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Best 3 Animated Text Generators (Create in Minutes)

Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: The blog introduces you 3 animated text generators to help you perfect your video or GIF and so on.


Image board: Example by Flexclip animated text generator

Animated text allows digital texts move. With the appropriate beats and kinetic typography, animated text can liven up your video in minutes.

Many free video editing tool provides various animation effects and transitions to help you make an animated text. Here, I’ll show you the best 3 animated text generators that meet your demands. Come to Check them out!

Best 3 Animated Text Generators

1. FlexClip Animated Text Generator

FlexClip is an online video editing tool, providing you dozens of animated text templates, you can customize your own animated text in minutes. As animated text generator, FlexClip offers professional and creative animated effects and fonts.


Image board: Example by Flexclip animated text generator

How to make a stunning animated text video

Step 1 Upload your local video (clips)

Get start freely, What you need to do first is uploading your video (footages) or pictures first.


Image board: Upload your footage first

Step 2 Add animated text

There are dozens of animated text templates provided by the professional FlexClip designers. Pick up one and edit the text, make your own one!

Depict video: Animated text templates by FlexClip

Step 3 Design your own kinetic typography

FlexClip animated text generator also enables you design your own kinetic typography by moving the position and trim the timeline of animated texts you added.

Depict video: How to design kinetic tomography by FlexClip animated text generator

How to stand out in plenty of videos? Creating your own typography with animated text and proper music beats is definitely a great way.

Image board: Make a stunning animated text video by FlexClip

Step 4 Change the font of animated text

As a good animated text generator, FlexClip enables you to select varieties of text fonts, you can meet your needs by find which type of fonts you like, such as bold, modern, traditional, handwriting, and funny fonts.


Image board: How to find the best fonts with FlexClip video maker

Step 5 Trim the animated text

FlexClip, a video trimmer, also allows you can arrange the order of the animated texts, considering which one is showed first?

Trimming the timeline of different animated texts makes you video more lively!

Depict video: How to trim the timeline of animated text

Step 6 Exported you video with animated text

Preview your video first, Check it is it all right. Then exported the video with animated text made by FlexClip and share it to your friends by social media.


LOADING.IO is an online animated text generator for creating simple animated text. The animated text made by is quite vivid, you can edit the fonts, colors and text effects.

Moreover, LOADING.IO allows you output the animated text in SVG, PNG or GIF.


Image board: lOADINGIO Animated Text Generator

3.TEXANIM Animated Text Generator

Textanim generates an animated text picture or GIF in minutes, but you can’t preview your animated text when you edit it.

Also, you can change the fonts (size), colors and direction, etc. of the animated text and even you can delay the movement.


Image board: TEXTANIM Animated Text Generator

Bottom Line

These are best 3 animated text generators, furthermore, it’s totally for free. Depends on your needs, you can choose FlexClip to make an animated text video, use TEXTANIM to generate an animated text GIF or select LOADING.IO to do an animated text PNG or SVG.

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