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27 Free Video Overlays to Create Awesome Videos

Last Updated: Jul. 22, 2020

One of the simplest ways to transform your videos in an artistic manner is to use video overlays. There are professionally designed effects that are “layered over” your footage and deliver eye-catching results in a matter of seconds.

Video overlays may contain various shapes, texts, filters and more, being absolutely irreplaceable when it comes to quick and creative video editing. They allow either slightly altering the feel of your clips or totally changing the atmosphere, which is a cool move in some cases.

We have bundled some really professional and realistic video overlays, which you can download without spending a penny. If you know little about how to use overlays for videos, there is a thorough guide at the end of the article.

Top 27 Video Overlays

Glitches, patterns, lighting effects and actually anything you can think of may be turned into a unique video overlay.

Browsing the net, you will find numerous collections of free video overlay effects. They are so demanded nowadays, because you can use them in practically any software that you like editing your footage in.

1. Smoke Effect Video Overlays

Smoke Effect Video Overlay

If you want to spice up your clips with natural-looking volumes of smoke, you should definitely consider this Smoke Effect Video Overlays collection. These free video effects make your footage mysterious and eye-catching.

The best base video is the clip recorded on a cloudy day with dark tones prevailing. However, you can try other types of videos as well, since your imagination is the only limit.

2. Lens Flare Effect Video Overlays

Lens Flare Effect Video Overlay

You can make your video very special without going the extra mile with the help of this Lens Flare Effect Video Overlay collection. Look through the pack and decide which overlay can perfectly complement your particular video, changing the initial color gamut, brightness and hue. The result is sure to look amazing.

3. Free Computer and HUD SFX

Add futuristic touches to your projects, using these 29 free video overlays and backgrounds. Such videos can be posted on your personal website, clarifying what sort of activities you are engaged in.

4. 8mm Film Grain Overlay

Make sure you get this 8mm film overlay free collection, because the author worked hard to create this cinematic-inspired set and provide you with efficient tools, which you can use to add an old film atmosphere to your clips. The nice bonus is a handy manual featured with the pack.

5. Free 4K Fog Overlays

Indispensable 4K video overlays for trouble-free work with videos and motion graphics. They were produced in a manageable studio environment with real fog and haze involved. Such an approach guarantees absolutely realistic results, which you now can get without stepping outdoors in a foggy weather.

6. Matte Transition Overlays

A package of matte free video overlays coming together with a step-by-step guide. These free tools are transition overlays only.

7. Sliced Light Overlay

Video editors have got used to Light Leak overlays offered on the net. However, this bundle is a bit different, comprising beautiful effects with rainbow-colored light glitches added to the central part of the frame. Remember to check the licensing info on this collection.

8. Free Camera Overlays

The kit consists of 5 free overlays for video editing – Video Camera, CCTV, Drone, Video Chat and DSLR. It may seem that such a selection of tools can be applied to a narrow range of footage, which is partly true, but it is always great to have such professional effects within easy reach.

9. Free Light and Dust Overlays

There are 16 top-grade overlays – dusk & light leak effects + Super 8 video styles. They are of tremendous help if you aim at creating emotional videos, for instance, wedding clips and commercials.

10. Free Film Grains Overlays

Mimicking the atmosphere of old films becomes a breeze with these free video overlays & effects, which cover a broad variety of formats (8mm, 16mm and 35mm). Another advantage of these tools is the natural look of grain added, with the result being in line with the best samples of cinematic art.

11. Dark Grunge Texture Overlays

If you are after gloomy and a bit distressed look in your projects, you can fully rely on these free video overlays and backgrounds. They are ideal for creating exciting movies and YouTube videos.

12. Reveal Wedding Video Overlay Template

Highlight the romance and elegance of the wedding day, creating an emotional wedding slideshow with the help of this template. It features 3D space and smooth camera motion.

If you experience difficulties, trying to figure out how everything works – make sure to visit Instructor Control Menu.

13. Aquarium Bubbles with Bokeh Effect Video Overlay

This is a mesmerizing shot of aquarium with hundreds of bubbles placed against a dark background. Such bokeh free video overlay looks very interesting and can perfectly complement any water life-related footage.

14. Blue Paint Mixing On White Paint Surface Video Overlay

Whimsical shapes and patterns, which appear as a result of mixing blue and white paint, can turn any footage into the artistic piece so appreciated nowadays. Use this video overlay effect and let your followers admire your creative vision.

15. Free Overlays by Creative Ryan

This moderate pack consists of only 4 free video overlays, but their remarkable quality makes them an ideal option for every aspiring video editor.

16. Rotating Star Overlay

Quite a simple overlay imitating the trajectory of a rotating star. Anyway, you can make good use of such a video effect overlay while preparing clips dedicated to winter holidays or any other festive occasion.

17. Paint Circle Overlay

A truly universal overlay that can be adapted to many different purposes. It is always nice to have a beautiful effect in a personal collection, so make sure to download this one.

18. Mini Glitch Overlays Pack

This is a must-have pack if you want to have trendy video overlays, logos, titles, and even sound effects gathered in one place. Both beginner users and more experienced video editors can use these tools to bring to life their cool ideas.

19. Fireball Exploding On Darkness Overlay

If you record action videos and want to spice them up even more, you can try this spectacular video overlay free. There will appear different fireballs exploding against a dark background, which looks very exciting.

20. Lights 4K Motion Background Loop Overlay

You are free to experiment with this 4K Motion Loop overlay in any imaginable way. Dynamic results are guaranteed.

21. White Snow Overlay Loop

If you enjoy recording outdoor videos in winter and want to accentuate that fairy-tale atmosphere with dozens of fluffy snowflakes dancing around, you don’t need to wait for the suitable weather, but can simply apply this video effect overlay and get the necessary look.

22. Fireworks Effects Overlay

Decorate the frame with breathtaking fireworks exploding in the inky cloud. The overlay is suitable for anniversary projects and celebration scenes.

23. Soft Blurred Particles in Foreground Overlay

The best selection of free particle overlays absolutely for free. Use them to cover both the foreground and the background with petite elements.

24. Stylish Spinning Columns Video Overlay Template

This is a trendy Slideshow Video template, which comprises six image placeholders complemented with a gentle transition and numerous light leaks. You can personalize the default slideshow template to show your original ideas.

25. Cinematic Moving Bokeh Video Overlay

Beautiful cinematic bokeh overlays with natural elements moving in a predetermined way. They are available in 4K, 5K and 6K and can nicely diversify your YouTube content.

26. Red Paint Mixing Video Overlay

Among video overlays free samples, this one stands out with a catchy combination of red and white paint and can serve as a super captivating background.

27. Water Ripples Video Overlay

Make your video radiate summer mood with this vibrant video effect overlay. Extend your seasonal overlay collection.

How to Use Video Overlays?

Actually, you just have to select the necessary effect and drag-and-drop it on your footage. That’s it! To have both the video and the effects displayed on the screen, you need to change the blending mode.

While using free video overlays, you need to check the licensing requirements. Some developers require the attribution, which means you have to indicate their name somewhere on the video as a credit, others allow using the effects without any reference. Just learn that in advance to be on the safe side.

How to Create Video Overlays

Create Video Overlay BeforeCreate Video Overlay After

Static and stock video effects are super easy to create. This is a step-by-step guide on how to do it in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 1. Select the video to which your overlay effect will be applied.

Create Free Video Overlay

Step 2. Click File > New > Black Video.

Start Video Overlay Project

Step 3. In the New Black Video window choose these video settings.

Start New Black Video

Step 4. Once the settings are tuned, drag your Black Video on the Timeline to your initial video.

Drag on the Timeline

Step 5. In the Effects tab, select Ramp and click on it.

Ramp Effect

Step 6. Place Ramp on the Black Video.

Place Ramp on Black Video

Step 7. Click on Black Video to look at the result.

Click on Black Video

Step 8. Select Color Picker window. Use black as a start color, white as an end color.

Color Picker Window

Step 9. Customize Opacity to 100%, select Blend Mode and choose Multiply. That’s it!

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