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Top 4 Animated Text Generators (Create in Minutes)

Last Updated: Oct. 13, 2020

Animated text or kinetic typography is widely used in video making. With vibrant colors and rhythm, it can liven up your video in minutes and quickly grasp viewers’ attention.

However, for many, it’s not worth buying pricy software and spending a long time to master the skills to make your text spin. Instead, nowadays with so many free video editing tools available online, you can do it so easily.

Here, we will show you the top 4 animated text generators that allow you to create eye-catching animated texts for your video in minutes, plus they are free of charge.


FlexClip Animated Text Generator (Best of 4)

Worry no more for no inspirations for creating animated text or lack of visually-appealing fonts and templates. FlexClip, an online video editor, stands ready to help you out.

A sample of animated text by Flexclip animated text generator

A sample of animated text by Flexclip animated text generator

With free access to 100+ professionally-designed fonts, 1,000+ animated text templates and dozens of dynamic widgets, 100,000+ royalty-free music, etc. FlexClip is your ultimate choice for animated text in videos.

You can easily make animated text with FlexClip in the following 4 steps:

Step 1 Create a New Project

Open the FlexClip’s template page and left-click on “Start from Scratch”. This step will take you to the editing interface.

Create a new project

Create a new project in FlexClip

If you prefer, you may also browse down and choose any pre-made animated text templates to begin with.

Step 2 Add Background Color & Customize the Font

Choose your favorite background color and then add pre-made animated texts. Next, customize the font. Check how to make a typography video for all users.

There is a wide array of animated text templates provided by the professional FlexClip designers. Pick up one and edit the text, make your own one!

Make animated texts with FlexClip animated text generator

Make animated texts with FlexClip animated text generator

As a good animated text generator, FlexClip enables you to select varieties of text fonts, you can meet your needs by finding which type of fonts you like, such as bold, modern, traditional, handwriting, and funny fonts.


  • In addition to a single-color background, you may also use FlexClip’s free video and photo stock or upload your local media to make the video come alive.
Use FlexClip’s video stock or local file for video background

Use FlexClip’s video stock or local file for video background

Step 3 Animate the Text with Fun

By moving the position and trim the timeline of animated texts you added, you can use FlexClip animated text generator to design your own kinetic typography and arrange the order of the animated texts, considering which one is shown first?

Animate texts with FlexClip animated text generator

Animate texts with FlexClip animated text generator

Trimming the timeline of different animated texts makes your video more lively!


  • Besides, you may also add a dynamic widget, next to the text selection icon, to add further dramatize your animated text. If you need, adding music from FlexClip royalty-free music stock for animated words is also available.
Add widget and music for animated text

Add widget and music for animated text

How to stand out in plenty of videos? Creating your own typography with animated text and proper music beats is definitely a great way.

A perfect case in point is the kinetic typography used in Taylor Swift’s MV.

Use of animated texts in music video

Step 4Export the Video with Animated Text

Preview your video first, check if it is all right. Then export the video with animated text made by FlexClip and share it with your friends by social media.

Different video resolutions like 480p, 720p, and 1080p are available for downloading. Pretty user-friendly for all.

Export animated text video in different formats

Export animated text video in different formats

Loading.IO Animated Generator ( for GIF, SVG, PNG)

LOADING.IO is an online animated text generator for creating simple animated text. The animated text made by is quite vivid, you can edit the fonts (its size), colors and text effects, speed, width, and length, etc.

lOADING.IO animated text generator

lOADING.IO animated text generator

You can preview the live movements of animated text as you change the variable. Moreover, LOADING.IO allows you to output the animated text in SVG, PNG, or GIF.

Texanim Animated Generator (for GIF)

Textanim generates an animated text picture or GIF in minutes, but you can’t preview your animated text when you edit it.

Also, you can change the fonts (size), colors and direction, etc. of the animated text and even you can delay the movement.

TEXTANIM animated text generator

TEXTANIM animated text generator

Best 3d Animated Text Generator (for Gif)

Well, 3d animated text can be seen as a souped-up version of traditional kinetic typography.

A sample of 3d animated text

A sample of 3d animated text

And Engfto, a 3d animated text generator, is the easiest online text generator to produce cool 3d spinning animated text in a flash.

3d animated text generator

3d animated text generator

It's super easy. You can see the live view of your editing text and adjust the size of your font, its angle, and timing, the background color, and text style. Then save the 3d animated text in GIF.

The Bottom Line

With the advance of online video editors, the making of animated text no longer belongs to the privilege of professionals. Everyone, including you, can do it easily.

Given the versatility of both animated text making and video editing, of all these 4 animated text generators, FlexClip animated text generator is surely an all-rounder to make both of your text and video go viral online, plus, it’s free.

Of course, if you only opt for an animated text in GIF, the rest animated text generators can also meet your needs. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach us.

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