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Lower Third Generator - Make Free Lower Thirds for Videos

Last Updated: Sep. 18, 2021
This post is also available in:Chinese(Traditional)

When you are watching documentaries, news, or any sports show, have you ever noticed the information placed on the bottom of the screen? I know you've seen it. We all have. But I'm very sure most of you guys don't know that that information has a professional name called lower thirds.

Lower thirds play an essential part in reaching the audiences in video production. FlexClip's online lower third generator makes it pretty easy to create lower thirds for your video.


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Part 1 A Quick Look at Lower Thirds

What is the lower third? You've must see one without even realizing it! In the simplest form, a lower third is just a text on a colored overlay located at the bottom portion of the screen.

More precisely, in a video context, the phrase "lower third" can mean two things: the lower third portion of a video screen and any text that appears in the lower third of the screen.

Lower Third Portion of a Video Screen

Image Board: Lower Third Portion of a Video Screen

Let's split a video screen into three parts from top to bottom, as shown in the image above. Focus on the lower part labeled with "3", we call it lower third, and any text that appears in this area also can be called lower thirds.

Part 2 Best Free Online Lower Third Maker

Adding a lower third to your videos can be pretty easy as long as you choose the right tool to create a lower third for your video. Here, we share a powerful video lower third maker, FlexClip Lower Third Generator, to you for creating video lower third with great ease.

FlexClip's video lower third maker provides you with a handpicked collection of text animations, which you can use to create animated lower third with great ease. Besides, it also offers various fonts and colors that you can use to customize your lower third as you wish.

What We Like:

  • Free and easy to use.
    Pre-made lower third templates.
    Dynamic text effects.
    Artistic fonts selection.
    No download.
    Make lower thirds in mins.
  • What's more, FlexClip comes with stunning video templates that enable you with endless inspiration to customize your video.

    News Report
    News Report
    Use This Template
    Graduate Resume
    Graduate Resume
    Use This Template

    Part 3 How to Create Lower Thirds Online Free

    With FlexClip's lower third generator, you can easily create the custom lower thirs with its free template for your video in simple clicks. Let's launch FlexClip and get started now:

    Step 1
    Import Media

    First, you need to upload the video or image that you are going to add the lower third to. Go to Media option to import your own footage from Local Files, then apply them to storyboard.

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Upload

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Upload

    Step 2
    Select the Lower Third Template

    Next, go to the Text option and browse through the text effects and select the Lower Third to pick the desired lower third effect to create your own lower third.

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Select

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Select

    Step 3
    Enter the Lower Third Message and Customize

    Then enter the lower third message by double-clicking the textbox: the person's name and title, a locale where the interview is taking place, or any other helpful information.

    Once you’ve entered the text, you can make some adjustments to change the text's font, size, color, placement, and adjust the animations.

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Customize

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video - Customize

    Step 4
    Move the Text to the Lower Third

    Finally, when you're satisfied with the text's display effect, it's time to move them to the lower third part of the screen: simply drag the text block to the desired position.

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video

    FlexClip Add Lower Third to Video

    Besides making lower thirds for your video, you can make more edits to your video with FlexClip:

    Part 4 Practical Tips on Creating Video Lower Third

    Here are some practical tips that can help you repurpose your videos with lower thirds like a pro.

    #1 Don't Put too Much Text to a Lower Third - Keep it Simple

    Lower thirds are not designed for sharing a lot of text. The more text you add on your lower third, higher the chance that your viewers tend to ignore it.

    But if you do want to share a text-heavy message, you'd better put it on a plain colored background or abstract video/image. Like this:

    An Example of Text Heavy Message

    Image Board: An Example of Text Heavy Message

    #2 Avoid Covering Important Parts of the Video Content

    As its name suggests, the lower third is put in the lower area of the screen where they are least obstructive. Therefore, when you're putting the lower thirds on your video, notice that do not cover any important parts of the video, like the speaker's face.

    Avoid Covering Important Part

    Image Board: Avoid Covering Important Part

    #3 Put the Lower Thirds on Title Safe Area

    Different people may watch your videos on different devices with various dimensions and video players. You need to ensure that your video lower thirds can be seen on any setup. The best way to do that is to put the lower thirds on the title safe area of your video when you create them.

    Safe Areas

    Image Board: Safe Areas

    #4 Choosing Contrasting Colors to Make the Lower Third Stands out

    If you want your lower third to be more noticeable, you need to choose some contrasting colors to make the lower third stand out. For example, choose lighter colors for the text when your video/image in a darker color. Besides, you can also consider adding a background to your lower third.

    Choose Contrasting Colors

    Image Board: Choose Contrasting Colors

    The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, you've mastered the easiest way to create lower thirds online for free for your videos with FlexClip Lower Third Maker and got the tips on how to use lower thirds effectively. Just try them out right now!

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