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How to Make Picture in Picture Video Online

Posted on: Jun. 12, 2020

Summary: Want to make a YouTube picture in picture video to display two videos at the same screen at the same time? Here we'll show you 3 simple methods to help you make picture in picture videos with ease.

It is also a great fun to browse small videos now. It is now very popular to watch and share small videos. Many people like to relax by watching some relaxing and interesting videos in their free time. We will find that some videos will play 2 video frames at the same time, which is the picture-in-picture effect.

Picture-in-picture video is a overlay effect of the video screen. Two video materials are needed, one is the main video for full-screen playback, and the other is the video used for superimposing on the main video screen. Let's walk through this article and get some ways to make picture in picture videos easily.

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How to Make A Picture in Picture Video

Image board: How to Make A Picture in Picture Video

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