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Make a Cinematic Video in 10 Easy Steps With Any Camera

Last Updated: Apr. 03, 2020

Summary: This blog will show you 10 tips to make your video more cinematic, or say how to make a cinematic video.

You may shoot some footage, but it doesn’t look like something you seen on the screen. Why they do it so well? There are 10 tips for you guys to help you film a video as good as the professional cinematic ones.

# 1: Frame Your Shots / Film Composition

Use the rule of thirds, dividing the frame into trisection in vertical and horizontal way separately. It’s better to place the subject on the cross point to emphasize the subject or say your theme and make the frame feel more comfortable and cinematic.

rule of thirds

Image board: Rules of thirds.

Surely, rule of thirds is only one of the most classic film composition rules. If you wanna learn more rules of film composition, please look through the blog of 10 Essential Film Composition Techniques For Vlogger/Short Video Maker.

# 2:Create a Shallow Depth of Field Video

Use a lens between F 3.5 and F1.2, shallow depth of field video enables you to make blurry backgrounds or blurry foregrounds. In this situation, viewers focus on the part of the image and make your video look more cinematic.

Depict video: Shallow depth of field video

# 3:Stabilize Your Moving Footage

Use a stabilizer, such as a gimbal.

Depict video: Handheld vs Gimbal

# 4:Use Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adding the effect of warp stabilizer makes the image feel more pleasant to your eyes.

Depict video: Use Warp Stabilizer in Adobe Premiere Pro

# 5: Add the cine bar

Depict video: Add the cine bar

# 6: Color Grading

It’s kind of art. Using the Lumetri color panel surprises viewers’ eyes.

Depict video: “How to do color grading

# 7: Slow motion

Shoot at 60ftps, and then convert it to 24 fps. Slow motion enables you to emphasize a story.

Depict video: Slow motion

# 8: Avoid overexposing

Don’t blow out the highlight, use a histogram on your camera.


Image board: Avoid overexposing.

# 9:Create Depth

Use a slider to create depth to direct your viewers' attention.

Depict video: Use slider to create depth

# 10:Cinematic fonts usually include The Bold Font, Museo Sans, Roboto, Didot, Adam Pro, Caviar Dreams, Banda.

Depict video: Cinematic fonts

The Bottom Line

Making a cinematic image is a lot more than buying a right camera. From pre-produstion to post production, every aspect of filmmaking works together to create a beautiful video.

If you’d like to learn more video filming on pre-production or post, you may wanna look through the article of how to make a travel video.

Besides, if you are bothering lack of footage, there are thousands of video templates you may wanna use.

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