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Detailed Steps on Creating a Travel Video & Travel Video Tips

Last Updated: May. 18, 2021

Summary: Ready to take your travel video making skills to a higher level? Here are detailed steps to make a travel video and some practical travel video tips. Finish reading this blog and then you can make a travel video in a few minutes.

Travel is a physical as well as a mental challenge. However, all difficulties in travel just make people more determined to go outside.

How to recall all wonderful experiences and share your latest explorations with families and friends after coming home from a sweet challenge? With a fascinating travel video, of course.

Everyone might be frightened by ideas of making a travel video at first because it seems complicated and troublesome to create one. Thanks to varies of online travel video maker, you don’t have to be a video editing expert to make a travel video that is flawless.

In this blog, we will show you the best travel video maker and the detailed steps to make an impressive travel video. You can also get some inspirations on travel video making here. Keep reading and get more.

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Part 1. Things You Will Need to Make an Excellent Travel Video

1 * The Best Travel Video Maker – FlexClip

FlexClip is a professional online travel video maker that offers you all tools that are needed for video editing in an intuitive, easy-to-use format. No matter you are a novice or expert in video editing, it would be the perfect tool for you. For laymen, making a travel video with FlexClip is easy and efficient. Within a few clicks, a professional video can be made. For experts, FlexClip allows you to make cool edits and touch up travel videos with dynamic text animations, logos, watermarks and so on, making videos look more professional.

2 * Travel Video Songs

It is hard to say which song is the best travel video song because people view differently on a song. Here is a blog about how to find a best travel video background music >

Part 2. How to Create a Travel Video

Using FlexClip to create a travel video is easy and efficient. Now get everything organized, including background music, video clips and photos then create an excellent travel video in 5 steps below.

Step 1. Go to FlexClip main page and sign up for free. Click the Get Started – Free button to continue.

Step 2. Click the "+" on the down left corner to add photos or videos to the storyboard.

How to Make a Travel Video - Step 2

Image Board: How to Make a Travel Video - Step 2

Step 3. On the sidebar, click on Text to add text or logo to add text or logo to the video.

How to Make a Travel Video - Step 3

Image Board: How to Make a Travel Video - Step 3

Step 4. Click on Music to upload MP3 audio files and then set it as travel video background music. You can also record voice and set it as background music.

How to Make a Travel Video - Step 4

Image Board: How to Make a Travel Video - Step 4

Step 5. Preview and save. Click on Preview button, you can make previews at wish. Continue editing or save.

Part 3. Travel Video Tips

Even though FlexClip can help you edit travel videos in a professional way, it is still better to know some travel video tips so that you can get better output videos.

1. Shooting Skills

> No matter what types of travel video you are shooting, skills are important. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to.

> Hold the camera stability or use a tripod. Shaking video clips can make viewers feel dizzy.

> If you are using a phone instead of a camera to shoot video clips, remember to put your phone horizonly instead of vertically.

> Standard video format used to be 24 frames per second (fps) and 24FPS is fast enough to capture most actions. As for travel videos that contain many movement clips, it is suggested to double your frame rate to 60 FPS to avoid any blur on the video.

2. Be Story-telling

Before the trip, you can do some researches about the local sceneries or history and come up with a story. This is usually hard because a trip is always unplanned and spontaneous. You can also come up with a storyline and connect your video clips.

3. Tell More About the Local People and Sceneries, Not Yourself

Travel videos are supposed to tell a story about a location, show the sceneries, the food, history and etc., not a platform to show yourself. Get to the local people and their voice, more audiences will follow your steps.

4. Other Travel Videos on YouTube

Other ready-made travel videos on YouTube can give you different inspirations. You can pick your favorite theme, shooting style and then imitate.

The Bottom Line

Great real estate marketing videos vary. However, the basic elements in good real estate marketing videos are basically the same. With FlexClip and above ideas, you can surely make an excellent real estate video.

Making a travel video is not as hard as you think. With FlexClip and above travel video tips, you can surely make an excellent travel video. Besides travel video, FlexClip can also help you make other videos, like promotional video, real estate video. Since it is such an excellent video maker, why not go to FlexClip main page and get more.

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