Why Is My iMovie Screen Black? How to Fix Black Screen in iMovie

Last Updated: 2021. 12. 20
If you wonder why your iMovie screen is black and try to solve the black screen issue in your iMovie project, check this post out! Here are the reasons and detailed fixes. Let's get started!

Why do my clips on iMovie turn out black?

Why does my picture show up black in iMovie?

Why is there a black screen when I try to use iMovie?

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Find your clips appear black in iMovie? You are not alone! Hundreds of other users encountered the same problem and sought help on Quora or Reddit to fix the black screen in iMovie.

We'll show you how to troubleshoot iMovie black screen and share quick solutions in this post. Follow us and get more.

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Why Is There a Black Screen in My iMovie & How to Fix

Below are some of the main reasons you get black screen in iMovie on your Mac and the detailed fixes you can refer to:

1. Temporary Loading Issue or Incorrect Importing Procedure

Much of the time, it's just a temporary loading issue. Or your video files might be distorted due to the incorrect importing procedure. If you're in this situation, all you must do is quit iMovie, then reopen it and re-import your video clip correctly.

2. Glitch in iMovie

If any mistakes happened during the installation process or when it was updated, you’ll get a black screen why you try to edit your video clips using iMovie. If you encounter such a situation, you can resolve to reinstall iMovie.

3. Large Video Files

Are you editing a large video in iMovie? You can check the settings to see whether you are shooting in 4K or 1080p. 4K requires lots of computing power and system storage. So you should try to convert your 4k video or delete some larger video files that take up a lot of memory.

4. Malware Issue

Malware is one of the most common factors affecting iMovie. Unfortunate malware attacks can change the system files or structure of the videos. To fix this problem, you can only eliminate them by scanning your entire system, after which your iMovie will run smoothly.

5. The Issue with the Mac System

You should also check your operating system. Your macOS may not be installed correctly is one of the main causes of the iMovie black screen. To solve this problem, the only solution should be to reinstall it; however, this should be the last resort.

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    Final Words

    Now that you know the reasons for the black screen and how to fix the problem, we hope you will be able to edit your videos effortlessly.

    If you still face issues while editing videos on iMovie, you should consider trying an online iMovie alternative, like FlexClip, to edit your videos without any hassle.

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