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How to Put Emojis/Stickers on a Video or Image

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021

Summary: Using emojis and stickers in videos is now becoming more and more popular and fashionable. But most people are curious about how to add emojis to videos online for free. Check out the easy way to put emojis and stickers on a video.

Emoji is a visual symbol generally used in chat tools, to express our attitude towards something. It exists in many forms, such as facial expression, animals, objects, etc.

You can also use the emoji stickers on your video creation to create a hilarious scene and inject more humor into your video. There are various creative ways to use the emojis in your video. You can put an emoji sticker on your video to replace someone's head, or morph someone's expression, etc.

Emoji Stickers

Image Board: Emoji Stickers

But many people have no ideas about how to add lively emojis to video. For this reason, I will show you how to add emoji stickers to your videos or images using a free online tool called FlexClip.

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How to Add Emojis and Stickers to Videos Online

To add emoji stickers to your video or image, you'll need FlexClip, an easy-to-use yet powerful online video editor.

FlexClip Video Editor

  • Easy & free to use: no video editing experience required!
  • No download: do not need to download or install any app.
  • Incredible features: trim & merger, add text & music, add emoji stickers, etc.
  • Abundant resources: video clips, photos, music, animations, etc.
Edit Your Video Now

As you can see, FlexClip is a leading video editor packed with rich video editing tools and options, just click the Get Started Now button below to start adding emoji to your video and making more edits to it using a couple of features provided by FlexClip:

FlexClip provides two ways for you to add emojis and stickers to video or image:

Method 1.Use the FlexClip's Built-in Emojis Stickers

Step 1 Go to the Media option to upload your video form a local folder. You can also get some beautiful clips and photos from FlexClip’s extensive media library with the Add Stock Media option.


Image Board: Upload

Step 2 Now, pick the desired emoji or sticker in the Elements section. Simply go to the sidebar and switch to the Elements option, then you'll see many beautiful stickers here, both the animated elements and simple ones, from the abstract shape to social icon, bubbles to the emojis.You can pick your desired emoji stickers by searching with keywords or browsing through the Emoji category.

Add Emoji Stickers to Video

Image Board: Add Emoji Stickers to Video

Step 3 Once you picked the desired stickers for your video, you can customize it on the position, size, and color. etc. Remember to check out the Adjust Element feature in the top right of the screen to time your emoji sticker to appear and disappear as the video plays.

Customize the Emoji Sticker

Image Board: Customize the Emoji Sticker

Method 2.Upload Your Own Emoji Stickers

Besides using the built-in sticker elements of FlexClip, you can also upload your own emoji stickers to your video relay on the Logo/Intro/Outro feature.

Step 1 Also, go to the storyboard to upload your video clips or images to FlexClip, first.

Step 2 Turn to the toolbar and scroll down to the Logo/Intro/Outro option, then select a simple logo and you can either choose to delete the attached text or customize it to match your needs.

Upload Your Emoji Sticker

Image Board: Upload Your Emoji Sticker

Step 3 Double click the logo icon on the screen, choose the emoji sticker you want to add to the video from a local folder.

Step 4 Now, you have a video with an emoji sticker overlay. Preview the video, and then download it to your computer.

Final Words

That's all for how to add emoji stickers to a video. As you can see, in the simple steps above, FlexClip makes it pretty easy to add emojis or stickers to your favorite pictures or video. Why not try using FlexClip to add emojis? Go for it right now.

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