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How to Add Emoji to Your Video with Few Steps

Summary:Using emoji in videos is now becoming more and more popular and fashionable. But most people are curious about how to add emojis to videos. In this article, you can find the answers.

Emoji is a visual symbol generally used in chat tools, to express our attitude towards something. It exists in many forms, such as facial expression, animals, objects, etc.

Tacking on a sticker to replace someone’s head with emoji can increase a sense of humor. It is also can be utilized for videos to attract page views.

But many people have no ideas about how to add lively emojis to video. For this reason, I will share some practical methods in this essay.

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Preparation Work

  • *Searching online to get your favor emoji. Images related to emoji will be shown on the result page if you search “emoji” in Google Chrome. You can choose any one of the recommended categories or input keywords to obtain what you want.
  • Google Search Results About Emoji.
  • *Choose proper emoji. Before adding emoji to video, you must clear about your video type. Different emojis are used in different situations. Choose the most appropriate one to stick on video.
  • *Save PNG format. The best format to save emoji images is png. Because there’s no need to edit pictures again when applying them in the video.
  • Choose a Proper Emoji for Your Video.

How to Add Emojis to Video?

After preparing all the work above, we can begin to add stickers to videos now. Flexclip, an online free video editor, is one of the marvelous video tools that can make customized videos. To learn how to add emoji, you can read the tutorial below.

Step 1 Visit Flexclip with Chrome, click “Get - Started Free” button to enter the editing page.

How to Start a Video Editing?

Step 2 Select a video template, or upload your local video by clicking the “+Add Local Media” button.

How to Add Your Local Videos?

Step 3 Click the “Logo” button, double click the logo style box to upload your prestored emoji file from your computer, and then modify its location and size

How to Add Emoji to Video?

Step 4 Click “Preview” to check out the video. If there’s no problem, you can save it in your project, or export the video to your computer.

How to Save Your Video?


    In fact, FlexClip is an almighty video editing tool. Except for adding emojis in your video, FlexClip also offers other functions including trimming, cropping, splitting, recording and adding music, texts, watermarks, pictures, even videos. It's a good option for you if you are finding a video editing platform.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to add emojis to videos. If you like this blog please feel free to tell us or share it with others. So why not try using FlexClip to add emojis now?

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