: they must add up to zero to make the text assume a center position.
Step 6
Select your preferred range by selecting the tab in animator 2. Go to offset and add a keyframe at 0s, with your offset at 0%, and the next one at 2s with 100%.
Step 7
Click on the toggle below the offset for an advance tab. Select your preferred shape, then change it to your preferred shape.
Step 8
Adjust the ease as high as 100%; that way, it will fit the position of the animation. Then create animator 3 by using ctrl+D on your keyboard. Do this while selecting animator 2. Change the position of the coordinates in position to (0,70).
Step 9
Change the ease low and high values to 50%. And with your mouse, choose multiple keyframes. Keep adjusting the position of the keyframes until you feel the bouncing motion is looking good.

How to Create Bouncing Text Animation

Method 2. Create a Bounce Text with After Effects via Expressions

Step 1
Format your text. Then click "S" from your keyboard, then select the text layer. When the scale tab opens, input your keyframe at 0.3s with 100% scaling. Input a keyframe at 0s with 300% scaling.
Step 2
Holding the Alt key on your keyboard (for MAC users), click the stopwatch icon next to the scale tab. Open the "Expressions" option to type in your script.

amp = 5; freq = 7.0; decay = 5.0; n = 0; time_max = 4; if (numKeys > 0){ n = nearestKey(time).index; if (key(n).time > time){ n--; }} if (n == 0){ t = 0; }else{ t = time - key(n).time; } if (n > 0 && t < time_max){ v = velocityAtTime(key(n).time - thisComp.frameDuration/10); value + v*amp*Math.sin(freq*t*2*Math.PI)/Math.exp(decay*t); }else{value}

Step 3
You can choose to add extra texts. To do this, copy your first text layer. Select it, then press ctrl+D on the keyboard. Change your timeline to suit your preference, then add "Expressions" as you did before. And remember to use different Expressions for different layers.
Bonus Tip: An Easier Way to Create Bounce Texts

Using the After Effects text bounce tool can be daunting some times. Most times, it takes the experience of a professional to pull it off. But what if we had told you that you can still go about it the easier way? Yes, there is a tool that allows you to come out with the same quality as Adobe After Effects and at a faster pace.

FlexClip is the world's most used image and video editing online software that allows you to add bouncing texts to your videos with ease. It also comes with an easy to use interface and many free-to-use bouncing text animation designs to choose from. Just in one click, you can make any text bounce as you wish. The whole process is smooth and free. Give FlexClip a try!

Bounce Text Created by FlexClip

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The Bottom Line

Quality is good, but quality and simplicity are better. That is exactly what FlexClip represents: a tool forged with the ability to help users create quality bounce text after-effects with ease yet come with so much simplicity. So, if you have anyone still struggling around Adobe After Effects and needs an alternative, do them a favor and like and share this piece.

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