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Best Meme Font You Need to Create the Funniest Meme

Posted on: Mar. 09, 2021

So, what is the meme?

A meme is a quickly-consumed joke that spreads virally on social media in modern days. A typical meme usually consists of two parts: an image (or a gif) and hilarious words in meme font.

In this post, we will walk you through the 6 classic meme fonts for creating a meme and teach you how to make a unique meme font with a free meme maker online, and unveil the secret for having the funniest meme that everyone loves.


What Front Is the Meme Font

An iconic meme font enjoys the following features. In most cases, the text is made bold to draw one's attention and always placed at the top and bottom of an image. Meanwhile, the font is often in white with a thin black border or outline.

A classic meme with Impact meme font

A classic meme with Impact meme font

Together with the meme font is either a hilarious facial expression or movement of an animal (like a frog, cat, dog), celebrity, or a screenshot of a movie.

Well, though any font can be the meme font, certain fonts do win the special favor with meme lovers. Here are some of the most popular meme fonts on the internet.

No.1 Impact--the Most Popular Meme Font

With thick strokes, compressed letterspacing, and minimal interior design, Impact is by far the most classic and popular font for a meme by meme makers. This sans-serif typeface, designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965, is meant to be used for headlines with its industrial and grotesque style.

LoL cat meme with Impact meme font

LoL cat meme with Impact meme font

Probably, it is because of its bold, condensed, and straightforward looks that many meme lovers prefer to use Impact to satirize a scenario or dilemma that people can relate to. Check the top 5 meme makers online.

No2. Arial

Co-designed by Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders, Arial is another classic meme font used by the new generation. With its Neo-grotesque and sans serif design, Arial is believed to carry a more humanist character.

Arial font used as meme font for a funny meme

Arial font used as meme font for a funny meme

The curves and shapes of Arial are softer and fuller than the font used in the industrial age while the terminal strokes are generally rounder making it less dull and mechanical. It is widely used in newspapers, magazines, ads, etc.

No3 Comic Sans

As the name suggests that Comic Sans is a casual script font inspired by comic book lettering. It is designed by Vincent Connare and brought to the public by Microsoft in Oct 1994.

Comic Sans font for Batman meme

Comic Sans font for Batman meme

Meme creators love to use Comic Sans as the font of a meme to crack a joke, esp when the image of the meme is a cartoon or comic character.

No.4 Myriad Pro

Introduced by Adobe in 2000, Myriad Pro is a neutral and general-purpose font. In fact, the logo of some of the biggest brands like Apple, Linkedin, and Walmart are all written with Myriad Pro.

Use Myriad Pro for the meme font

Use Myriad Pro for the meme font

Myriad Pro produces an objective and neutral tone when used by meme makers to have their voice heard through a meme image, gifs, or short videos. Check how to make a button meme in minutes.

No.5 Helvetica

Created by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger, Helvetica is one of the neo-grotesque sans serifs, featuring a high x-height and extraordinary tight spacing between letters. The meme with Helvetica font gives a dense and solid vibe.

Use Helvetica font as meme font

Use Helvetica font as meme font

No. 6 Montserrat

Montserrat is a modern geometric font designed by Julieta Ulanovsky in 2010. It is one of the popular fonts used by Google for its geometric simplicity. The high x-height, cute tail shown by the letter 'Q' and 'Y' and rounder shape and wider spacing yield a feeling of trust and dynamics.

Montserrat font for a meme font

Montserrat font for a meme font

How to Make Meme Font with FlexClip

To make a meme with all the meme fonts mention above, using Adobe Photoshop can be the ultimate choice. However, the drawback is that it takes tons of time for a computer novice to figure out the detailed editing and it does not have a single button to convert the meme to a gif or a video.

Use FlexClip online meme maker for creating meme fonts and memes in GIF

So, it is highly recommended to use a free meme maker online like FlexClip to customize the meme font and convert a meme to a gif or a video, once and for all. It's extremely easy, without a software download needed.

Step 1
Upload an Image to FlexClip

Open the FlexClip video maker, then click 'Local' Files' to upload your local photos and once the photos are loaded to the media library, tab the '+' button to add the photo to the storyboard.

Upload photos to FlexClip meme maker

Upload photos to FlexClip meme maker

Apart from using your photos, you may also feel free to use the millions of royalty-free HD photos and videos in FlexClip's media library where you will find awful lots of valuable resources.

Use license-free HD videos and photos in FlexClip meme maker

Use license-free HD videos and photos in FlexClip meme maker

Step 2
Adjust the Aspect Ratio of the Canvas

Usually, the 4:5 and 1:1 aspect ratio works best for making a meme. So, tab the 'Move' option on the left panel, and let's choose 4:5 dimension for instance. The canvas will be automatically cropped. You can use zoom features to resize the image or change the background color as well.

Adjust the aspect ratio of a meme

Adjust the aspect ratio of a meme

Step 3
Customize the Meme Font

Move to the 'text' option on the left menu. Then choose a meme font like ' Montserrat' and add it to the meme image. Next, change the default text to your hilarious words to highlight the theme you wanna discuss in the meme.

Customize the meme font in FlexClip meme maker

Customize the meme font with text toolbar in FlexClip meme maker

You may also customize your meme font from hundreds of trendy fonts or feel free to adjust its color, style, and alignment, animation of the image, etc. Check how to animate the text with FlexClip.

Step 4
Export Your Meme in a Gif (or a Video)

Once your editing is done, preview your meme and press 'export' it to Gif or a video in MP4(1080p) to your local disk or directly to Dropbox. That's it. Super simple.

Export edited meme in gif

Export edited meme in gif

The Secret to Having the Best Meme Font

Now, you know how to customize a meme font for a meme. Well, let's take one step forward by inviting you to have an interesting experiment. In the 3 following memes, which one you believe is the funniest?

Pick one meme you believe the funniest

Pick one meme you believe the funniest

Well, all of the three memes use the most popular meme font Impact, yet, the amusing effects they produce vary tremendously. If we got it right, the third one is the funniest one of three we all agree with, because the content of meme text is something everyone can relate to and a sense of humor is involved.

Having a standard meme font does matter. Yet, it is far from giving you the most hilarious meme that everyone loves.

Instead, focus on the message and emotion your meme delivers to target viewers. You will discover that the best formula for making the funniest and timeless meme is any font + your insight+ an overflowing sense of humor.

We summed up the following tips for making memes. Hopefully, you will find them useful apart from making your unique meme font.

  • Keep a Keen Eye for Observation: From the hottest global events such as the American presidential campaign down to trivial matters like doing clothes shopping with your girlfriend, anything that can strike a chord with almost everyone can be used for making a meme.
  • A hilarious meme when shopping with gf

    A hilarious meme when shopping with your gf

  • Use Black Humor to Make Your Point: Well, to some extent, a meme is a joke out of everyday frustration, a joke out of tears. So, do use witty words and black humor to share a day-to-day awkwardness. Let's satirize the issue for a sign of relief and move on.
  • Make Your Meme Relatable: Make sure your meme has a target audience and the issue in your meme can evoke common emotions most people can identify with, esp. when making a meme for your brand.
  • Use Side-by-Side Comparison: The image of ‘what you think' and ‘ the reality' is the most commonly seen formula for a meme to end with a surprise or twist. It sparks jointly-share emotions and reminds us of the embarrassing moments we all have.
  • Expectation Vs Reality meme

    Expectation Vs Reality meme

  • Don't Be Confined by So-called Rules: No one says a meme must have a standard meme font like Impact or Arial, etc., or having them placed either at the top and bottom of an image. Just give full play to your creativity and keep up with the latest trends like in YouTube or Reddit and other social media, you will new ideas for making original memes.
  • Final Thoughts

    Having added a classic meme font like Impact, Montserrat, etc. is only part of the ingredients for creating a funny meme on the internet. It is how you articulate the sharing frustration in a humorous way that holds the key to making a meme of an all-time favorite.

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