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Last Updated: 2023. 06. 09
How to add a picture to a video? It is not a difficult question to answer. Here in this guide, you will get 3 easy ways to add pictures to a video for free on both computer and mobile. Check it out!

Adding a photo to a video doesn’t mean setting a photo as a single clip, but inserting a photo into a video to make the video more interesting, hide personal information, or protect copyright.

It is not hard to add images to a video since there are so many excellent tools we can use. In the following part, we will show you 3 tools to add photos to a video. Whether you want to overlay photos to a video online, desktop or mobile, you can always find the easiest method. Refer to the part you need.

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Part 1. Add Pictures to a Video Online for Free

FlexClip is the right online tool you will need to add photos to a video. To begin with, it doesn’t require you register or download any launcher to get started. Moreover, Using FlexClip to add photos to a video is easy. Even people without any editing experience can take up easily. What's better, besides simply overlaying photos to a video, you can also rearrange, resize, add filters, animations to the photos, which will give your video a brand new look.

Now, click on the Create a Video button to enter editing panel. You are also welcomed to browse FlexClip's templates to get more insprations.

Create a Video View Templates
Step 1
Upload Photos and Videos.

Go to the Media section, click on the Upload from Local Folder button to upload all photos and videos you want to edit. Drag and drop will also do.

Step 2
Add Video to the Timeline

Click the Add to Timeline button below the video. The video will appear in the timeline.

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 2

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 2

Step 3
Insert the Photos

Drag and drop to photos to the videos and rearrange them. Select one photo and drag the slider to adjust the duration.

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 3

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 3

Step 4
(Optional) Edit the photos

FlexClip helps you edit the photos you added to video, like cropping, adding filter, motion, and removing background. Give these features a try!

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 4

How to Add Picture to Videos - Step 4

Step 5

Preview the video. Continue editing, export to your computer or one-click share to YouTube.

1. It would be more interesting if you add emojis to the video.
2. You can make other cool video edits with FlexClip, like adding background music to the video, making duets, adding dynamic text animation to the video. Explore more with FlexClip.

Part 2. How to Add Pictures to a Video on Desktop

To add pictures to a video on desktop, iMovie, a most authorized video editor, is the best to go. If you are a Mac user, follow the steps to add photos to a video.

Before adding photos to a video, you need to activate this feature in iMovie. Here are the detailed steps: Launch iMovie, select Preferences. Tick the box of Show Advanced Tools.
Step 1
Go to File > Import Movies. Select the video and photo you want to make edits on, click “Save”.
Step 2
Drag the imported video from the “Event” to the Project Library, then drag the photo over the imported video in the Project Library.
Step 3
A menu would pop out, select the “Picture in Picture” option. The image overlay would be applied to the video.
Step 4
Drag the ends of the clip to adjust the duration of the image overlay.
Step 5
In the viewing area, move the image overlay to your desired area.
Step 6
Drag the corners of the image overlay to resize its dimensions.
Step 7
Preview the video and then follow the instructions to save the video with image overlay.

How to Add Picture to Videos on Desktop

Part 3. Add Pictures to a Video on Mobile

Photo and Video Overlay App, as its name suggests, can help overlay photos to a video easily. Select any photos, you can add to the video as you wish. Moreover, it has loads of stickers and emojis to make your video more interesting. Just follow the prompts and give this amazing application a try!

How to Add Pictures to a Video on Mobile

How to Add Pictures to a Video on Mobile

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you now have already added photos to the video. As you can see, FlexClip is indeed an easy and efficient video editor. It does not only help you add images to the video, but also lend you a favor to make cool video edits. Remember to give FlexClip a try!

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