Best YouTube Sound Effects That Popular YouTubers Choose

Last Updated: May. 12, 2021
Sound effects are a critical factor for an awesome YouTube video. Here, we've rounded up 13 best YouTube sound effects that popular YouTubers use. You'll find where to find YouTube sound effects & how to add them to a video. The case studies of top YouTube videos' sound effects will let you have a deeper understanding.


Part One - 13 Best Free YouTube Sound Effects That Popular YouTubers Choose

What are the best YouTube sound effects that YouTubers use? We've collected the most used sound effects for your references.

#1.Cheerful Background Music

Cheerful background music sets an atmosphere of joy & happiness. Using cheerful background music will make your illustration more engaging.


When your video tells an awkward story, you can use crickets' sounds to render absurdness. Also, cricket sounds will set up a perfect atmosphere when there is no response. Cricket sounds will help emphasize the silence.

#3.Drum Sounds

Call for a mission or an action? Drum sounds will draw attention and create an arousing atmosphere.


When you share something great, you can use clapping or applause sounds to make a more immersive experience.

#5.Typewriter/Keystroke Sounds

Typewriter/keystroke sounds are often used to present a video's heading or news' heading. In a dozen of cases, typewriter sounds are helpful to share something important.

#6.Camera Shutter

If you need to add photography images to a video, camera shutter sounds will make your image insertion more natural.

#7.School Bell

If you make online course videos, you'll need school bell sounds in your video. For other videos, school bell ringing is helpful to alert people.


When there is a thunderstorm sound, people know something bad will come. It's helpful to bring contrast.


Share your likeness towards something/someone/some animals? You can add heartbeats sounds to the footage.

#10.Kid Cheering

Kid cheering sounds are the cutest cheering. If you have good news, i.e., something free or a big discount, you'll need that sound.

#11.Bird's Singing

Bird's singing sounds share happiness and peace. Hot YouTubers often use it during video transition.

#12.Phone Ringing

If it's an interview video or live video, phone ringing sounds will make your video feel more real.

#13.Crowd Talking

Crowd talking will bring an atmosphere of loudness.

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Part Two - How to Find & Add Sound Effects to YouTube Video Easily?

Adding right sounds to a YouTube video will upgrade the overall experience. Sure, you can do it in Premiere Pro, but is there any easier & free way to go?

You can give a try on FlexClip video editor. There are millions of sound effects free to use. It's simplified most to ensure you have the best user experience. It's just 4 steps:

  • 1
    Go to your project.
  • 2
    Upload your YouTube videos.
  • Upload your videos to FlexClip.

    Image: Upload your videos to FlexClip.

  • 3
    Find sound effects to use.
  • How to search & find sound effects to use.

    Image: How to search & find sound effects to use.

    Go [Music] tab, hit [Add Stock Music], and search for a right one to use.

  • 4
    Preview & download your YouTube video with new sound effects.
  • Preview & download your new YouTube video.

    Image: Preview & download your new YouTube video.

    Part Three - How to Choose Sound Effects? - Case Study of The Most-Subscribed YouTube

    Still have few ideas about how to choose sound effects for YouTube videos? Let's learn from the most most-subscribed YouTuber - PewDiePie, and do the case study.

    Learn how to choose sound effects from PewDiePie.

    PewDiePie is a world-leading YouTuber with the most subscribers. How does PewDiePie accomplish that? To find the answer, let's study his hot videos.

    Sound effects used in PewDiePie's videos are just trying to restore a real conversation scene, which makes a more immersive experience.

    In PewDiePie's videos, he makes conversations & talks a lot. So, he often chooses sound effects of applause (to share agreement), background music beat (to cheer people up), etc. That all makes watching his video a joy.

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