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How to Make a Winning Typography Video Everyone Loves (with Case Study)

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Last Updated: Feb. 07, 2021

A typography video or kinetic typography video is a special visual effect that uses animated texts for story-telling, along with photos, charts, graphics, and music.

The earliest typography video originated in American movies around the mid-20th century. Nowadays, it evolves into one of the mainstream techniques for online video marketing like promo videos, fun videos, and ads, etc.

So, in this post, you will learn how to make a winning typography video with 2 of the best typography video makers and enjoy free typography video templates and typography video inspirations for a typo video that goes viral online.


How to Make a Typography Video with 2 Best Typography Video Makers

Well, making a typography video is not as difficult as you thought. Here, we’d like to recommend 2 of the best typography video makers for you to create eye-catching type animations in your videos. Applicable to both beginners and experienced users.

Use Animated Text Video Maker Online Free with FlexClip

If you are new to video editing and have limited time to make typographic videos for promos videos, then using FlexClip, a free and online typography video maker would be a fantastic choice.

Use FlexClip typography video maker

Use FlexClip typography video maker to make animated text

Over 1,000+ typography video templates are available for free use. Hundreds of animated texts, dynamic elements, royalty-free music, and sound effects, and other versatile editing features allow you to make awesome typographical videos in a breeze.

Please follow the step-by-step guide in detail:

Step 1
Create a New Project in FlexClip Typography Video Maker

Open the FlexClip and select the background color you like for the typography video.

Add a background color to create a typography video

Add a background color to create a typography video

If you want to add animated text to your clips, you may press ‘ Local Files’ to upload your video.

Step 2
Customize the Type Animations

Firstly, select from dozens of customizable text animations in the left text toolbar, then enter your text and select the fonts, the size of the font, and its color and alignment, etc. You can add multiple animated text at a time as well.

Customize the animated text by FlexClip typography video maker

Customize the animated text by FlexClip typography video maker

Step 3
Adjust Text Duration to Animate the Typography Video

Press the ‘clock icon’ on the right corner on the top and move the slider to decide the duration of each text. So as you playback the video and typography video will be animated.

Adjust text duration to animate the typography video

Adjust text duration to animate the typography video

FlexClip typography video maker also offers you hundreds of expertly-designed dynamic elements to make your typography video second-to-none. Please feel feel to explore.

Add dynamic elements to typography video

Add dynamic elements to typography video

Insider Tips
After everything is done, you can download the typography video in mp4 (1080p) to your local disk in the blink of an eye. If you need to add music and sound effects, you may go to FlexClip’s music library, where 100,000+ royalty-free music is available.
FlexClip typography video maker royalty-free music library

Add royalty-free music and sound effects by FlexClip typography video

Create Typo Video with Kinetic Typography Software--Adobe After Effects

If you prefer more detailed control of the animated text and some dazzling visual effects, Adobe Affect Effects would be the perfect option for making kinetic typography videos.

In the following 12-min typography video tutorial, you will be following Avnish Parker to learn how to make a typography video on AE.

Great typography video tutorial with AE on Youtube

Though the procedure of making a typographic video is more or less the same as follows:

Step 1
Select the Color Background
Step 2
Match Audio with Fonts
Step 3
Animate the Text Group

It does take a while to figure out multiple buttons for the detailed controls in a professional way.

Free Typography Template for Fast Typography Video

Time is money. If you are pressed for time to make typo videos for promo and sales ads, it’s highly recommended to use ready-made typography templates in FlexClip typography video editor.

Smartphone Launch
Smartphone Launch
Use This Template
Laptops Offer
Laptops Offer
Use This Template

All the pre-built typography templates are customizable and they cover a wide array of categories, such as promo, business, wedding, YouTube, Facebook, holiday, etc. just take your pick. It only takes a few minutes for you to customize it.

Use FlexClip typography templates

Use FlexClip typography templates

As you customize your typography video templates, the following battlefield-tested tips would help you make greater typography videos:

  • Pay Attention to the Kerning (the spacing between characters)
  • Adjusting the space between two or multiple characters makes a huge difference. It brings a subtle order to a cluster of chaotic words and makes your typography visually pleasant.

    So, as you create a typography video, do create every character on a single layer, which will make it much easier for repositioning the words later.

  • Use the Contrast to Draw Viewers' Attention
  • Keep most of the words in the same size while making certain words bigger or smaller to draw your audiences' attention. Use your imagination and feel free to play with different fonts, complementary colors, and weight (bold, italic,), widgets, etc. Check the Top 8 Fonts for Videos.

  • Make Your Design Simple
  • Simple typography is less distracting. There is no point in having more than 3 fonts in a single frame of your video. Just use one or two primary fonts consistently. Only use a customized font or color to mark the keywords when needed.

  • Match the Audio with Texts
  • In Adobe After Effect, you can find the beginning of each word (usually in the lowest point) in the audio track and match it with the corresponding layer of the word. Then, the word can pop up at the same time with the right audio.

    match audio with text after effects

    Match the audio with text by using After Effects

    Typography Inspiration for Making a Winning Typography Video (with Case Study)

    Well, having discussed so much about the technical part. let's face it: one of the most difficult parts of making a great typography video is the inspiration.

    To that end, we have chosen six winning typography videos with a case study, ranging from fun typography video to typography music video and fun typography and ads, etc. Hopefully, you will get inspired by these masterpieces before getting started.

    1."Curiosity", Made by Dan Palmer (1min)

    Student Design Awards winner's typography video

    Case Study of a Fun Typography Video

    Gee! In this typography video, Dan Palmer masterfully employed animated typography, charts, graphics, photos, animation, music, etc. to illustrate the importance of curiosity with an overflowing sense of humor.

    Pay attention to how capable he was by highlighting the main ideas with contrasting colors, sizes of the words, and font and animations in this video.

    2. You Need To Calm Down--Taylor Swift (2min)

    Classic typography music video

    Case Study of a Typography Music Video:

    Colorful, bold, and captivating, Taylor Swift's fancy lyric video is a great example of how typography can go wild in a unique music video.

    This typography video breaks the rule by using multiple colors and gradients background, gigantic fonts and graphics, etc. to urge a total stranger with a fiery temper to calm down in the early morning.

    So in this case, so long as the exaggerated fonts and colors fit your theme, sometimes rules can be broken.

    3. "Here's to the Crazy Ones--by Steve Jobs", Made by Apple (1min)

    Steve's inspiring speech made with typography video

    Case Study of Typography Video for Speech:

    The simple yet powerful speech made by Steve Jobs echoed through the constant movement of dynamic typography.

    Please notice how Apple intentionally use different sizes of the words like "misfits, rebels, and troublers, craze ones" to salute those who can challenge the authority by thinking differently.

    Compared with speech alone, the dynamic typography video does leave viewers with a deeper impression of the key points of Steve's speech.

    4. "Typography Ads ", Free Typography Templates of Flexclip (47 sec)

    Recruiting Agency
    Recruiting Agency
    Use This Template
    Winter Collection
    Winter Collection
    Use This Template

    Case Study of Typography Advertisement: :

    For small businesses, using typography videos to promote your products and services is an effective way to reach your target customers.

    In these two typography video ads, the idea of the "team spirits " in the recruiting agency and services & pricing of the winter collection are delivered directly to the target audience through the vivid display of visually-appealing animated texts.

    The customizable typography templates make it possible for you to create stunning typography videos in minutes. Highly-recommended.

    5. Opening of the Big Blockbuster Movie: Spider-Man (2min)

    A classic display of typography video in Spider-Man

    Case Study of Typography Video for Movie Intro:

    Though this movie had its premiere in 2002, the unique opening typography still looks phenomenal. The Columbia Picture creatively designed the animated fonts and put them on the cobweb.

    The dramatic visual presentation, together with engaging audio, effectively gave audiences a clue that a spider hero was about to get on stage.

    6. "Love Is…", Made by Jeremiah Warren

    A typical example of how typography video evokes viewers' emotion

    Case Study of Typography Video for Presentation:

    The best typography video we could find online to express what love is. The consistent warm color of fonts, vivid photos, and great background with texture and angelic voice and philosophical words touch your heart and make this video timeless.

    If you want to evoke viewers' emotions and have themselves identify with your idea, in this case choosing the right topic also matters.

    The Bottom Line

    Funny, persuasive, and to-the-point, typography video is the perfect way to engage target viewers by its magic story-telling visually.

    For beginners or businessmen with limited time to make a typo video, it’s highly recommended to use the free FlexClip typography video maker and its expertly-designed typography templates to make a winning typography video.

    While for advanced users, Adobe After Effect works better for you to create stunning type animations.

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