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How to Add Speech/Thought Bubbles to Your Video or Pic

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: In this post, you'll learn how to add speech or thought bubbles to your videos or pictures in an easy way using FlexClip's speech bubble generator. Follow us and get more.

For all the photo and video works you created that would be made even better if the people, pets, or plants in it can tell their story, profess their love, or share information. The speech/thought bubbles are ready to help.

Adding text bubbles to a video or photo can inject a little humor into your work and help tell a story in an adorable way. Speech or thought bubbles make your characters do the talking and thinking, and bring them to life with speech, thoughts, and dialogue.

Speech Bubble Shapes

Image Board: Speech Bubble Shapes

FlexClip's Text Bubble Generator makes it pretty easy to add this feature to your videos or photos.

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Part 1 A Quick Look at Speech/Thought Bubble

What is a speech bubble? A speech bubble is a round or similar shape next to the head of a character. Inside of the speech bubble, the character's words or thoughts are presented. That's to say, speech bubbles are used as text holders to make your characters do the talking and thinking.

What's the subject of your speech bubble? Custom speech, thoughts, and dialogue doesn't even have to be a person. The speech bubbles are great for using in any subject - it can be your dog, a cartoon character, or even an inanimate object.

What can you put in your speech bubble? The possibilities of the words you can put in a speech bubble are limited only by your imagination. You can show a conversation, a sound effect, or the thought of the subject, etc. Whatever the caption, you can add the speech or thought bubble overlays to your photos or videos and type away!

Like making memes, speech bubbles can help you get the point across in a fun and unique way. For all the photo and video works you created that would be made even better with a speech bubble.

Part 2 How to Add Text Bubble to Your Video/Photo

FlexClip's speech bubble generator makes it easy to add speech or thought bubbles to your favorite pictures or video. Plus, there are various fonts and text effects to choose from. Just click the Get Started now button below to start adding the text bubble to your project.

Here's how to add a speech or thought bubble to your photo or video only in 3 simple steps:

Step 1Upload Your Video or Photo to FlexClip

Go to the Media option to upload your video or photo to FlexClip's video editor. You can also get some video clips and images from the extensive media library of FlexClip with Stock Media option.


Image Board: Upload

Step 2Add the Speech/Thought Bubble to Your Video/Pic

Then you can start adding the speech bubble to your video or picture. Go to the toolbar and switch to the Elements option then you'll see many beautiful stickers here, you can pick your desired bubble by searching with keywords or browsing through the Bubble category.

Start Adding Text Bubble

Image Board: Start Adding the Text Bubble

FlexClip offers various bubbles for you to choose from, including the ready-made though bubble with or text and the blank bubble shape, so here you can either choose to pick a ready-made one or customize one with the blank bubble shape.

# 1: Pick a Ready-Made Bubble with Text

If you want to choose a ready-made speech bubble, it pretty simple to do. Simply search with keyword or browse through the category. Here we pick a Wow bubble form the search results as an example. Then can customize the speech bubble on the size, color, position, and time duration.

Choose a Ready-Made Text Bubble

Image Board: Choose a Ready-Made Text Bubble

# 2: Customize with a Blank Bubble Shape

This way might be a bit complicated than the first one, but you can also achieve it with great ease in a few clicks.

First you need to pick your desired shape for your text bubble and customize it as you do in the way before.

Customize Your Speech Bubble

Image Board: Customize Your Speech Bubble

When you are happy with your bubble shape, go to the text option to choose the text style for your speech bubble and enter the content and personalize it manually.

  • Note:
  • If you are adding text bubbles to a video, check out the Adjust Element feature in the top right of the screen to time your bubbles and text to appear and disappear as the video plays.
  • Timing the Speech Bubble

    Image Board: Timing the Speech Bubble

Now, you've got the desired speech or thought bubble on your video or photo, and you can preview the final result and save it to your computer and share it with others.

Final Words

That's all for the easiest way to add speech/thought bubbles to video or photo. Hopefully, with the tool and steps we shared, everyone can add the text bubble to a video or image with great ease. Try FlexClip to add speech bubbles to your videos or pics! Make your characters talk right now!

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