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How to Add Sound Effects to a Video in Only 4 Steps

Last Updated: Oct. 15, 2020

Adding sound effects to a video is a crucial step for video making.

It helps to engage audiences, heighten the atmosphere, and evoke emotional responses.

In this blog, we will also show you how to find and add sound effects to a video online with only 4 steps, and offer you some bonus tips on how to merge the sound effect with the video well.

Guess what, it’s free with copyrights. Let’s get started.


How to Add Sound Effects to Videos Online Free in 4 Steps

The deadline is getting closer.

And you are still desperately looking for the free sound effects for your video. Many of us must have been in such a situation.

However, nowadays, with many online video editors like FlexClip available online, your nightmare officially ended.

With up to 100,000 commercially-licensed sound effects and music accessible in its a large library of sound effects, you can search a variety of genres and categories of sound effects and easily add them to your video with just a few clicks.

Sound effects library of FlexClip

Sound effects library of FlexClip

Add sound effects to make your video more engaging in 4 steps:

Step 1 Import Your Video Footage

Open the FlexClip template page and create a new project by clicking “Start from Scratch” and this will take you to the editing interface.

Create a new video project

Create a new video project

Next, upload your video clips to the storyboard of FlexClip before you search for the sound effects you want from the free sound effects and music library.

Add local media from the storyboard

Add local media from the storyboard

Of course, if you happen to enjoy the visually-appealing pre-made templates, please feel free to use it.

Step 2Find and Add Sound Effects to Your Video

Click ‘Add Music’ jumping to sound library, and type what types of sound effects you want in the search bar, find it! Then, click ‘use’ to add the sound effect.

Sound effects library of FlexClip

Sound effects library of FlexClip

FlexClip provides a sound library, supporting thousands of sound effects, such as crickets, birds, bees, traffic, doorbell, alarm, raining, wind, and cartoon funny theme and various moods like inspiring, relaxing, horror, playful, etc.Check how to add music to Instagram.

If you have your own sound effects on your computer, FlexClip also allows you to upload local sound effects in various formats such as AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, and WAV format. Just jump into the sound library and click ‘browse my file’ and use it.

upload local sound effects with FlexClip

FlexClip video editor enables you to upload your local sound effects and music


  • If you shot a documentary, or prefer original sound effects, just press and hold the ‘microphone’ button -- FlexClip recorder can help you to record your live sound effects. By default, the recording sound effect will be added to the footage.
Record sound effects by FlexClip recorder

Record sound effects by FlexClip recorder

Step 3Edit Your Sound Track

After adding a sound effect to the video, you may wanna modify its length or position, simply click the ‘edit’ button to trim your soundtrack.

Edit your sound effects track

Edit your sound effects track

You can choose the length of time you want for the sound effect. Then, listen and watch the video preview, and do some adjustments until it achieved what you want.

Step 4Export Video with Sound Effects

Listen and watch your video preview again to make sure your sound is right.

Then click on the button of ‘Export Video’ on the right top.

Export your video with sound effects

Export your video with sound effects


  • As you export the video, you may also select the resolution you want and intro and outro effect to your video or share your video directly to youtube, etc. Check how to add your music to TikTok.

Bonus Tips: How to Merge the Sound Effects with the Video Perfectly

Apart from mastering how to add sound effects to your video, having a few insider tips will elevate your video to a higher level.

  • If you want to merge your sound effects with the video perfectly, you need to take some stress tone/beats fit well with your important action or stall.
  • The sound effect you chose should suit the story and the style of your video.
  • Learn to control the pace. Figure out where the sound effects should start and where it needs to stop.
  • Learn more on how to do sound transition well. When you use the different sound effects in different footage, considering how the sound effects can transit naturally.
  • Create special sound effects to make your video go viral.

Case Studies for Adding Sound Effects to A Video:

Take my daughter’s video, for example, it used to be soundless and mundane, though she looks so lovely. After the happy and light-hearted sound effects were added to it, the video instantly comes alive, acquiring a happy mood and much more inviting.

Pure magic! Just look at how big the difference the sound effect has made:

Match your video with proper sound effects

The next two cases in point are the special sound effects shown in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign video and the lovely sound in Pikachu. How to add music to iMovie on iPhone and Mac.

The special sound effects, “bing bing bong”, from Donald Trump on YouTube brought 66,639 views for the 49-second video. While the “Pika Pika Chu” from Pikachu has made the animation instantly recognizable for years.

Donald Trump “Bing Bong video”

Pika pika pikachu's iconic sound effects

As you can see, an appropriate sound effect makes the audience feel naughty, nostalgic, or laughing. Sound effects not only narrow the gap between you and your audience but also emphasize some portion of clips, so viewers can understand the movie/video more profoundly.

Another flexible way to learn how to merge the sound effects with the video perfectly is by learning from the masterful sound effects produced in Hollywood's blockbuster movies.

Top 62 Famous Sound Effects in Movies

Check out these classic sound effects used in Hollywood movies above. We are sure that you will have new inspirations. Then come back to FlexClip's media library to search for the sound effects you like and add it to videos.

The Bottom Line

Adding the proper sound effects to your video in many cases can be a great remedy to make your video more engaging, even go viral.

With user-friendly online editor FlexClip, featuring 100,000+ royalty-free sound effects and music, you can easily add the sound effects you need in minutes. It will certainly bring a big smile to your face.

Just give it a try. We’re sure you will love using it. Besides, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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