Snow Overlay: How to Add Free Snow Overlay to Pics/Videos

Posted on: Jan. 04, 2022

For a winter lover, there is nothing better than seeing the whole city covered with a blanket of snow. Then you can walk amidst the snowflakes, take pictures and throw snowballs with your lovely children.

However, not everyone is as lucky as described above. Don't worry! You can make it possible by adding snow overlay to your media resources. We will talk about how to add snow overlay to your videos and photos one by one. Let's have a look now!

Part One: How to Add Snow Overlay Video to Videos

A video with animated falling snow always reminds people of romance and joy. However, the ideal and the reality is always a gap. In most cases, the weather conditions are not what you hope for, so using a post-production tool to create the best scenes is essential.

FlexClip has rich overlay assets and powerful editing tools to bring the best out of your video. No editing experience or installation is required to bring your video to the next level. With FlexClip, you can easily add free snow overlays to your video by following the steps below:

Step 1
Click the "Media" icon to upload video clips and drag them to the storyboard.

Original Video to Add Snow Overlay

Step 2
Go to "Video" and type in "snow" in the search box, then loads of video appear on the screen. Select one video and click the "Picture-in-picture" button to cover the original video.
Add Snow Overlay to Your Video

Add Snow Overlay to Your Video

Step 3
Customize the opacity to match the overlay with your video. Additional editing like adding text, filter, transition is within reach.
Change Opacity of Your Video

Change Opacity of Your Video

Step 4
Once you complete adjustments, export the video.

Free Snow Overlay

Part Two: How to Add Snow Overlay Effect to Photos

Taking a photo is easy but sometimes it's challenging to capture the falling snowflakes and the subject simultaneously. To give your photo magic and a snowy look, Photoshop is the best tool available for you to add either light snowfall or full-blown blizzard to still photos. See how it works below.

Step 1
Launch Photoshop on your computer and add the photo that you will use the snow effect. Then find the Layers Palette and tab the plus sign to create a new layer.
Step 2
Now designate the layer>Edit>Fill>Contents>Black to turn the image black.
Step 3
Enable "Noise" to make a snow look. To do this, Filter>Noise>Add Noise and slide the line to choose the amount of noise. After that, select Gaussian>Monochromatic to create a snow-like effect. If you want to make the noise more snow-looking, go to the Filter and use Blur to reduce clarity.
Step 4
On the top menu, select Image>Adjustments>Levels and under the Input Levels box, you need to adjust the black and white slider values.
Step 5
Go to Layers Palette again and select the Screen on the drop-down menu. Now you can see snow scattered in your photo.
Step 6
To make the snow more natural, use the Blur and change Angle with ease. Besides, If the snow obscures your subject's face, wipe away a bit of it with the eraser tool.
Step 7
Export and save the video.

Create an Atmospheric Smoke Effect in Adobe After Effects

The Bottom Line

Adding snow overlays can make the video look more attractive and compelling. FlexClip is a good video editor with thousands of free snow overlays. Don't wait anymore! Come to add free snow overlay to your photos and videos right now!

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