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How to Easily Make Cinematic Movie Intros with Online Movie Intro Makers (Free & Paid)

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Last Updated: 2022. 06. 07

A movie intro or film opening is the initial 10-20 second scene that introduces the film production company and more importantly, it sets the tone for the entire movie and gets audiences ready for the story or adventure unfolding.

In this post, we briefly discuss what makes a great movie intro and introduce you to 3 online movie intro makers and their dazzling movie intro templates that can help you easily make cinematic movie intros in minutes.

Cinematic Intro
Cinematic Intro
Use This Template
Film Credits
Film Credits
Use This Template

Here’s What You Will Learn:

What Makes a Great Movie Intro

To make a mesmerizing movie intro, it’s far more than listing the film production company, film director, and camera crew, etc. Here are 3 proven strategies that can help you make a great movie intro.

  • Make Your Presence Felt. A movie intro is built to hook the audience in the first 20 seconds. So, whether your film company’s logo appears over the lofty summit like what Paramount Pictures does, or an animated lamp is employed to represent a letter of your company as shown in Pixar's movie intro, or please give full play to your creativity and make viewers instantly remember your brand.
  • Classic movie Intro of Paramount Pictures

  • Match the Tone with the Movie. To make the movie intro consistent with the theme of the movie, you also need to color grade the movie intro accordingly or use a particular font or color scheme and sound effects to blend the intro with the body of the movie perfectly.
  • A case in point is that Warner Bro redesigned its logo,added the dense clouds and vintage fonts and thunderstorm sound effects to fit the theme of movie 300, an American epic historical action film. All these adjustments not only instantly caught viewers' attention but also reminded viewers of the heroic resistance of 300 Spartans against the Persians' invasion.

    The tailormade movie intro for the movie 300 by Warner Bro

  • Introduce the Story Differently. Instead of telling the story in chronological order, you may create suspense at the beginning of the movie to hold viewers' attention or use a flashback, or even a third-party's narration to offer the background of the storyline.
  • In the vampire romance movie "Twilight", the director masterfully employed suspense, the female protagonist's self-narration, and retrospection to hook the audience and prompt you to find out what has happened to the main character Bella.

    The movie intro of vampire romance movie—“Twilight”

    How to Easily Make Cinematic Movie Intro by Online Movie Intro Makers

    Now, you know the secret of making a great movie intro. It's time to put your vision and creativity into reality. To do so, you need a versatile video editor. For seasoned videographers, go with Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

    But, for entry-level movie fans or vloggers, using a free online movie intro maker and its fully customizable movie intro templates would cut tons of time for editing and allow you to fully unleash your creativity in a breeze.

    Here, we've tested 3 flexible online movie intro makers and would like to introduce you to them. So, let's dive in now.

    1. FlexClip Movie Intro Maker

    FlexClip is a feature-packed movie intro maker that enjoys hundreds of designer-made movie intro logo templates and over 4 million HD stock assets, including thousands of royalty-free music and sound effects. It’s watermark-free and exceedingly easy to use for everyone and there is no software to install.

    FlexClip movie intro maker

    Create cinematic movie intros by FlexClip movie intro maker online.

    Besides, there are dozens of handy video tools, like text animations, video filters, and transitions, etc. You can easily create a gripping movie intro that fits the tone of your movie and hook the viewers in the first 3 seconds.

    How to Make a Movie Intro by FlexClip:

    Step 1
    Pick a logo intro template

    Visit FlexClip’s template page > pick a free logo template that matches the tone of your movie > click on “customize”.

    Select a pre-made logo template

    Select a pre-made logo template.

    Step 2
    Customize the logo for the movie intro

    Upload your logo to FlexClip > click the “picture-in-picture” icon to add your logo over the video > use the “Crop” tool to make the logo into a circle and drag the logo to adjust its size and position > drag the slider inward to trim the duration of the logo. So it can appear in the video at the right time. You may also set the logo animation.

    Add the logo and customize its motion, style, and duration

    Add the logo and customize its motion, style, and duration.

    Step 3
    Add more scenes

    If you have missing shots, you may use FlexClip’s royalty-free HD stock videos to create the scenes you need. Hit the “Video” and enter the keyword > access to 4 M HD videos and add the proper video to each storyboard. Of course, you may use your video footage as well.

    Add more scenes either from stock videos or your clips

    Add more scenes either from stock videos or your clips.

    Bonus Tips
    You may also add a video as an overlay over a video to create the picture-in-picture effects. So, it will help the storytelling for your movie intro.
    Add two clips side by side to create picture-picture effects

    Add two clips side by side to create picture-picture effects.

    Step 4
    Add text animations

    To quickly introduce the settings of the movie to the viewers, you need the help of texts. With FlexClip, you can do it like a no-brainer.

    Hit the “Text”’ icon on the left sidebar > select from hundreds of designer-made text blocks, ranging from news titles, callout titles, location titles, quotes, comics, etc. > customize its fonts, color scheme, motion, styles, duration, etc. They will surely get your creative juices flowing and help you make a Hollywood-like movie intro.

    Add animated texts templates and customize the details

    Add animated texts templates and customize the details.

    Step 5
    Add music & sound effects

    To evoke the viewers’ emotions and get them connected with the characters in the movie, using the right music and sound effects matters a great deal. FlexClip’s royalty-free music library offers you thousands of music and sound effects for you to choose from. So, it is a one-stop solution that saves you tons of time for finding the proper music online and helps you avoid unwanted copyright issues.

    Add multiple layers of free BGM and sound effects to movie intro

    Add multiple layers of free BGM and sound effects to movie intro.

    Here is the resulting movie intro created by FlexClip:

    Signal--a sci-fiction movie intro made by FlexClip.

    Step 6
    Preview and share

    Done with the editing, preview it before exporting it into MP4 to your local computer. Or directly share it to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox. Or use a clickable link and embed code for your blog.


  • The duration limit of the final video project is 30 mins.
  • There is no 3D movie intro template.
  • 2. Renderforest Movie Intro Maker

    If you wanna create a mind-blowing 3D logo for your movie intro and use 3D movie intro templates, Rednerforest should be your go-to choice. It offers you hundreds of 3D logo templates and animated templates. So you use pre-made templates to create blockbuster movie intros. While the AI-generated logo is also quite user-friendly if you don’t have a customized logo yet.

    Create cinematic 3D movie intros by Renderforest

    Create cinematic 3D movie intros by Renderforest

    How to Make a Movie Intro by Renderforest:

    Step 1
    Use Logo Maker to Make a Logo

    Go to the ‘make logo” tab > enter your brand’s name > use AI to generate fancy logos and pick your favorite one > customize the fonts and color > download the logo.

    Step 2
    Create the Logo Animation for the Movie Intro

    Click on the “create video” tab > Intros and Logos > pick a 3D logo template > hit “create now” and upload the newly-made logo and adjust its size and style > output the logo animation video.

    Step 3
    Create Main Parts of Movie Intro

    Head to “Create Video” tab > animation videos > enter keywords “movie trailers” to browse through the proper scene you want > hit “create now” > customize fonts, color, add music

    Step 4
    Preview and Download


  • It’s not watermark-free for free users.
  • You can’t directly import the newly-made logo animation into the movie intro scenes selected, which is quite inconvenient.
  • You have no control of the text animations and video transitions. While the music and fonts you can select are limited.
  • The rendering time for previewing the edited scenes is long and frustrating.
  • 3. Introcave Intro Maker

    Unlike the versatile FlexCLip and Renderforest, Introcave is a vast online intro template site. You can find 19 movie intro templates with different themes, such as Dark Clouds, which resembles the vibe of Game of the throne; cool Matrix movie intro template, vintage intro templates and epic fantasy and mummy desert templates, blood drop intro, etc.

    Ready-made movie intro templates of Introcave

    Ready-made movie intro templates of Introcave

    How to Make Movie Intro by Introcave:

    Step 1
    Find a Movie Intro Template and Click on the “Customize” Button
    Step 2
    Customize the Text

    Follow each scene to add relevant texts. It’s quite like how a PowerPoint slideshow works.

    Step 3
    Add Audio to the Movie Intro

    You can use the pre-made audio or upload your audio or select from dozens of sound effects in the music library.

    Step 4
    Preview and Export


  • Since there is no video editor, you can’t customize text animations and video transitions or upload your video footage for editing.
  • Limited audio library; there is no video and photo library.
  • No undo button. If you want to adjust the video after your preview it, you have to do it from scratch.
  • Long rendering time
  • It’s not watermark-free for free users.
  • Now, It’s Your Move

      Best Features Video Editor Limitations
    FlexClip 4M royalty-free stock assets; fully-customizable logo and movie intro templates; watermark-free; quick rendering time storyboard; dozens of handy editing tools Max video project limit is 30 mins; no 3D templates
    Renderforest 3D logo and intro templates; AI logo maker storyboard with watermark; hard to tweak between logo and scene editing; no control over text animations & video transition; limited fonts and music library; long rendering time
    Introcave trending movie intro themes no video editor can’t edit text animations, video transitions, or edit your video footage; no undo button; long rendering time; with watermark

    So, given the versatility, adaptability, and enormous royalty-free stock assets, FlexClip has the edge over other online movie intro makers. If you have more budget and want to create a jaw-dropping 3D movie intro, Renderforest can a great alternative. Now, start creating your first movie intro.

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