3 Flexible Ways to Adjust Video Brightness with Ease (online, mobile, premiere pro)

Last Updated: Oct. 19, 2021
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Having ample, even, and stable lighting is essential for video making. However, in reality, the unforeseeable changing weather and wrong camera settings often leave us with dark or overexposed video footage.

However, it’s not the end of the day if you happen to have brightness issues with your videos. In this post, we will walk you through 3 flexible ways to adjust the brightness in a video while still enjoying flattering colors, contrast, and saturation, etc.

Adjust the brightness, color, contrast of a video using FlexClip

Here’s What You Will Learn:

How to Adjust Video Brightness Using FlexClip

The first option that comes to our mind is using the free and feature-packed online video maker—FlexClip. This easy-to-use in-browser video editor allows you to easily brighten, or darken a video by fine-tuning the properties of exposure, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, highlights and shadows and vignette, etc.

Featured-packed FlexClip video maker

In addition, FlexClip’s premade video filters, picture-in-picture feature, and dozens of video tools like designer-made animated texts, dynamic elements, and millions of royalty-free images, video, audio, and GIF stock assets will unleash your creativity for video creation.

So, let’s take a closer look at how to adjust video brightness by FlexClip:

Once your clips are loaded to the media library, click the “+” icon to add it to the storyboard. If you don’t have a clip, you may hover to the “Video” tab on the left sidebar and pick a stock video to test it out.

Upload dark or blown-out videos to FlexClip

Upload dark or blown-out videos to FlexClip

Step 2
Adjust the Brightness, Contrast, and Color of Your Video

Hit the “Adjust” tool above, then one the left panel where you can drag the slider of “Exposure” or “Brightness” to the right to brighten a video or vice versa.

Adjust detailed properties to brighten a dark video

Adjust detailed properties to brighten a dark video

Step 3
Preview and Download the Video

Done with the editing, you can easily download the video as an MP4 to your local computer or directly publish it on your YouTube Channel or save it to Dropbox. GIF exporting is also available.

Bonus Tips: Brighten a Video While Retaining Flattering Colors and Contrast
If you only increase the exposure or brightness of a video, the details of highlights will be gone gradually whereas more information in the shadows will reveal. Meanwhile, the contrast and saturation of the video will drop. The video will have a kind of washed-out effect, which is not what we want.
So, the solution is that as you pull up the brightness of the video, you may slightly increase the contrast and saturation, while keeping the shadows down a bit. At the same time, you can adjust hue (or Tint) and color temperature to create cinematic colors for your video.

Besides, if you wanna quickly adjust video brightness and color-grade your video then using both the customizable video filters and adjustment tool will do the trick.

Use video filters to adjust video brightness or do color-grading

Use video filters to adjust video brightness or do color-grading

How to Adjust the Brightness of a Video on Phone

If you love shooting videos with your cellphones, then versatile video brightness apps on your smartphone are a great alternative to helping you adjust the video brightness and more in a flash.

We’ve put together 3 free and viable mobile apps to adjust video brightness for both iPhone and Android users.

1. FilmoraGo (available to IOS and Android)

User-friendly for video editing novices, Filmorago is a good choice to enhance the lighting of your dark videos, apart from powerful in-built templates, music, stickers, and other editing tools.

Use FilmoraGo to adjust video brightness

Use FilmoraGo to adjust video brightness

To brighten your video with FilmoraGo:

Import your video > choose the "Adjustments" button > press the sun-like icon and drag the brightness slider to increase the exposure of the video.

2. Inshot (available to IOS and Android)

Capable of trimming, blurring background, adding music, text, and emoji, and tons of filters, Inshot is a popular video app, offering high-quality video editing experiences for people of all ages.

Use Inshot to adjust overexposed videos

Use Inshot to adjust overexposed videos

To brighten your video with Inshot:

Import your video > press the "Adjust" button > choose the "Lightness" icon then drag the lightness slider to achieve the effect you want. You may also fine-tune the contrast, warmth, tint, saturation, etc of your video.

3. Videoleap (available to IOS and Android)

Essentially, Videoleap is a powerful video and slideshow editor. Not only can you use the basic video editing tools like trimming, cropping, but also customize layers, cinematic composition, and play with the fonts and filters.

Adjust video brightness with Videoleap

Adjust video brightness with Videoleap

To adjust brightness level on video with Videoleap:

Add your video to the media library> find the "Brightness" button at the bottom, then adjust the slider to either brighten or darken the video.

How to Adjust Video Brightness in Adobe Premiere Pro

If you shoot uncompressed raw video files using contemporary mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, then using pro-level video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro to brighten or darken a video will help you better retrieve the details of highlights and shadows of a video without losing quality.

How to adjust video brightness in 3 ways by Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro offers you 3 ways to adjust video brightness, i.e. using “Lumetri Color”, “Brightness and Contrast”, and “Lighting Effects”. All of them are available in the “Effect Control” Window.

Option 1: Using Lumetric Color

Step 1
Import the video clip you want to brighten or darken
Step 2
Open the "Effect Control" window on the left from the top
Step 3
Adjust Video Brightness of the Chosen Clip

Enter " Lumetri Color " in the search bar > drag and drop the effect to your clips > open the ‘Correct Correction’ tab > adjust the exposure, contrast, highlights, and shadow to brighten or darken the video for the pleasing effect.

Option 2: Using Brightness and Contrast Effects

Step 1
Search “ Brightness & Contrast” in the search bar of the “Effect Control” Window
Step 2
Drag and Drop “ Brightness & Contrast” Effect to the Video
Step 3
Adjust the Properties of Brightness and Contrast to Adjust Video Brightness

Option 3: Using Lighting Effects

Step 1
Enter “Lighting Effects” in the “Effect Control” Window and Drag and Drop it to the Chosen Video
Step 2
Open Mulitple Light Options to Adjust Video Brightness

For example, you can choose ‘Spotlight” and adjust the angle of the light source and its intensity to brighten or darken the clip.

Now, It’s Your Move

To sum up, in reality, adjusting video brightness is never done alone. It is coupled with adjusting contrast, hue, and saturation, color-grading, even adding more elements like animated texts, music, video transition, and picture-in-picture effects, etc. In this case, given the versatility and vast royalty-free stock assets, FlexClip can be a great helper for post-production. So, start adjusting your video brightness with FlexClip now.

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