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2019 Video Fonts Guide – Choose the Best Font for Your Video

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Summary: This blog will show you some useful information about fonts for video. Check it out and learn how to choose the best fonts for your video.

Video has been an important and popular way for people to share their ideas. It is necessary to ensure that the audience can understand your video easily. For this, adding text to your video is a wise choice, and choosing the right font for your video is significant.

Compared to the fonts used in print, video fonts are extremely different. Text in a video is only visible for a very short time, and the audience has to be able to read it quickly.

When crafting videos, most people will struggle in the same problem: which font style can work well for their video? How to choose the right font for video? So, here in this blog, we'll share our insights on how to choose the right fonts for a video. Follow us and get more!

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Brief Introduction to Video Font Types

Before we talk about how to choose the best font for your video, we want to give you a brief introduction to video font types.

Major Four Types of Fonts

Video Font Types

Image Board: Video Font Types

# Serifs Fonts: with little "feet" or lines attached the ends of their letters.

# Sans Serif Fonts: they have smooth edges and lack the "feet" of their serif counterparts.

# Scripts Fonts: look as if they were written with a pen, cursive or handwriting.

# Decorative / Display Fonts: decorative, display, or novelty, to draw people’s attention, more unusual than practical.

The Best Fonts Recommendation for Video

When it comes to picking the right font for video text, Sans Serif is typically the best choices for their cleaner, more readable appearance.

While Serif is commonly used for the print media, Scripts are generally connected to letters, and Decorative Fonts are should only be used in small doses and for a specific effect or purpose.

Popular Fonts for Video:

Here are some of the most popular options commonly used in a variety of videos, you can refer to it.

→ Helvetica

→ Sonder Sans

→ Arial

→ Impact

→ Cunia

→ Gobold

→ Roboto

Hopefully, you can find your favorite, if not, please follow the tips that we will talk about next.

Tips for Choosing the Right Font for Your Video

Tip 1 for Video Fonts Choosing: Keep It Readable

>> The top priority in choosing a font for video is keeping it readable. The main purpose of add text to a video is to help the audience understand your video. The fonts of your video text should be simple, neat, and legible so that the audience can read and understand it easy.

Tip 2 for Video Fonts Choosing: Make It Cohesive

>> It is essential to pick a font supporting the visual style of your video. What you pick should seem appropriate to the content you wish to convey through the video.

Tip 3 for Video Fonts Choosing: Choose a Font That is Versatile

>> When picking the font for your video, you need to ask yourself:

  • Does it look good in different weight like bold, italics or normal?
  • Does it look good in various sizes?

The font you chose should be looked good regardless of its size, weight or color, because your video may be viewed on different devices with different screen size.

Tip 4 for Video Fonts Choosing: Avoid Using too Many Different Fonts

>> Less is always more when it comes to video fonts choosing. Too many styles of fonts will lead your video to be messy and even unprofessional. The audience may have difficult to catch the important information you want to send to them.

Where to Get Best Free Fonts for Videos?

Try FlexClip, a free yet powerful video maker, to craft your video with various fonts are available. With FlexClip, you can find your favorite fonts for your video and apply them to your project just in a few minutes with ease.

FlexClip Overview

Image Board: FlexClip Overview

Besides that, there are lots of dynamic text animations built in FlexClip. You can choose from a variety of text animations that are pre-made with the perfect typography so you don’t have to start from scratch. By inputting your own words, titles, or captions, you will create an expressive video with exquisite text animations.

By the way, FlexClip is a powerful video maker allowing you to create videos in minutes with no video design experience required. Give it a try and explore more!

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