How to Add Logo to a Video: Detailed Steps & Best Practices

Last Updated: 2021. 07. 23
How to add a logo to videos? It couldn't be easier with FlexClip, the handiest video editor. Read on and follow us, you can easily add a logo to your video online in a few clicks. Besides, You can also get the top tips on how to effectively use your logo in videos.

Worried about the unauthorized use or copying of your video? Add a logo to your video to brand your video is the best way to protect your video.

Adding a logo to video benefits both individuals and enterprises. It is not only an effective way to make your video recognizable and personalized, and protect video copyright, but also a great way to promote your brand to achieve the business purpose.


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Part 1 How to Add Logo to Your Video - 3 Easy Ways

Want the easiest way to add a logo to your video? You need to turn to a brilliant and handy video editor. Here we strongly recommended FlexClip video editor.

FlexClip provides different ways for you to add logo to videos. Click the Get Started Now button below to start adding logo to your video and making more edits to it using a couple of features provided by FlexClip:

Method 1. Add Logo to Video with More Effects via Overlay Feature

The first way you can add a logo to your video in FlexClip is using its built-in Logo Overlays that you can add the logo to your video directly.

Step 1
Go to the Media > Local Media to upload the video and your logo image file. You can also get some beautiful clips and photos from FlexClip's extensive media library with the Stock Media option.
Upload Your Video

Image Board: Upload Your Video

Step 2
Turn to the Overlays option and select Logo Overlays click All icon to see all effects to find the best logo overlay effect to customize your logo animation. Once you select the one you like, you can click the Replace icon on top of the screen to add your own logo.
Add Logo to Video - Overlay

Image Board: Add Logo to Video - Overlay

Method 2. Put Logo on Videos via Picture-in-Picture Feature

You can also reply on its Picture-in-Picture feature to add a logo to your video. Besides putting a logo in video, the picture-in-picture feature allows you to do more with your video, like making photo/video collage, adding facecam to video, etc.

Check the simple steps below to learn how to add logo in a video with the PIP feature:

Step 1
Upload your logo file from a local folder. Then click on the Picture-in-Picture icon in the lower left corner of it to add social media icon to your video footage.
Add Logo to Video - PIP

Image Board: Add Logo to Video Video - PIP

Step 2
Adjust the logo overlay in the video - you can flip and resize it, adjust the opacity, add motion, etc.
Customize the Logo

Image Board: Customize the Logo

Method 3. Add Logo to Video via Watermark Feature

Another way to add a logo to your video is relying on FlexClip's watermark feature. You can upload your logo and add it to your video easily using its watermark feature. If you haven't had a logo yet, you can enter any text to as a simple logo. After uploading, you can easily change the logo's size, opacity, and position to make your video look better!

Add Logo to Video - Overlay

Image Board: Add Logo to Video - Overlay

The logo you add to your video using the Watermark feature will be applied to the whole video by default.

Part 2 Best Practices for Using Your Logo in Video

Here we put the top tips on how to effectively use your logo in videos, from placement to sizing and more.

Choose the Best Time to Present Your Logo in the Video

The first three seconds of a video is precious time, just tell the audience who you are and to capture their attention with an intro that includes your logo.

Besides, including your logo at the end of the video with a similar effect as the intro. It also reminds your viewers again that who you are to impress them with your brand.

Pick the Right Size for Your Logo

When it comes to set the size of your logo, you don't want your logo to be too large to distract from your content or be so small that it goes unnoticed.

Pick the Right Size for Your Logo

Image Board: Pick the Right Size for Your Logo

Pay Attention to the Placement of Your Logo

If you want your logo to be subtle yet noticeable, placement is critical. Avoid putting the logo where in your video because it may distract from your content.

Choose the Right File Format for Your Logo Image

For a logo in the video, you'd better use a file with a transparent background because it'll be placed on top of imagery in your video. A PNG file must be a great choice.

Choose the Right File Format for Your Logo Image

Image Board: Choose the Right File Format for Your Logo Image

Final Words

Since adding a logo to videos is a great way to personalize your video and promote your brand, what are you waiting for? Go to FlexClip Video Editor to add a logo to your video in a few clicks and explore more right now!

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