How to Easily Make Eye-catching Typography Videos Online

Last Updated: Sep. 24, 2021

A typography video is a text-based video that uses animated texts of varied styles, colors, fonts, and alignments to grab viewers' attention. Visually appealing and straight-to-the-point, typography videos are perfect visual content for online marketing and sharing information.

In this post, we will cover the 4 golden rules for creating a captivating typography video and walk you through how to use a free online typography video maker--FlexClip and its stylish typography templates to make amazing typography videos, and enjoy inspirational typography video examples.

Typography Trailer
Typography Trailer
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Music Festival Promo
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Here’s What You Will Learn:

4 Golden Rules for Creating a Typography Video

Since most of us are non-designers, so it is quite necessary to take a look at the 4 golden rules that define a quality typography video before we jump to the typography video maker.

Rule No. 1: Alignment

Alignment is an essential concept both in tyopgraphy and a typography video. You can make a cluster of texts easier to read by placing them left-aligned, center-aligned or right-aligned, or even justified.

Left-aligned texts are easier to read

If you have no idea how to properly align your texts in your video, the most popular and can't-go-wrong approach is the left alignment. Of course, rules can be broken especially when texts are combined with images or other elements in a video.

Rule No. 2: Hierarchy

When multiple words are shown on a single piece of paper or a frame of the video, how to guide viewers' eyes to read the most important information becomes a paramount issue. That's where hierarchy kicks in.

Give emphasis to different words to guide viewers’ eyes

You can make one or certain words bigger or bolder than the rest of the words. Or use a different color scheme, underneath color overly, font or alignment, etc. for the crucial words you wanna your viewers to see first. Don't forget to keep it simple.

Rule No. 3: Categorizing

A slightly different to alignment, categorizing is to put words legible and nicely arranged both semantically and logically. So, viewers can easily get the information in different categories.

Put words into different categories

Rule No.4: Spacing

To further make your texts as comfortable to view as possible, you need to pay attention to the spacing issue, i.e.

  • The space between lines of text (leading or line spacing)
  • The overall space between characters (tracking or character spacing)
  • The space between particular characters (also known as kerning)
  • Spacing is vital for the reading experience and has its aesthetics.

    So, understanding these 4 golden rules of typography will help you make a world of difference in making your typography video. In actual practice, very often you need to be more flexible and strike a balance between existing rules and your creativity.

    How to Easily Make a Typography Video by FlexClip

    If you can't afford the time to figure out the typographic rules, the easiest and quickest way to make thumb-stopping typography videos is using designer-made typography templates. So, you can create arresting typography videos in minutes.

    To that end, a viable solution is using feature-rich FlexClip, a free and online typography video maker that enjoys thousands of expertly designed free typography video templates, 4 million royalty-free stock assets, including HD videos, images, and music, and dozens of customizable video tools. It's watermark-free and there is no need to download it.

    Feature-packed FlexClip typography video maker

    How to Make a Typography Video by FlexClip's Free Typography Templates

    Step 1
    Select a Typography Template and Press the "Customize" Button
    Select a typography video template

    Select a typography video template

    Step 2
    Upload Your Video and Image Assets to FlexClip

    If you don't have HD video footage or image, you can browse through the royalty-free HD clips and images in the "Video" and Photo" tab on the left sidebar.

    Upload video or image assets to FlexClip

    Upload video or image assets to FlexClip

    Step 3
    Customize the Typography Video Template

    All the elements in the pre-made typography video template are fully customizable. You can replace original clips and images with yours.

    Customize the text, animation, style, motions, etc.

    Customize the text, animation, style, motions, etc.

    Pick a new font for your typography video, or change the color scheme, styles, motion, opacity, alignment, or duration of the texts; or add dynamic elements, etc. Just feel your creative juices flowing and materialize your vision with the help of FlexClip.

    Step 4
    Don't forget to Add Music and Sound Effects

    Thousands of license-free music and sound effects are readily available in the "Music" tab on the left sidebar. have fun finding your ideal piece of music or sound effects for your Typography video. You may trim it to adjust its duration as well.

    Add music and sound effects to your typography video

    Add music and sound effects to your typography video

    Step 5
    Preview and Export the Video

    Done with the editing. Preview and download the typography video in a split second to your local computer. Or with one click, you can directly share it to your YouTube channel or save it to your Dropbox.

    The final typography video made by FlexClip

    Get Inspired by Award-winning Typography Video Examples

    Well, apart from the theoretical and technical parts of typography videos, it's your creativity and imagination that make your videos truly stand out from the crowds. We handpicked 5 award-winning typography videos for you. Hopefully, they will be your source of inspiration.

    1. "Curiosity", Made by Dan Palmer (1min)

    Student Design Awards winner's typography video

    Gee! In this typography video, Dan Palmer masterfully employed animated typography, charts, graphics, photos, animation, music, etc. to illustrate the importance of curiosity.

    Pay attention to how capable he was by highlighting the main ideas with contrasting colors, sizes of the words, and font and animations in this video.

    2. "Here's to the Crazy Ones--by Steve Jobs", Made by Apple (1min)

    Steve's inspiring speech made with typography video

    The simple yet powerful speech made by Steve Jobs echoed through the constant movement of dynamic typography.

    Please notice how Apple intentionally uses different sizes of the words like "misfits, rebels, and troublers, craze ones" to salute those who can challenge authority by thinking differently.

    Compared with speech alone, the dynamic typography video does leave viewers with a deeper impression of the key points of Steve's speech.

    3. Opening of the Big Blockbuster Movie: Spider-Man (2min)

    Classic display of typography video in Spider Man

    The dramatic visual presentation, together with engaging audio, effectively gave audiences a clue that a spider hero was about to get on stage.

    4. Lyric Video: You Need To Calm Down--Taylor Swift (2min)

    Fancy typography lyric video

    Colorful, bold, and captivating, Taylor Swift's fancy lyric video is a great example of how typography can go wild in a unique music video.

    This typography video breaks the rule by using multiple colors and gradients background, gigantic fonts and graphics, etc. to urge a total stranger with a fiery temper to calm down in the early morning.

    So in this case, so long as the exaggerated fonts and colors fit your theme, sometimes rules can be broken.

    5. "Love Is…", Made by Jeremiah Warren

    A typical example of how typography video evokes viewers' emotion

    The best typography video we could find online to express what love is. The the consistent warm color of fonts, vivid photos, and great background with texture and angelic voice and philosophical words touch your heart and make this video timeless.

    If you want to evoke viewers' emotions and have them identify with your idea, in this case, choosing the right topic also matters.

    Now, It's Your Move.

    Aesthetic, fun, and straight-to-the-point, animated typography videos are great visual content for online promotion and communication. And you don't have to be a designer to create captivating typography videos. With your imagination and the help of the FlexClip typography video maker, making a visually appealing typography video is within your easy reach.

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