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What is your purpose with FlexClip?
What is your purpose with FlexClip?

Add Sound Effects to a Video with FlexClip Video Editor

Summary: In this blog, I’ll list 5 steps showing how to add sound effects to a video, and give you some suggestions about how to merge the sound effect with the video well.

The special sound effect, “bing bing bong”, from Donald Trump on YouTube brings 66,639 views for the 49-second video. “Pika Pika Chu” from Pikachu has become well-known lines around the world.

trump & pikachu

Image board: “bing bing bong”, from Donald Trump and “PiKa Pika Chu” from Pikachu

As you can see, an appropriate sound effect makes the audience feel naughty, nostalgia or laughing. Sound effects not only narrow the gap between you and your audience, but also emphasize some portion of clips, so viewers can understand the movie/video more profoundly.

You may ask, what should I do to add a sound effect to a video? Which tool should I use? And is there any way to modify it?.

Don’t worry about these annoying questions, in this blog I’ll demonstrate some tips to help you guys. With FlexClip video editor,you can find the most impressive sound effects and make your video engaging.

Just following the 5 guide steps:

How to Add a Sound Effect to Your Video?

Starting by running FlexClip, create a new project to add and edit sound effects. You can either choose a template or start from scratch.

create and start

Image board: “Create a new project and start

Step 1 Import Your Video Footage

Upload your video clips on the storyboard.

add footage

Image board: Upload your video clips on the story storyboard

Step 2 Add a Sound Effect to Your Video

FlexClip provides a sound library, supporting thousands of sound effects, such as crickets, birds, bees, traffic, doorbell, alarm, raining, wind, and cartoon funny theme.

Click ‘Add Music’ jumping to sound library, and type what types of sound effects you want in the search bar, find it! Then, click ‘use’ to add the sound effect.


Image board: Find your special sound effect in the sound library

If you have your own sound effect on your computer, FlexClip allows you to add a local sound effect in various formats such as AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV format. Just jump into sound library and click ‘browse my file’ and use it.

upload local sound

Image board: Upload your local sound

On the other hand, if you shot a documentary, or prefer original sound effects, just press and hold the ‘microphone’ button -- FlexClip can also help you to record your live sound effects. By default, the recording sound effect will be added in the footage.

record your sound effect

Image board: “record-special-sound

Step 3 Update Your Sound Track

After add a sound effect to the video, you may wanna modify its length or position, FlexClip allows clicking the ‘edit’ button to trim your track.

edit sound track

Image board: Edit your sound track

Then, you can choose which period of time you want to use the sound effect. Listen and watch the video preview, and do some adjustments until it achieved what you want.

Note If the length of your sound effect exceeds the length of the video, don’t worry! by default, FlexClip will loop the sound effect and merge the audio with your video

trim the sound

Image board: Select the track you want to add the sound effect


  • How to merge the sound effect with the video perfectly?
  • 1. If you want to merge your sound effects with the video perfectly, you need to make some stress tone/beats fit well with your important action or stall.
  • 2. The sound effect you chose should suit the story and the style of your video.
  • 3. Learn to control the pace. Figure out where the sound effects should start and where it needs to stop.
  • 4. Learn more on how to do sound transition well. When you use the different sound effects in different footage, considering how the sound effects can transit naturally.

Step 4 Preview

Listen and watch your video preview again to make sure your sound is right.


Image board: Preview your video

Step 5 Export New Video

Click the button of ‘Export Video’ on the right top, then select which resolution you’d like to export (If you wanna have a final change, click the ‘×’ to cancel and edit the video again).


Image board: Export your video, and select the resolution

The Bottom Line

If you wanna find your special sound effects like animal sound, movie sound, or city noise, check out FlexClip sound library, it never disappoints you with a big data of the sound library. Follow the mentioned tips, your video can sync with a very smooth sound effect and become unique and stunning!

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