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How to Add Text to a Video in iMovie on Mac/iPhone

Summary: This blog will guide you on how to add text to a video in iMovie on Mac and iPhone. In addition, it also shares an easy and free way to add text to a video without iMovie.

Want to add text to your video to express the information more efficiently? Or need to add subtitles to help those people who are deaf or hard of hearing or someone who speak other languages enjoy your video without barriers.

iMovie, as one of the mainstream video editors, makes adding text to video a breeze. With iMovie, you can put a title, add subtitles or captions, make credits to your video with ease. However, the editing interface of iMovie may seem a little complicated for the new user. Do not worry! Try FlexClip, a free online video editor, making you add text much easier in few steps.

In this blog, we will talk about how to add text in iMovie for both Mac and iOS mobile devices. Besides that, we will also share a best iMovie alternative for adding text.

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Part 1. How to Add Text in iMovie

The tutorial below will show you how to add text to iMovie on iPhone and Mac respectively.

NoteSome of the steps may differ on your devices because of the version issues. So, you'd better make sure that you are running the latest iMovie version that we talked about.

How to Add Text in iMovie on iPhone

Step 1. Launch iMovie for iOS, tap on Projects (the video you want to add text) – if you don’t have a project yet, import the video you want to edit with "+" button.

Step 2. Add text by clicking on the text button marked with a "T".

Step 3. Select the right text style and location as your will.

Step 4. Click on the text to edit – input the content you want.

Step 5. Tap on done on your phone keyboard to save the changes.

How to Add Text in iMovie on Mac

Step 1. Open iMovie app and select create new by clicking "+".

Step 2. Tap on the Import Media to select the video you want to add text, and then drag your video into the timeline.

Add Text to iMovie

Image Board: Add Text to iMovie

Step 3. Clicking on the Text button and choose the appropriate text slide by double-click on it, then drag the slide on to the Project timeline.

Step 4. Edit the text as it appears in the preview screen, change the font style, size, and color, then click on done to save the changes.

Part 2 How to Add Text with iMovie Alternative

Although the iMovie software is a highly effective video editor, its editing interface may seem a little complicated. To help you add text to a video easy and quickly, we recommend an iMovie alternative - FlexClip. It simpelifies the editing process for its ease of use and versatility.

FlexClip comes with powerful yet easy-to-use text editing tools to help you add text to video with ease in a few steps.

Step 1. Visit FlexClip home page and sign up for free with Chrome. Then starting with the Get Started – Free button.

Step 2. Clicking on "+" to add videos from the computer or Flexclip media library to the storyboard.

Add media

Image Board: Add Media

Step 3. Add text to your video with the "Text" icon. Select one that fits your needs and enter text by double-clicking the text box, then edit it.

Add Text to a Video with FlexClip

Image Board: Add Text to a Video with FlexClip

Step 4 Preview and download. Click the Preview button. Continue editing or download to your computer.

The Bottom Line

We talked about the details of how to add text to video in iMovie on Mac and iPhone and shared the best iMovie alternative - FlexClip, which can make you add text to video easier. By the way, FlexClip is also a good video maker with multiple other editing tools, just have a try to explore more about it!

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