How to Make a Lyric Video for YouTube Online without Getting Copyright for Free

Last Updated: 2023. 12. 12
Check this post out, you will get the easiest-to-use lyric video maker and the best way to make a lyric video for YouTube, even without copyright. Get started reading now!

According to YouTube statistics, Let It Go from Frozen lyric video has gotten 3.2B views since 2014. Closer from the Chainsmokers lyric video has gotten 2.9B views for the past 7 years. All those cases prove the popularity of lyric videos on YouTube. The reasons behind this phenomenon are lyric videos offer audiences engaging sing-along experiences and the chance to connect with their favorite artists.

Now, follow the detailed steps below to make a lyric video for YouTube. No need to download any software, zero chance to get copyright claims. Let's get started.

Livestream Lyric Video
Livestream Lyric Video
Use This Template
Simple Lyric Video
Simple Lyric Video
Use This Template
Wedding Lyric Video
Wedding Lyric Video
Use This Template
Gold Wedding Lyric Video
Gold Wedding Lyric Video
Use This Template

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Part 1. Avoid Lyric Video Copyright Issues

Avoiding copyright issues on YouTube is crucial, especially if you are creating lyric videos. One single copyright claim may lead to content removal, loss of subscribers, and even monetization issues. Here are tips to avoid copyright issues.

  • Create Original Music
  • This is the safest way to go. If you have music talents, consider creating a piece of original music or collaborating with other artists who permit using their work in derivative projects like lyric videos. This ensures you have full control of the content.

  • Use Non-Copyright Music
  • Choose a piece of music that's royalty-free. You can find such music on YouTube Audio Library. You can also go to FlexClip's stock library, Storyblocks, Pixabay or other free websites offering a large collection of music with clear usage rights.

  • Give Proper Credits
  • Some music creators allow you to use their music with proper credits. Check the information about credits under the licensing terms associated with the track. Most music creators will ask you to provide the music name, artist's name, and link to the music. If you are not sure about the correct way to credit the music, consider contacting the artist directly.

  • Set Your Lyric Video as Private Before Publishing
  • Before publishing your video, make it private and wait for 48 hours to see if YouTube will flag your video. Doing so make sure you are using music in a way that can pass the fair use policy.

    Part 2. How to Make a Good Lyric Video for YouTube Without Copyright Issues

    Step 1
    Go to FlexClip & Upload Lyric Video Clips/Audio

    FlexClip is an online video editor that helps quickly create a lyric video. Click on the Create a Lyric Video button, you will enter the editing page. FlexClip also provides you thousands of free video templates to customize in clicks. Go either way to get started.

    Create a Lyric Video View Templates

    Once you are at FlexClip's video editor page, switch to the Media section. Click on Local Files, follow the prompt to choose music, videos and photos from your computer and upload to FlexClip. You can also add resources from cloud services like Google Drive, Google Photos.

    FlexClip Upload Resources

    FlexClip Upload Resources

    FlexClip offers a media library with millions of video clips, photos and music. Go to respective parts and find the resources you want to use for free.

    FlexClip Use Royalty-Free Resources

    FlexClip Use Royalty-Free Resources

    Step 2
    Add Resources to Timeline

    Click on the Add as Scene icon, your videos and photos will be added to the timeline. As for music, click on Add to Timeline directly.

    Add Resources to Timeline

    Add Resources to Timeline

    Step 3
    Edit Your Videos

    We suggest you edit your videos first before adding the lyrics. If you add lyrics first, you might have to make extra effort to sync the lyrics with the audio.

    Basic video includes trimming, splitting, adding filters, changing video speed. The Trim and Split options are above the timeline. Speed changing, filters, and adjustment options are above the preview window.

    Edit Your Video

    Edit Your Video

    Step 4
    Add In Your Lyrics

    Click the Subtitle > Auto Subtitle. Select the language of your music, and then pick a subtitle style you love for your lyric. Hit Generate button, FlexClip will automatically extract lyrics from your audio file and then add to your lyric video.

    Generate Lyrics from Audio

    Generate Lyrics from Audio

    Step 5
    Level Up Your Lyric Video

    Now, you basically finished making a lyric video. The next step is to make it stunning! You just need to pick some of the methods to polish your lyric video.

  • Use the best fonts or dynamic your lyrics. The main object of a lyric video, is lyric. You have to make the lyrics easier to be seen and match the theme of the song. Double-click on the lyric to change its fonts, size, opacity, animations or style with tools above the preview window.
  • Use Best Fonts

    Use Best Fonts

  • Spice up your video. Proper filters or overlays will highlight your lyric video's atmosphere. For instance, you will want a petal overlay for a wedding lyric video. Snow overlay is preferred for people who are creating lyric videos about winter.
  • Add Overlay to Your Video

    Add Overlay to Your Video

  • Add eye-catching title and thumbnail. Thumbnail and title are two direct ways to let your audiences know about your lyric video. To add a thumbnail and title, all you need to do is adding a thumbnail picture to the beginning of the timeline. Go to Text, pick a title template you like and add to your thumbnail.
  • Add Thumbnail & Title

    Add Thumbnail & Title

    Step 6
    Share Your Lyric Video

    Once you are satisfied with the video, click on the Export button. You will then be able to share your lyric video to YouTube directly, or download to your computer.

    Share Your Video to YouTube

    Share Your Video to YouTube

    Part 3. Pro Tricks to Create a Lyric Video for YouTube

  • Get All Lyrics Right
  • It is intolerable for an audience to watch lyric videos with wrong subtitles or typos. FlexClip's AI Auto Subtitle extracts lyrics from audio/video files with 95% accuracy. Make sure you always double-check the generated lyrics.

  • High Quality Audio and Video
  • While making a lyric video, do use audio and video files in the highest quality. You will never want your ideas ruined by media resources in low quality.

  • Sync Lyrics with the Music
  • Make sure the lyrics are synchronized with the music. Use a video editor like FlexClip to time the appearance and disappearance of each line or word with the corresponding parts of the song.

  • Maintain Consistency
  • Maintain consistency throughout the lyric video in design, color scheme, and style. Doing so will contribute to a polished and professional look.

  • Including Branding Elements
  • If applicable, include branding elements such as the artist's logo or a watermark. This reinforces the artist's identity and creates a cohensive visual experience.

    FAQ about Creating Lyric Videos on YouTube

    How Many Seconds of a Song Can I Play Before I Get Copyrighted on My YouTube Video?

    The length of a song you can use on YouTube without copyright infringement is not determined by the number of seconds. Any use of copyrighted material without permission will be considered as infringement. Please never risk using copyrighted music, even just for 30 seconds.

    How Do I Make a Lyric Video for Instagram?

    Go to FlexClip, change the canvas' aspect ratio to 9:16, and then you are good to start making a lyric video for Instagram by following the exact same process as mentioned above. Instead, you can change the aspect ratio if you have already had a lyric video.

    How Do YouTubers Do If They Get Copyright Claims?

    The best thing to do is to dispute the claim. Log in to YouTube, go to Content, find your video with the copyright claims. In the Restrictions column, hover to Copyright Claim, and click See Details. Scroll all the way down and click on the Select Action link, choose Dispute.

    The Bottom Line

    Generating a lyric video with FlexClip's online video editor is certainly the perfect way to get more views and followers. If you find this post helpful, do remember to share it with others.

    By the way, FlexClip has a series of AI tools to help fasten the video creation process. For example, AI script generator can write best video script. AI text-to-speech tool speaks out anything for you with over 400 voices. AI text-to-video tool generates a video based on the script easily and effectively. Explore the power of AI and create videos easier and faster than ever.

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